Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for Bloggers in 2023

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What are affiliate marketing tools

Software and platforms used by affiliate marketers to manage and improve their affiliate marketing process are known as affiliate marketing tools.

These tools make the process of affiliate marketing simpler and more effective that helps to generate more commissions

Typical affiliate marketing tools are of the following types

1. Affiliate networks:

Affiliate networks are online venues that let merchants and affiliates work together to advertise each other’s goods and services.

2. Affiliate tracking tools:

These tools enable affiliates to track their clicks, conversions, and revenues in real time, providing them with information about the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Affiliates can use tools for managing affiliate links to manage their links and make unique connections that are simple to distribute to their audience.

3. SEO Tools:

Affiliates who use SEO tools can better optimise their content for search engines, which can increase traffic and revenue to their affiliate links.

By using email marketing software, affiliates can create an email list and promote affiliate products

Tools for managing social media accounts and scheduling posts to advertise affiliate items are also useful for marketers

affiliate marketing tools help maximise revenues and improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

Let us check the best tools available for affiliate marketers

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#1. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates aids affiliate marketers in maintaining their affiliate links.

You can quickly place, hide, and manage affiliate links from your WordPress dashboard.

You can make unique short links for your affiliate links with ThirstyAffiliates.

Links made with thirsty affiliates are both quicker to distribute and more aesthetically pleasing.

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ThirstyAffiliates offers a variety of features, such as link cloaking, automatic keyword linking, geolocation, and link classification

Link cloaking is a tool that enables you to conceal your affiliate links behind a personalised URL, which may increase click-through rates and deter link snatching.

Automatic keyword linking makes it simpler to monetise your content by connecting keywords in your articles to the appropriate affiliate items.

Geolocation link redirects can increase conversion rates

Link classification: You can classify your affiliate links to simplify managing and keeping track of them.

Click data: ThirstyAffiliates offers thorough click analytics so you may monitor the effectiveness of your links and see how they are performing

Overall, ThirstyAffiliates is an effective WordPress affiliate marketing tool that may help you organise your efforts and boost your outcomes.

#2. Shareasale

An affiliate marketing network ShareASale was established in 2000.

It links retailers with affiliate marketers who advertise the retailers’ goods or services on their blogs or social media pages.

In return, marketers get a commission on sales generated by their affiliate links.

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To develop affiliate programs, set commission rates, and monitor the performance of their affiliates, merchants can sign up for ShareASale.

Affiliates can register to search for products to advertise and earn commissions.

For both merchants and affiliates, ShareASale offers a variety of tools and services, including real-time tracking, performance reviews, and a sizable network of potential partners.

It is a well-known platform for affiliate marketing, and in 2017 another affiliate marketing network, Awin, purchased it.

#3. Lasso WP

With the help of a visual drag-and-drop interface on the WordPress plugin Lasso WP, users can easily design sales funnels and configurable landing pages.

The plugin does not require coding expertise and is intended to simplify the process of making landing pages.

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You can select from several pre-designed templates or build entirely original designs; it has various customisable design elements, including text, photos, videos, buttons, and forms.

The plugin offers additional capabilities: A/B testing, analytics tracking, and integration with well-known email marketing services like Mailchimp and AWeber.

One of Lasso WP’s main advantages is that it enables users to rapidly and simply create high-converting landing pages without requiring a developer or designer.

For companies and individuals that need to construct landing pages or sales funnels for their website or online business, this can save time and money.

#4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing tool powered by AI. Grammarly assists users in writing better by identifying and fixing grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes.

It may be used on various platforms like WordPress, Gmail, and Microsoft Office.

It has a browser extension, desktop, and mobile app you can use all or any one as per your convenience.

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When a user enters text, Grammarly analyses it and offers immediate correction. You can choose and correct text as per the recommendation

Additionally, it can make recommendations for stronger word selections, sentence construction, and tone.

One of Grammarly’s main advantages is that it can assist users in developing their writing abilities.

It can be especially beneficial for non-native English speakers.

Or to anyone who has grammar and syntax issues, as well as for students, professionals, and anybody else who wants to improve English writing

Grammarly provides a paid edition with extra features, including advanced grammar checks, vocabulary improvement advice, and a plagiarism detector.

#5. Ahref

Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool that offers several features to assist companies and people in enhancing their search engine rankings.

It is especially helpful for backlink analysis, competitor, and keyword research.

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Ahrefs provides various tools and statistics that can be used to track user’s search engine rankings.

By using Ahref, you can choose the best keywords to target for your website or content.

It also offers information about the tactics that your competition is using.

You can find the keywords your competition is focusing on, the content they produce, and the backlinks they are obtaining.

Ahrefs also has a backlink analysis tool that customers can use to check the backlinks heading to their website.

Using Ahref, you can quickly check backlink profiles for problems like spammy or low-quality links.

Overall, Ahrefs is a potent SEO tool that may assist companies and people in improving the search engine optimisation of websites.

This SEO tool can help in gaining an advantage over rivals in the online market.

#6. Surfer SEO

A comprehensive SEO tool, Surfer SEO is a useful tool for content improvement, keyword research, and website analysis.

It employs machine learning algorithms to examine the top-ranked sites for certain keywords to increase the ranking chance of posts in search results.

On-page elements like keyword use, content length, structure, and readability, as well as off-page factors like backlinks and social signals, are all thoroughly examined by Surfer SEO.

A SERP analyser is another feature that enables users to understand better what affect a keyword’s position and find areas where their content can be improved.

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It can suggest keyword usage and content structure.

Surfer SEO’s content editor lets users improve their material straight in the application.

The program also has a keyword research capability that aids users in locating high-traffic keywords that are pertinent to their content.

Overall, Surfer SEO is an effective tool for web admins and SEO specialists who want to increase their website’s organic traffic and search engine ranks.

#7. Canva

You can make graphics for social media, posters, presentations, logos, and other visual material using the Canva graphic design platform.

It has a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of templates, stock images, icons, and fonts.

Canva is simple to use for even non-designers to produce designs with a polished appearance.

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You can edit templates, build designs from scratch, or add & edit components with drag-and-drop tools.

Canva also has collaboration tools that let users work on the same project concurrently and exchange designs with customers or other team members.

Canva subscription plans provide users access to professional stock pictures and templates.

Overall, Canva is a well-liked and flexible tool for producing eye-catching graphics for private or business usage.

#8. Convertkit

For content producers, bloggers, and online business owners, ConvertKit is a platform for email marketing.

Its headquarter is in Boise, Idaho, and it was established by Nathan Barry in 2013.

The primary functions of ConvertKit include email automation, landing pages, forms, and connectors with third-party applications like Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier.

Users may target particular audience groups with their customised email campaigns.

You can also analyse the effectiveness of those efforts using analytics and report on campaign success.

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ConvertKit emphasises cultivating connections with subscribers rather than merely pushing goods or services, which is one of its distinctive qualities.

It provides creators with tools to interact with their audience, including tailored emails and segmentation depending on subscriber behaviour.

It can send niche offers and promotions.

You get a free trial; the user’s email list size determines the price.

Users can change their plans at any moment as there are no obligations.

#9. GeneratePress

Tom Usborne developed the well-known WordPress theme GeneratePress in 2013.

It is a slim, adaptable theme that integrates nicely with page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor.

word image 7927 9

Several features are available with GeneratePress, including Responsiveness, customisation, performance optimisation, security

Responsiveness on mobile devices: GeneratePress is responsive, so it will look amazing on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Customisation: GeneratePress offers a variety of customisation choices that let customers change the colours, fonts, layouts and other aspects of how their website looks.

Performance optimisation: GeneratePress is made to load quickly and be lightweight, which can help websites operate better and rank higher.

Accessibility: GeneratePress is optimised for screen readers and was created with accessibility in mind.

Security: GeneratePress adheres to WordPress’s recommended security procedures and is often updated to fix security flaws.

Both a free and a paid version of GeneratePress are accessible. Basic capabilities are included in the free version.

However if you want more customisation choices, integrations with widely used plugins with priority support are available in the premium version.

The premium version is available with the choice to renew at a discounted price.

#10. AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin)

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is a solution for affiliate marketers that use WordPress to promote Amazon affiliate products.

It offers several features that make it possible to attractively display Amazon products on a WordPress website.

Product boxes, comparison charts, bestseller lists, and other material relating to products may be readily created with AAWP.

You can trust that the data presented on your site is always up to date thanks to the plugin, which automatically refreshes product information and pricing from Amazon.

word image 7927 10

To complement the appearance and feel of your website, AAWP also provides various customisation options, such as style, colour, and font choices.

To boost the conversion rate of your Amazon affiliate links, it also offers features like product ratings and reviews, availability notifications, and geo-targeting.

AAWP may be a helpful tool for Amazon affiliate marketers who want to increase sales and enhance the appearance of Amazon items on their WordPress websites.

Adding AAWP alone to your website is insufficient to increase affiliate revenue.

You will still need to generate high-quality content on your website to draw visitors and boost affiliate link clicks.

#11. Flippa

Websites, domain names, and online companies all be purchased and sold on Flippa.

Since its founding in 2009, it has become a well-liked marketplace for entrepreneurs wishing to buy or sell Internet assets.

Sellers can post their websites or other assets on Flippa, where buyers can peruse the listings, submit bids, and participate in auctions.

The platform provides various tools, such as due diligence checks, escrow services, and transfer assistance, to support buyers and sellers throughout the transaction.

word image 7927 11

Flippa enables the selling of digital assets such as domain names, mobile applications, websites, and online enterprises.

It draws consumers and sellers worldwide with its diverse listings, which vary from small specialised websites to substantial established enterprises.

Flippa may be a beneficial site for investors and business owners wanting to acquire or sell internet assets.

However, before purchasing or offering an item for sale, it is crucial to perform due diligence and carefully examine the assets, as with any market.

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