11 Best Affiliate Marketing Forum to be in 2023

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What is Affiliate Marketing Forum

Before I start a list of the best affiliate marketing forum in detail, let’s get to know what an affiliate marketing forum is?

Just like any other forum, the Affiliate marketing forum is an online forum. Where people discuss, ask questions, and give answers related to affiliate marketing.

If the forum is proper and widespread among the niche, You can find answers to any of your problems regarding affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, you can learn about it from Affiliate Marketing Forums.

Why are Affiliate Marketing forums important?

Getting your first sale as an affiliate marketer can be very tough sometimes.

Moreover, you need to know about the latest affiliate marketing strategies as an affiliate marketer. So you don’t struggle much-doing affiliate marketing.

Lack of knowledge is sometimes the reason for struggle & not getting sales.

Furthermore, if you join such forums, you can learn affiliate marketing.

It allows its members to ask questions. You can keep learning and developing your affiliate marketing skill with the help of their resources & community.

Top forums have lots of active members who give fast replies.

Engaging in online affiliate marketing forums offers you the chance to receive answers to your problems.

You can get answers to your Confusions and Questions that are holding you back from becoming a successful marketer.

Moreover, these forums can be great for promotions if you have any product to sell.

You can attract affiliate marketers if you have any product, or you can sell your courses, niche-related tools, and software.

You can access a like-minded internet marketing community through an affiliate marketing forum, which can provide you with valuable info.

Furthermore, by joining affiliate forums, you get exposed to the latest information available in the industry.

You can learn new affiliate marketing methods, strategies, and trends and get inspiration from established affiliate marketers.

You can find affiliate follow along with tutorials, landing page templates, banner advertisements examples, and many other things that can help you become a successful internet marketer.

Different follow-along tutorials help determine what mistakes to avoid and how to earn your affiliate sales successfully.

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How to choose the best affiliate forum

There are thousands of affiliate forums on the internet.

So, finding the best forums as a new bee is a little tough.

So you must know how affiliate forums work and what you can expect from such forums.

It is important that you choose the top among them.

As you merely don’t need useless information coming your way. As an affiliate, you don’t wish to waste your time on futile & fake info.

Moreover, you’d love to have direct success formulas with which you can make money online without any struggle.

It would be best if you had the best advice to make your affiliate journey easy and rewarding.

We have arranged the best online affiliate marketing forums based on their PageRank, audience involvement, and Alexa rankings.

However, the following list is not in any particular sequence.

Thus, let us begin with listing the 12 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums.

You can join any forum from the best affiliate marketing forum list. Most of them are top-rated forums for learning affiliate marketing.

11 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums in 2023

1. Wealthy Affiliate

A wealthy affiliate forum is for you if you want to learn affiliate marketing fast and straightforwardly.

It’s a wonderful community of like-minded entrepreneurs/internet marketers.

Founded in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has been operating efficiently for the last 14 years and has a vast community of 1,400,000 members. It has over 1800+ expert coaches

Furthermore, It has some wonderful tools to provide like a keyword research tool, expert coaching on demand, website design with over 3000 theme choices, and much more.

Moreover, you can purchase your domains & can host them here too. As they also provide hosting.

word image 2702 1

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate is among the greatest affiliate forums for newbies.

It is a wonderful place for learning as it has thousands of blog articles, posts, questions, & discussions that are continuously happening inside the community.

The average time to get an answer is 1.8 minutes, with 32000 community interactions per day.

It has got great info and is a busy forum. It covers matters which you may not find anywhere else.

Moreover, it greatly supports a newbie with manuals, advanced tutorials, and specialized tools, like beginner training courses, personal affiliate blogs, video walkthroughs, keyword research tools, and one-on-one coaching.

Starter Plan Price- Free

Premium Plan Price – $ 49 month

2. Warrior Forum

The warrior forum is for you if you want to stay updated with internet marketing content.

It is the largest internet marketing marketplace and community.

Warrior Forum is a forum for every affiliate that wants to make money through affiliate marketing. It is a robust, interactive, and useful forum for new members.

Warrior Forum is the first forum that any online marketer usually joins.

It covers all subjects related to internet marketing like Search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, website design, pay-per-click, growth hacking, and many more.

Warrior Forum is a very active forum where many super affiliates, affiliate managers, and other SEO enthusiasts hang out.

It has many threads on many topics related to affiliate marketing, sales & networking, etc.

Freelancer.com, a famous freelancing website own warrior forum

word image 2702 2

It delivers a platform for discussion on affiliate marketing and other related topics.

Through the warrior forum finding new trends in affiliate marketing is possible.

You can share your experiences with other forum members.

You can get advice from professionals. Beginners in affiliate marketing can learn successful affiliate marketing methods.

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3. Digital Point

It is a marketplace where you can sell digital products. Digital point also has a forum for webmasters and internet marketers.

It is a massive global forum for webmasters and internet marketers. The digital point has members from various parts of the world.

In the marketplace, you can sell digital products & make money. You can sell products like websites, domains, scripts, designs, ebooks, plugins, and articles.

However, you can not sell warez, spam-related products, physical goods, currency, or affiliate offers.

It also offers premium membership.

It’s among the most significant & old forums for webmasters & internet marketers.

The digital point has various threads covering subjects like a search engine, design, business & marketing, buy, sell or trade, and development, the digital point.

Digital Point

It has sub-forums on business & marketing, website design & development, buy, sell, or trade.

Here you can find some valuable info and may also outsource your affiliate activities if required.

It is effortless to spam on this forum as moderators are not that strict. I am not mentioning this so that you can spam here, but I am telling you this so that you don’t get trapped in that spam.

4. AffiliateFix

AffiliateFix is next on the list of the best affiliate marketing forum.

It is among the most popular online affiliate marketing forum. Affilinc by Oliver Kenyon

is a company that owns this forum

It is entirely free and very active. Each of the topics and threads has been beautifully organized.

This forum is best for a newbie as their primary focus is on creating new affiliate marketers as an authority.

AffiliateFix best affiliate marketing forum

Forum divided into sections which have the latest, popular, gold, guide, Follow, ask me anything & Success Stories categories.

Through the Success stories section, you can learn how other people are getting success in affiliate marketing

You can learn about affiliate marketing, follow along with tutorials, copywriting, design & creatives, traffic with PPV, PPC, domain & hosting, mobile advertising, eCommerce solutions, email marketing, Lead generation SEO, and much more.

Overall, it demonstrates fantastic techniques for learning internet marketing.

Recently the added marketplace where you can review & buy services & products.

This free forum has one product for sale in case you are interested. The name of the product is affkit.

It is a collection of tools built by affiliate marketers for marketers.

It has 19 excellent tools like landing pages, image resizer & cropper, email integration tool, calculators, mobile marketing tools

Forum Price- Free

Affkit price- $27 to $97

5. AffLIFT

Afflift is comparatively a new forum. However, it has over 64000 registered members with 91000 + posts in the forum.

Membership fees start from $20 per month; for six months, it’s $100 & $350 for a lifetime. It provides more value than the fees charged.

You will get the best deals, premium access, follow-along, affiliate guides, and case studies in all the plans above.

There is an option of a refund if you don’t like the forum.

Learning here can help you successfully run your affiliate marketing campaigns.

It is an effective platform for beginners. Not only for beginners, but it is also helpful for professional internet marketers.

word image 2702 5

It is a wonderful forum that lets you take your affiliate advertising abilities to another level.

Afflift covers every aspect of affiliate marketing. It has case studies, affiliate marketing guides, follow-along with tutorials, tracking help, landing page examples, and campaign optimization help.

AffLIFT provides you with affiliate resources. You can learn how to establish a campaign on popular traffic resources. You get to know about tracking software for optimizing your efforts.

Moreover,  you can learn the way to make landing pages. You can discover how to maximize traffic to get the best ROI.

6. Affilorama

Founded in 2006 by mark ling & Simon Slade. Affilorama is just another popular online affiliate marketing website with a forum.

Here you can learn about affiliate marketing. It has a forum, videos, and free and paid courses on its platform that will help you to make money as an affiliate

As a free member, you get access to an affiliate marketing quick start guide, 120 video lessons & downloadable roadmap to success.

It has over 120000 articles with over 800000 registered users.

The forum has topics published on several topics regarding affiliate marketing.

You will find threads on market & keyword research, marketing ideas & social media, search engine optimization & link building, especially for affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, It has threads on pay-per-click, content creation, affiliate programs & networks, and website building.

Thus, you can learn the most recent SEO techniques for creating your search engine-friendly site.

Affilorama learn how to make money as an affiliate

Here you can receive advice about creating landing pages, Google AdWords, and much more.

The best thing about Affilorama is the fact that it’s free to join. Additionally, in the free membership, they provide affiliate marketing video training.

Price- Basic membership is free; however, premium membership costs $67 per month.

The premium plan allows you to access a few products like Path2Passive, AffiloTools, and Affilojetpack.

You will also get an advanced training video, product creation training, free hosting for 15 domains, affiliate training, boot camp training & 30 high-quality PLR articles.

Affilorama is just one of the greatest affiliate forums that you could join & get free affiliate marketing training videos.

It has video and written tutorials, tools, and resource recommendations for newcomers.

7. WickedFire

WickedFire is unlike other affiliate forums, with very strict rules.

Before joining, you should read the first thread, which is the rules of engagement and the culture they love.

Not following them will get you banned. It’s not like a digital point or warrior forum where you can freely promote your products.

It covers threads on several topics such as affiliate marketing, SEO, website design & development, startup, business strategy, product development, traffic & content, email marketing, domain & hosting, and affiliate manager.

Many will discover WickedFire uninteresting

WickedFire affiliate forum.

Currently, it has over 220000 members with 148000 plus active threads.

Nobody tries to sell you anything on wicked fire.

On another forum like a digital point or warrior forum, you will see lots of products, ebooks, training courses, tools for sale, or people promoting these products. However, that’s not the case on wicked fire.

Furthermore, you will see many affiliate networks or managers on this forum. There are three kinds of people you will find here newbies, affiliates & affiliate networks, and managers

8. Stack That Money

Stack that money is an authoritative forum on affiliate marketing. It provides higher education, local networking events & hosts conferences related to affiliate marketing.

It’s a #1 rated premium forum currently in the affiliate industry

Launched in January 2011 with a plan of providing high-quality content, case studies, and guides on various topics.

It’s as good as for the experienced marketers and new bee affiliates that have yet to make their first sales.

Stack that money is an authoritative forum on affiliate marketing

They have their conferences & training programs like affiliate world Europe, affiliate world Asia.

This is where super affiliates hang out and talk about how they made millions of dollars doing affiliate marketing.

However, it’s a bit pricey but highly suggested.

Price- 99$ Per Month

9. SitePoint

SitePoint is well-known among the affiliates. It is a forum which actively covers digital marketing, affiliate marketing, various programming, and web design aspects.

word image 2702 9

This forum has threads related to web hosting, domains, affiliate & digital marketing, copywriting, WordPress and other cms, social media, coding & SEO.

10. Blackhatworld

Here you can find many ways to make money online in the black hat way.

Black hat world forum has subforums like social media, the marketplace, black hat SEO, white hat SEO, making money, programming & web design, black hat world, conferences & events.

Black hat world

Here in the forum, you can find discussions on various topics black hat SEO, white hat SEO, social networking, affiliate programs, pay-per-click, site flipping, black hat tools

It has over 1200000 members. However, you will find very few affiliate networks & affiliate managers here.

It is worth checking the forum; whether you want to become a member or not depends on you.


11. DNForum

It’s a place to talk about domain names. It is best to join if you are looking for domain sales, buy or want to learn about domain flipping business online.

DNForum is the largest forum related to the domain. Here you will find people selling, buying, discussing, or learning about domains.

word image 2702 11

Let’s talk about some stats at the time of writing this article. They have over 523000 threads,over 1900000 messages with over 526315 registered members in this forum.

Forum has the following sub-forum, announcements, and marketplace where you can buy or sell domain names & websites.

The industry leaders section helps to find offers from their partners, discussion for any discussion, niche forums for niche domain name discussion, guide & legal stuff, etc.

Affiliate marketing forum dos & don`ts.

Remember these five tips when posting anything in forums:

  • Follow the forum rules; every forum has different rules, and regulations; read them before posting anything. Don’t go against their rules; else, you will get banned for life.
  • Join the forum and provide value to other members. Don’t join just for a backlink or to promote your website. I am not saying that you should not promote your website in a forum, but I am saying it shouldn’t be the primary motive. Just keep your website in signature and start adding value to the forum. If people like what you say, your site will automatically get promoted.
  • Never push your advertising banner or affiliate link. I am talking about the spamming forum with your ad banner or affiliate link. However, if the forum allows ad banners or affiliate links in the thread, you should use them responsibly.
  • Before asking any question or before starting any topic, always check the existing threads if another member previously mentioned it or not.


To overcome affiliate marketing challenges, affiliate marketing forum participation is good practice.

There are many internet forums, as you can see; however, always choose the Internet Marketing forum, which provides useful info with no bullshit. You want the best advice for your confusion.

Furthermore, just like in real life, con artist exists; you may find them in forums as well.

So choose carefully & not fall into the crap offered in the forum. Research & read reviews before you buy anything from the forum.

That is all in this article on best affiliate marketing forums. We expect that it provides useful value to you.

Now it’s your turn. Choose which you like to visit? Alternatively, if you are already visiting one, do tell us in the comment section

Do you believe that we missed any forum or mentioned that is not good? Please share your thoughts in the comment section

If you enjoyed the article, please share it on Facebook & other social media. We welcome your opinions and suggestions.

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