Canva Alternatives: 9 Apps & Tool Like Canva

canva alternatives

Canva Alternatives:- In the contemporary digital age, pictures, designs, and graphics are taking over textual content and even videos. Social media influencers and graphic designers vouch for this online graphic designing tool named Canva moreover, this free online graphic designing tool that has helped to make textual content look more attractive and gain more readership. Canva offers a spectrum of interfaces, themes, fonts, etc. The users have the Choice of choosing from several templates. Postcards, flyers, pamphlets, business documents, book …

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21 Best Sites To Get Free Stock Images For Blog

best free stock images

What is a blog without pictures? It does not matter whether you are putting up recipes or traveling stories, images are an integral part of the blogs. However, you cannot use any images from the Internet you want, can you? Well, no because it would be a case of gross violation of copyright. So, from where can you find such images that would not be needed to be tagged along with the actual source yet not violate intellectual property rights? …

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Blog vs website: What`s the difference

Blog vs Website

It does not matter how big internet bluff you are, the question of the difference between blog vs website remains a matter of big reveal. The difference between them is quite sleek yet that sleek gap is often ignored. People often use the terms blog and website as interchangeable. However, they are not. Why and how? Well, let us make our concepts clear here for blog vs website once and for all, shall we? In the history of 20 years …

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