8 Apps That Give You Rewards for Walking in 2023

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In the times of the Internet, anything is possible; you can make money out of any work you like

You can make money listening to music, walking, and doing gig jobs in the comfort of your home; without the internet, it is not possible

In this article, we are going to list apps that reward you for walking

You just need to install these apps on your mobile phone and leave

Whenever you walk or go jogging, you must keep your mobile phone with you so that it can track your walking and reward you with points in return

These are the apps that pay you for walking; however, do not expect much it won’t make you rich

However, you can monetize your walking or motivate yourself to go the extra mile using these apps, so let’s check the app that pays you money for walking

8 Apps that give you rewards for walking in 2023

1. Step Set Go

The first on the list is the Step Step Go app; this app records all the steps that the user take with all the calorie user burnt while walking

This app is available on the Google play store; to earn money walking, you need to download and install this app first; after that, You need to sign up, and you are good to go

You get Step Set Go coins for walking, which you can redeem later for the reward you like

You get one SSG coin for 1000 steps, so suppose you walked 10000 steps in a day; you will get around 10 SSG coins

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There are five levels in this app; you get an upgrade to the next level when you complete a certain amount of activity

This app has tied up with many brands you receive goodies from these brands as a reward after accomplishing specific fitness goals

There are several features other than walking, like a pedometer, competing with friends, different sport mode, and participating in challenges that are going on in this app

This app is just like any other fitness app, but what makes it distinct is that it allows earning money for walking, which not every fitness tracking app does

This app has over one crore downloads in the google play store with a star rating of 4.2 stars. Step set go is the most popular app in the walk and earn fitness app category

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2. Growfitter

This is another app that provides an opportunity to make money by walking

It has several types of different reward systems for motivating users

This app has over 5,00,000 downloads on the Google play store with a rating of 4.3 stars

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It is an app that rewards you for health; there are several other features you can find in this app; it has a perfect pedometer that tracks and is integrated with Google fit

This app also focuses on your mental health; it has fun games that help exercise the brain

So you can play these games for your mental health and sharpness

You can only get reward points and redeem them for gadgets like fitness band Apple Airpod, cash back, yoga mats, and several other

it also has a refer-and-earn program where you can refer your contacts to win Grow fitter points

3. sweatcoin

Sweat coin is another app that pays to workout; it is a free app that rewards you for walking

This app has over one million downloads on the Google play store.

It has a pedometer and several other features, like a statistical report that presents exercise data in a graphical format

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This app has a ready simple user interface that is easy to use

You can earn coins for walking and use accumulated coins to get the cool products that are available on this platform, or you can donate it to charity

4. Runtopia

Runtopia is Another app where you can get rewards for your physical activity; this app gives gift cards, Paypal cash prizes, and fitness gear as a reward in return for your earned points

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This app has over 1 million downloads on the Google play store with a 4.4-star rating

You can earn money by doing daily activities and measuring your walking steps. This app has statistical data analysis that can help improve your fitness performance

5. Hav. Fitness

This is another app you can check; however, its star rating on the Google play store is just 2.6 stars.

I don’t know why their rating is so less, but you can read their reviews before trying this app

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As far as features are concerned, it has similar features to any other fitness app; additionally, it rewards you when you do your daily activities

using these apps tracker; you earn coins which you can redeem for discount vouchers of major brands

6. Steppi

Steppi is an app that rewards you when you track your physical activity using Steppi app.

you earn points which you can redeem as a gift voucher, and save money during shopping, dining, or entertainment

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This app supports Smart Watch or any other wearable device.

you can start tracking your steps after connecting your smartwatch with this app

However, this app has just 100k downloads on the Google play store, and its rating is also quite low which is just 3.6 stars

7. Stepbet

Tracking your steps or exercising, you can earn real money with Stepbet. It is an app where you can bet on your walking and exercise goals.

Win a bet to earn pool money

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Based on your daily fitness activity, it will give you a step goal; you can bet money on yourself if you win, you can win the prize

After making your account, you can find a game and place your bet into the games pot

So basically, it is a fitness betting game based on fitness goals; you can make good money and achieve fitness

You can integrate this app with different apps or fitness bands like grammy, Fitbit, google fit

This app has over down 1 million downloads in the Google play store with a rating of 2.9 stars

8. Lifecoin

Life coin is another app that rewards walking. You can win various prizes like Paypal gift cards, Apple iPhones, Amazon gift cards, drones, and many other prizes

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This app converts your steps into life coins which you can redeem later for gadgets, gift cards, and other rewards available on this platform

This app has all the features of a fitness tracker app; additionally, it pays you for your steps

This app also has a refer and earn program where you can refer your family and friends; each refer will give you five coins


These apps give you rewards for walking but do not expect much as it won’t make you rich, but if you are into fitness and already doing walking and other fitness activities, Then you can monetize them using these but don’t expect much money

but you can earn goodies and gift cards, and a little bit of cash by using these apps, so you must give them a try

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