25 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense in 2020

alternatives to Google Adsense

Many people get their Adsense account permanently disabled for not following Google Adsense terms of services. Also, some people do not get Adsense approval for their website. If you are one of them, don’t get disheartened as there are many alternatives to Google Adsense available these days. Not only when your Adsense disabled, but you can also check these alternatives to Google Adsense if they rejected your application to became their publisher many times. Below are alternatives to Google Adsense; …

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21 Best freelance websites to find work in 2020

best freelancing websites to find work online

Before going into deep about the best freelance websites 2020 to find work, let us get a clear idea about what exactly is freelancing. Let us start by understanding what a freelancer is? A freelancer is a self-employed person. A freelancer offers some service to the clients. At a time, he can give service to multiple clients. The range of services provided is very vast. From marketing to graphic designing to content writing, it covers a broad spectrum of services. …

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6 Best Siteground Alternatives For All Budgets in 2020

best Siteground alternatives

Siteground is one of the best web hosting services. It is also recommended by wordpress.org in their top three hosting recommendation for WordPress. It’s very popular among webmasters because it is very affordable & reliable. We also host our websites on Siteground we like it a lot and recommend it to others. However, if you are not happy with Siteground and looking for best Siteground alternatives, then you are at right place. Let’s dive into six best alternatives to Siteground …

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9 Best Web Hosting That Provides Free Migration in 2020

Web hosting that provides free migration

You don’t require Migration of your blog or website daily. You need it once in a while, and some hosting companies charge high for migration. Today in this article, we will discuss web host that provides free migration service. Not every blogger knows how to migrate a WordPress site. Furthermore, it’s not that easy for everyone to migrate without any error. Any error can occur during the migration process. Additionally, it’s always suggested to take a backup before migration Even …

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11 Best SEO Plugins & Tools For WordPress Website 2020

SEO Plugins & Tools For WordPress Website

If you are searching for the best SEO Plugins & Tools For WordPress Website, then you are in the right place. Search engine optimization is one of the most important tasks if you want to grow your website’s traffic exponentially. Through search engine optimation, you can rank higher in the search engine result page; additionally, SEO is the most consistent traffic source for any site. Therefore you should never ignore SEO or take it lightly. Best SEO plugins for wordpress …

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Best Blogging tools list for 2020

Best Blogging Tools

Best Blogging tools list for 2020 1. Text Editors or Proof Readers Grammarly- Grammarly is a free proofreading tool. You can use it for free; it also has a paid plan. It works on the freemium model. It’s an AI-powered writing assistant. Available as a desktop app, browser extension, MS word add-on. You can also check plagiarism with this tool, but this feature comes with the premium version. Hemingway editor- Hemingway is a text editor grammar checker. Its totally free …

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