12 Best Paid Survey Sites That Actually Pay

Best paid survey sites- Making money by just answering a few questions is the best type of income you can ever get. Survey sites have been on the internet for a decade, and now it is continuously growing. You can easily make money by just spending an hour or two in front of your laptop or even on your smartphone. Some of them pay you up to $50 for each completed survey. Although, you may have noticed some of the survey websites do not provide any survey in some countries. Hence, in view of this, we have gathered some of the Best Paid Online Survey Sites that actually pay and have surveys for almost every country.

Make sure you answer all the questions correctly and honestly. As if you lie, you might lose your earnings if they find out. Also, you won’t get the surveys that match your interest.

best online survey sites to make $500 week

1 Swagbucks

Swagbucks has been in the industry for many years now. It is been one of the best paid online survey sites since 2008. The main reason this website is listed as our #1 pick is, they have a survey for every age and every country. swagbucks is one of the best in best paid survey sites

Moreover, you can make money by searching the web using their search engine, and there is various other bonus such as a daily visit bonus.

They have many redeem options. You can withdraw your money by using PayPal, or alternatively, you can redeem it via various gift cards. The minimum withdrawal value is less, and there are more earning opportunities.

  • Average amount: 70 SB
  • Cash: 450 SB for a $5 Gift card
  • Reward: Gift cards, cash, etc
  • Earn points by Answering Swagbucks survey, searching the web, playing games, shopping etc


2 Toluna

Toluna is another pick if you are looking for surveys that pay cash instantly. For some countries, they might have fewer surveys, but they pay more if there are any surveys. By this, Toluna makes an entry in our Best Paid Online Survey Sites.

They have the real surveys that pay you decent money just by answering a few questions.

Most of the surveys given by Toluna are interesting and are based on real daily life. Therefore, you won’t get bored while answering their questions. Moreover, you can also select the categories you want surveys for.

Toluna only gives you the surveys which interest you. Also, Toluna has a different domain for every country. Hence you will definitely get surveys for every country.

  • Average amount per survey: 10,000 Points
  • Cash: 80,000 points for a £15 voucher
  • Rewards: PayPal, Amazon gift card, and high-street vouchers.
  • Earn points by answering surveys and playing games

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3 Survey Junkey

Survey Junkey is one of the oldest and the most transparent website to make money by answering surveys. They have one of the highest paying online surveys by which you can easily make $500 a month. For the people who love online shopping, this one is one of the Best Paid Online Survey Sites as the surveys are mostly based on the E-commerce industries.

You will be asked about a certain product, and you can answer them to make it better. It is reliable and the most transparent survey website available on the internet.

  • Average amount per survey: 200 points
  • Cash: 1000 points for $10
  • Rewards: PayPal, Gift cards
  • Earn points by Answering survey and polls


4 Inboxdollars

Inboxdollar is another best way to make money from home. You can earn some real cash by watching TV on their platform, answering free paid surveys, and by shopping.

It is easy to use, and has an excellent user interface. Moreover, you get $5 as a signup bonus. If you are thinking, they might be fake because they give $5 just as a signup bonus. You are incorrect here, they have already paid $57 Million in cash and is active since 2000. Hence, they are a reliable and trusted survey site that actually pay.

They have a different type of earning methods. You can get paid to read emails, answering surveys, playing games, and much more. However, the number of surveys you will get will depend on your activity and the country. This is disappointing for some of the users.

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5. Prizerebel

Prizerebel is one of the websites by which you can get paid easily by just answering a few questions. On average, you can get around 50 to 80 points per survey. However, each of the surveys does not consume much of your time. Generally, each of the surveys is completed within 15 mins at most.

The average user completes it in 7 minutes. Moreover, the best part is there over 500 gift cards available for you to redeem. In other words, you can get paid anywhere you want, including iTunes, Walmart, and many others.

It has been in the industry since 2007, and since then they have paid more than $17 million to their users. Along with this, they have more than 8 million users.

  • Average amount per survey: 70 points
  • Cash: 1 point for $0.01
  • Rewards: PayPal, Amazon, Steam, eBay, and 500 other gift cards
  • Earn points by Answering survey and polls


6 MintVine

Mintvine is also known as Branded surveys. You can make money by just answering quick questions. They allow you to login in with your Facebook account, so technically, you won’t even have to fill the form to start using this website.

The surveys are short and hardly takes around 15 minutes to complete.

First of all, when you sign up, you will have to answer some of the quick questions about yourself. These questions will be helpful to determine which type of surveys will be given to you.

Therefore, be honest and answer those questions with accurate information. Once you complete that information, you will be asked for product surveys and get anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 per survey.

  • Average amount per survey: $0.50 – $5.00
  • Rewards: PayPal, Amazon, Branded pay
  • Earn points by answering the survey and giving your opinion

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7 Oneopinion

As the name says, Oneopinion helps you to make money online by just giving your valuable opinion. There are various brands registered with Oneopinion who are trying to make their products or service better by asking user’s feedback.

You can give your opinion and answer some of their questions. You get paid by PayPal, Amazon, or you can get your reward card to shop anywhere Visa is accepted.

Most of the surveys are also available on the mobile device and are based on the products. However, it will depend on some countries and ages. OneOpinion was founded back in 2001 and has been providing the paid survey since then. Hence, the site is reliable and trusted.

  • Average points: 1000 points to 5000 points
  • Cash: 1000 points for 1 dollar
  • Minimum payout: 25,000 Points ($25)


8 Cashcrate

Cashcrate is one of the best paid online survey sites by which you can answer a simple question and earn a huge amount of money.

What makes Cashcrate unique is that most of the survey sites are only promoting and asking opinions for products. While with Cashcrate, there are various other offers you can try to make money.

For instance, you might have to sign up on a free website and answer a few questions about it. The questions are simple and do not require time. Moreover, the website you are registering in is also a free service.

So, in other words, you get to sign up on a website. Although, there might be some requirements to complete such surveys such as some might ask for the country, while some may have other requirements depending upon the survey type.  Most of the surveys just take 5-10 minutes to complete

Their surveys are available with Swagbucks and you can get $15 signup bonus.

  • Average amount: $0.50 – $3.00 per survey
  • Minimum payout: $20
  • Earn by answering the survey, signing up on a website, interacting with users, etc


9 Panel Opinion

Panel opinion is the UK based survey site where you can get money for your opinion. They are one of the websites that have a very low minimum payout of just £10. It might look big for some of the people, but you can easily make this much money from their surveys.


Their every survey pays in between 50p – £4 and takes hardly 10-15 minutes to complete the entire survey. The survey is simple and easy to answer. They have their Android as well as ios app available in the respective app market. Therefore, it makes earning money more simple.

You can download their app and answer the survey anytime you want by using your mobile. Along with this, they have many direct cash rewards. So, you have a good chance of making some extra cash from there also.

  • Average amount: 50p – £4
  • Minimum payout: £10
  • Earn by answering Surveys



10 Inbox Pound

The name looks similar, right? No, it is not another clone site of Inboxdollar. In fact, Inboxpound is another website of Inboxdollar. It is for UK users where they can make money.

This website has an almost similar User interface and the features are also almost the same. However, there is quite a difference between these two huge giants.


You get a £1 bonus when you sign up on the website. However, the earning methods are the same. You can make money by reading emails, answering surveys, searching the web, and much more.


11 Server Downline

If you are from the US, UK, Australia, or Canada, this service is for you. The server downline is mainly for people from the given countries. They pay up to 35% of the total survey earnings they get. It is easier for you to make money using these websites as they get a lot of companies who want their people’s opinions.


  • Average amount: $1-20
  • Minimum payout: $20 for PayPal. However, you can redeem it with a low amount if you want Facebook credits or Gift cards.
  • Earn by answering surveys


12 Global test Market

It is simple to use a survey website. All you have to do is register an account and answer the available surveys. The only disadvantage you will face is about the minimum payout. They pay when you reach $40 via PayPal. However, you can redeem a low amount of amount if you choose to get a Gift card.

The survey site is available for more than 49 countries and Hence, the Global Test market manages to be in our best paid online survey sites. The site is free to join, and you can start making money today itself.


Tips to make more money by these Best Paid Online Survey Sites

Here are some of the best tips you can use to make more amount of money from these websites.

  • Register on all the Best Paid Online Survey Sites listed above
  • Spend some amount of your time daily on all of these websites
  • You will now come to know which of sites pay the highest for your country and according to your age
  • Use those sites more
  • Don’t forget to get daily rewards
  • Make Swagbucks search as your default search engine
  • Don’t forget these websites when you shop. Not only you will get cashback, but you might also get some additional discount which is not available if you buy directly
  • Don’t use automation or break their terms and conditions
  • If you are not getting any surveys for your country, leave that website and concentrate on the one which is providing surveys for your country
  • Play games and use their refer and earn feature to make more money by referring your friends

Follow all these tips, and you will make decent money every single month easily


To conclude, these are some of the Best Paid Online Survey Sites they actually pay. Some of these countries have fewer surveys, it depends on the country you live, and age is also a factor to determine the number of surveys you will get. To make more, you can register on all of these Best Paid Online Survey Sites and start answering surveys. You can play games on some of them. If you spend an hour daily on each of these survey websites, you can easily make $500 a month without going out of your home.

Do tell us in the comment section, which one of these Best Paid Online Survey Sites is your favorite.

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  1. My current favourite survey site is Clixsense, not all surveys work but some days I collect $10 plus bonus. I like that if you complete 2 surveys a day you get a bonus of 14-16%. In May I earned $140 and converted it to Tango card which I can spend in Amazon. Will be completing surveys and saving that Amazon vouchers for Christmas.


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