13 Best Adsense plugin for WordPress


In this article, you will see the list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress to improve your Adsense earnings.

AdSense is one of the few ways to create additional income from your website. There are so many plugins available for adding Google AdSense code to your site.

AdSense is without a doubt the most preferred advertising network for bloggers across the globe.

You can not doubt the importance of Google AdSense. Millions of bloggers using this advertising network to generate money through their sites.

However, When you have the approval of AdSense for your website. The next challenge is for the bloggers is to put codes to site or on blog effectively to generate maximum revenue.

Before going to those, it would help if you check the AdSense Guidelines correctly.

They’re extremely strict regarding their guidelines, and if you do not follow them, you’ll be banned for life from using Adsense

Today I will mainly focus on the list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress sites and blogs.

Several bloggers want to get approved by Google AdSense. However, Adsense approval alone is not sufficient to succeed in generating lots of money from Adsense.

Since you still need to work hard to deliver top quality content consistently. To compete for the very first page of google and get high traffic.

Moreover, your site must also have a high click ratio.

So to get a good number of advertisement clicks from the visitors for that you need to put advertisements in the best place.

You can easily insert advertisement codes on the website and show ads anywhere you want. In the header or within the content.

Place ads where you most likely get maximum impressions and clicks.

If you are a WP user, you will find many plugins claiming to be the best Adsense plugin for WordPress. However for efficiently displaying ads in different parts of your site you need to choose the best one.

So we have a list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress that is Customizable based on various factors. It can be managed even by beginners without any issues.

1. Ad inserter

Ad Inserter has many advanced advertising features. Using ad inserter, you can easily add the ads in your site.

It Supports most type of ads from various networks

Like Google AdSense ads, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Media.net ads,

Ad Manager DFP ads, rotating banners & contextual ads.

ad inserter Ad code inserter plugin for WordPress

Ad Inserter is an ideal plugin to set the code for Google AdSense ads.

It provides many advanced options to insert different opt-in forms, header code, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, AMP ads, analytics monitoring or advertisement code anywhere on the page.

Moreover, Google and Amazon endorses this plugin as a possible solution for ad code insert

Download Ad Inserter-Free

Ad Inserter Pro– starting from €20

2. Advanced ads

As the name suggests, Advanced Ads is an advanced WordPress AdSense plugin.

Not only Adsense you can use it for any ad from any network.

Using Advanced Ads plugin, you can create and manage ads efficiently.

With the advance ads, you can display advertisements automatically using auto inject ads feature.

advanced ads best Adsense plugin for WordPress

It is integrated with Ad Health and Google AdSense violation checks.

You can display unlimited ad unit in free version & sell ads directly on your website with the help of this plugin

It allows inserting content & banner from all ad and affiliate networks like Adsense, Amazon, buysellads, awin, etc

Download advanced ads

Download advanced ads pro starting from €39

3. WP Quads

Wp quads is an improved version of the discontinued quick Adsense plugin. It now has 90,000+ busy installs. With 4.9 rating out of 5 stars

Wp quad is an excellent plugin to insert ad codes to your site quickly.

It offers you complete control over the visibility of ads that could be displayed anywhere on the page.

adsense plugin WP Quads

Free version Offers following features like

  • No external script dependencies
  • Dynamic Adsense positioning
  • Support all networks not only Adsense
  • Allow the use of the shortcode
  • PHP feature
  • Quick tag and configurations panel
  • Maximum ten ads on sidebar & 10 in article

The paid version of WP Quads plugin will give you more features like

  • AMP support
  • Unlimited ads
  • Google auto ads
  • Responsive advertisements
  • Visibility conditions

Download wp quads pro starts from € 49

4. Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is an ads management plugin installed on over 100,000 sites.

It delivers a faster & flexible approach to add AdSense or other Ad network codes.

It has a simple interface, and it doesn’t overwhelm you with the complex interface or high customizable choices.

Quick adsense

The flexible Ad placement feature gives you the ability to insert Ads everywhere or anywhere you want.

You haven’t needed any coding knowledge for using this plugin.

It’s not limited to Adsense & supports many other networks ad codes

Has quick tag feature however you can only put 20 ads using this plugin. 10 in article and ten on the sidebar

It’s a completely free plugin no paid version available.

5. WP-insert

The WP-Insert is another plugin on the list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress which allows you to manage your ads.

You can optimize it for Google AdSense.

SmartLogix Technologies created it. It now has 20000+ active installs and 4.5-star current rating.

Wp-Insert the ultimate wordpress plugin

As the plugin’s tagline says “The ultimate WordPress plugin.”

WP-Insert does a much more than simply putting your ads. It’s powerful yet easiest ad management plugin

You can insert Google Analytics or Facebook pixel code to your site using this plugin.

However, today in this article, we will only focus on ad management features of this plugin.

WP-Insert supports many ad networks.

It’s possible to configure and program each one widget. What’s more, you can also add advertisement code into your subject code

Some key feature but not limited to only these. Visit the link above for full features.

  • Unlimited Ads
  • Insert ads anywhere above, middle, below, left, right, etc
  • Hide ads for the logged in user
  • Add Google Analytics or Facebook pixel code
  • Insert any code in header or footer
  • legal pages template
  • A/B testing
  • Insert ads using shortcodes
  • Geo-targeting country-specific ad placement
  • ads.txt monitoring

Price free no paid version.

6. WP Simple AdSense Insertion

Why this plugin on the list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress because it is easy to use, simple, and gives complete control of ads placements to the user.

This plugin is easy and helps in quickly insert Adsense to pages, post, sidebar by using shortcode or calling a PHP function from theme’s template document

WP Simple Adsense Insertion

It is simple to use plugin less customization not overwhelming, good for new WordPress user. If you want to put 2-3 Adsense codes to your website, it is best for you.

This plugin, you can automatically insert AdSense ad code after the 2nd paragraph of each post if specified

Price- Free no paid version available.

7. Easy AdSense Ads- Ad Inserter & Ad Manager

It is  simple yet best ad manager for WordPress not limited to Google AdSense only.

You can easily place advertisiment into your articles, home page, custom post types & archives . With this plugin you  get 9 ad places to choose .

You also get features such as ads widget, ad rotation.

Easy Adsense Ads- ad inserter & adsense ad manager

EAA Inserter and Manager is AMP ready, complete ad & script management solution for your blog.

Contrary to other plugins in the market, this plugin integrates right into the WordPress Customizer, which provides you with an immediate preview of your advertisement that you placed.

With this plugin, you can insert ads codes from any network, not just only Adsense

You can also use their ad locations for injecting opt-in forms

Price- Free no paid version available.

8. Adning Advertising (formerly WP PRO Advertising System)

Adding once know as WP PRO advertising system allows easy handling of ads on WordPress website.

It has many advanced features for inserting ads on WordPress website.

adning advertising- professional, all in one ad manager for wordpress

Some of the key features of this plugin are:

  • Create Unlimited ADS.
  • AMP Support
  • Supports HTML5 Banner
  • Display Filters
  • Ad rotation
  • Auto Positioning
  • Create Floating Content
  • ADS for All Custom Post Types
  • Targeted Ads
  • Responsive
  • Sell AD Spots
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration

Price- 29$

9. AdRotate Banner Manager

Adrotate is a popular WordPress Ad plugin for Adsense.

With this plugin, you can add ad banners pretty much anywhere in your blog.

It has a very simple UI and offers an excellent user experience.

It has simple to use WordPress like a dashboard. With AdRotate, it’s simple to check up on the number of impressions ads are having.

adrotate banner manager

AdRotate can work with servers Like; Media.net, Google AdSense, DFP and other major ad servers.

Adrotate key Features

  • Easy management of ads & ad group
  • Automatic rotation of ads
  • advertisers add or edit their adverts
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Unlimited widgets
  • you can Preview banners on edit
  • Daily, monthly & yearly stats
  • differentiate between tablets, phones or desktops
  • Responsive ads compatible
  • AdRotate Geo
  • shortcodes, widgets or PHP feature to put ads on your site
  • Works most of the ad servers like; Media.net, Google AdSense, DFP and most other ad servers
  • Disguise adverts from ad blockers
  • Easy to read stats
  • shows Click-Through-Ratio
  • place random or selected ad banners in pages/posts
  • Compatible with popular plugins so no compatible issue
  • and, many more visit website for all feature

Price – starting from € 29

10. Easy Google Adsense

As the name says, Easy Google Adsense can easily integrate AdSense ads in your site.

It makes monetisation easier as you don’t need to add Adsense code manually.

With this plugin enter Adsense publisher id in setting and ads will automatically start showing up

Easy Google Adsense

Price- Free

11. Ads Pro

Ads pro is premium WordPress ads plugin cost $47. It enables you to manage, sell and display advertisements on your site.

You can do it straight from the admin dashboard as soon as you set up the plugin. It supports template and grid system to matched and user-friendly ads. It’s free from ad blocker

With this plugin, you can have more than 20 ways to display banner

Ads Pro multi purpose wordpress advertising manager

Key features

  • Responsive
  • Device detection
  • 20 ways to show ads like ads in the sidebar, floating ads, video ads, background ads, etc
  • 25+ responsive & user-friendly ad templates
  • Geo-targeting
  • Backend admin panel
  • Online statistics trough URL
  • Filter on specific categories & tags
  • Ad block detection
  • Random Ads
  • A/B test
  • Before/After & after x paragraphs ad placement
  • And many more check link above

PRICE- $47

12. WP Ad Guru

WP Ad Guru is Complete ads management plugin for blog or website

It has advanced features by which you can select ads on various position and pages. This plugin Supports all types of ad codes from different networks.

You can use this plugin for showing email subs form, modal popups & popup windows, special offers, affiliate links, video or banners, different ads to the visitor of different countries using the Geo-targeting

WP Ad Guru banner , responsive popup, popup maker, ad rotator & more

It can Show separate things on a separate type of pages. you can Add multiple ads on the same place & display as carousel slider. It Can Rotate ads based on the percentage  set.

It can collect leads from your website.

It is created keeping in mind the requirements of the developer, blogger, marketer, website owner, developers.

Price- Free

13. Google AdSense plugin by BestWebSoft

Google AdSense plugin by BestWebSoft is a great choice; it will assist you in using AdSense on your site.

you need AdSense publisher ID to authorize the plugin. Once approved, you can add the advertisements directly in your site.

It provides automatic advertisements insertion.

it has some great customization options like altering ads format and trying out various places of advertisements.

Google AdSense plugin by BestWebSof

The plugin also supports the three most well-known ads place.

You can quickly display advertisement cubes after articles, before content and following remarks form for most excellent visibility.

  • video integration
  • Automatically ad insert
  • Ad rotation
  • display idle ads
  • automatically Receive ads from your AdSense
  • Add code via the plugin
  • simple settings easy interface and procedure


Pro Features

  • Auto insert ad units
  • Add verification code directly
  • Display ads after x paragraph
  • Choose ads position in widgets



As you already know, there are lots of options available to earn money online. Advertising is one of them. To make ads management simpler in WordPress.

We bought you an above list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress, most of the plugins above is free. With necessary basic features

However, you may extend them with extra premium features like Google AMP, geo-targeting, A/B testing, and optimizing ads for mobile, etc.

Now As we read about a list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress. The plugins will undoubtedly help you to get more revenue from your site.

It does not matter in which niche you’re writing on.

If you believe I missed any WordPress AdSense plugin in this list of best Adsense plugin for WordPress Share your ideas through the comment section under

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