10 Best WordPress Migration Plugins Reviewed and Compared In 2022

best wordpress migration plugin

Installing WordPress is now a piece of cake. You can easily set up WordPress, install plugins and themes, and later customize it, but what if you want to migrate your WordPress to a New Domain name or a new host. This can be a lengthy process sometimes, especially for beginners. Therefore, to make the whole process easy and fast, we have gathered the  Best WordPress Migration Plugins you can use to migrate your WordPress blog. Note: Before going on to …

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10 Best CPA Networks You Can Try In 2022

  When it comes to making some decent money online, the ultimate solution is Affiliate Marketing. It goes both ways; if you are a publisher, you can quickly make some cash using affiliate marketing, while if you are an advertiser, you can generate some sales using Affiliate Marketing. To make the same process easy and quick, there are CPA programs. CPA stands for cost per action. You get paid or pay only if the visitor performs some action on your website. …

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7 Types of Web Hosting Explained

Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting Do you want to host your Website and confused among all the different types of web hosting provided by the hosting provider? Don’t worry; we will see all the different types of web hosting in detail. You will get a clear idea of which hosting you should go with. There are lots and lots of things that need to be checked before selecting the best hosting. First, you need to understand all the different types of web hosting to …

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10 Best WordPress Security Plugin In 2022

Best WordPress Security Plugin

Why WordPress Security Plugin Many people who are using WordPress are concerned about its security. All of you wonder, Is WordPress safe? There is a big myth; open-source scripts are easy to hack. Well, that’s not right—90% time when a website gets hacked. It is the user’s fault. Talking about WordPress security, if you keep all the themes and plugins updated and install the best WordPress Security plugin, You are good to go. Along with that, you can install some …

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8 Best WordPress Theme Detectors In 2022

Best WordPress theme detectors

What is need of WordPress theme Detectors When you are randomly visiting a WordPress website. Ever happened that you just loved the theme and want to use the same theme on your website But you couldn’t find the theme name. Well, now you don’t need to find it in the comment section or ask the webmaster or admin which theme you are using. We have in this post some of the best WordPress theme detectors where you can input the URL …

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What Are Backlinks Why They Are Important

what are backlinks

what are backlinks A backlink is formed when one website mentions another website on their website through a clickable link. Alternatively, you can say when a webpage link to another webpage from a different domain is called a backlink. Backlinks are the most talked-about word in search engine optimization. They are significant for search engine optimization. Websites can get many types of backlinks, which we will discuss in detail later. However, Backlink will be either do-follow or no-follow. Do-follow backlinks …

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