Best AI text summarizers tools in 2023

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What are AI text summarizers tools

Tools that automatically condense lengthier texts into more concise summaries are known as AI text summarizers.

These programs examine the content of a text and determine its key points

using that data; they produce a summary that accurately conveys the main ideas of the original text.

By providing readers with a condensed version of the original text that nevertheless conveys its key concepts, the text summary aims to save time.

News stories, academic papers, corporate reports, and many other types of long content can be summarised using AI text summarization tools.

Using AI text summarizer tools can have advantages, such as greater comprehension, increased productivity, and more straightforward access to essential data.

Best AI text summarizers tools

#1. Writesonic

An extraction technique is used to construct summaries using a text summarizer provided by Writesonic, an AI-powered writing tool.

After this program evaluates the input text, the original material is condensed using the most pertinent sentences.

When users choose the “Summarize” option and enter the text they wish to summarize into the platform, the tool creates a summary based on the key points of the input text.

This text summarizer is useful for summarizing lengthy articles, reports, or research papers.

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To ensure that the summary accurately conveys the major points of the original text, it is crucial to evaluate it and make any required corrections.

The text summarizer from Writesonic is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to write brief summaries of lengthy documents.

Key features

  • Article summarizer
  • Content writer
  • Text expander
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • 100+ AI templates


  • Free trial- try Wrtiesonic for free, $0 month, 10000 words for one user
  • Long-form- $19 month,


Jasper AI is a natural language processing technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to automatically summarize content such as articles, reports, and documents.

The platform is designed to help users save time and improve productivity by providing quick and accurate summaries of lengthy and complex content.

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Jasper AI uses advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze and extract essential information from the source text.

Then it generates a summary that captures the essence of the original content.

The platform can summarize content in multiple languages and formats, including web pages, PDFs, and Word documents.

The platform can be used in various fields and businesses, including finance, healthcare, law, and academia.

You can use this tool anywhere; it is essential to summarize knowledge for effective decision-making and communication.

Key features

  • Text summarizer
  • Latest AI model
  • 30+ language support
  • 50+ templates
  • Multiple tones of voice


  • Free trial- 7 days free trial in every plan
  • Creator- $49 monthly
  • Teams- $125 monthly
  • Business- Custom Pricing


An AI-powered research tool called utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to read and summarize quickly.

It is one of the best tools for academic publications and papers for academics and students.

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You can use this tool to extract important information, references, and summaries from research articles

You can also create interactive summaries that help users quickly grasp the paper’s essential points.

The AI algorithms at can find key concepts and ideas in a document, extract them, and then provide a brief and clear summary.

Additionally, users can add notes and annotations to their summaries and choose the level of detail they want to include, such as particular sections or paragraphs.

Other platform features include creating bibliographies and finding recurring themes and ideas in different papers.

You can spot potential research holes or hot spots based on reader preferences. can be used in various disciplines, including social sciences and humanities, as well as science, technology, engineering &medicine.

The platform can save researchers and students time and effort when conducting research.

Key Features

  • Text summarizer
  • Reading suggestion
  • Browser extension
  • Extract table & figures


  • Free- chrome extension to create a summary card out of small documents
  • Personal library- $9.99 per month
  • Academic institution- custom


An AI-powered program called can automatically summarize the text.

The program analyzes the input text using natural language processing techniques and produces a summary highlighting the original content’s key ideas.

word image 7889 4

For those who need to quickly comprehend the main ideas of a lengthy text without reading it in its entirety.

This can save time and effort for students, researchers, and professionals who need to comprehend high volumes of information quickly, can create a brief and simple summary.

Key features

  • Text summarizer
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Article rewriter


  • $20 month

#5. Resoomer

An AI-powered tool, Resoomer uses content analysis to create a text summary automatically.

The tool’s purpose is to save users time and effort by quickly summarizing a text’s main ideas without them having to read it.

word image 7889 5

Resoomer analyzes the text and extracts the most crucial details using natural language processing methods.

The system then creates a summary that accurately represents the main ideas of the original text while still being coherent and readable.

Resoomer can be helpful for persons who want to swiftly scan a text before reading it in detail and for students, researchers, and professionals.

Anyone who needs to assimilate vast amounts of information quickly can use this tool.

Key Features

  • Text Summarizer
  • Firefox and Chrome extension
  • Summarizes the article in 500 words
  • Audible summaries
  • Summarize text from the image
  • No ads


  • Only one premium plan that starts at 9.90 euros per month. It comes with all the features


A website-based service called uses artificial intelligence to summarize extensive articles or documents for users.

By producing succinct and pertinent summaries of complex texts, which can be utilized for research, study, or business objectives, the application is intended to save users’ time.

word image 7889 6 analyzes the text and extracts the key information using natural language processing techniques.

The tool then summarises the article, highlighting its essential ideas and skipping over pointless details.

The summary’s length can be adjusted, and users can decide whether to include or omit particular passages from the text. offers a variety of additional functionalities in addition to its summarizing skills, such as document analysis, entity recognition, and translation.

The program is helpful for users from various backgrounds because it supports many languages and file formats. is an effective tool for anyone who wants to speed up their reading and research procedures.

Its sophisticated AI can efficiently and effectively summarize difficult material and draw out crucial insights.

Key Features

  • AI text summaries
  • Smart overview
  • Rephrase & paraphrase
  • Chrome extension
  • AI question-answer chatbot


  • Basic plan- £9.99 per month
  • Pro plan- £29.99 per month


Users can quickly create succinct and educational summaries of lengthy content using the AI-powered summarizing tool

The program is a great option for anyone needing to extract critical ideas from lengthy articles or documents.

It uses NLP algorithms to analyze text and discover the most crucial elements.

word image 7889 7 can customize the summary’s length and level of detail.

The tool can also be used to find associated themes and subjects, enabling users to go further into the information.

In addition to its summarizing characteristics, has several other features, such as topic grouping, content optimization, and question answering.

Marketing professionals, bloggers, and content creators of all stripes can use this application

it is made to assist users in producing more exciting and compelling content.

Overall, is an effective solution for anyone trying to improve the efficiency of their content creation process.

It has a user-friendly interface and adjustable settings make it simple and flexible enough to meet various demands.

It has powerful AI capabilities making it an efficient and effective option for summarizing and analyzing complex text.

Key features

  • Content briefs
  • Content optimization
  • Paraphrasing and rewriting
  • Analytics
  • AI templates


  • Trial- 5-day trial for only $1
  • Solo plan- $14.99 per month
  • Basic- $44.99 per month
  • Team- $114.99 per month

#8. Quillbot

text summarizer is one of the tools offered by the AI-powered writing tool Quillbot, which also has other features.

Their text summarizer examines the incoming text and chooses the most pertinent sentences to create a condensed version of the original material.

word image 7889 8

Users enter the text they wish to summarize into the platform, choose “Summarize,” and the tool creates a summary based on the key points in the input text.

This is how the text summarizer in Quillbot works.

Quillbot’s text summarizer can help readers rapidly understand the essential points without reading the entire thing by summarizing lengthy articles, reports, or research papers.

Extractive summarization has limitations, though; the final summary might not entirely reflect the complexity and context of the original text.

To ensure that the summary accurately conveys the significant concepts of the original text, it is always a good idea to look over it and make any required changes.

Overall, Quillbot’s text summarizer is a helpful tool for anyone who needs to effectively write summaries of lengthy texts.

Key features

  • Summarizer
  • Paraphrase
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Citation generator
  • translator


  • $4.17 per month it comes with 3 day of money back guarantee
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