26 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense In 2023

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What is the need for Alternatives to Google Adsense

Many people get their Adsense account permanently disabled for not following Google Adsense terms of service. Also, some people do not get Adsense approval for their website.

If you are one of them, don’t get disheartened, as many alternatives to Google Adsense are available these days.

Not only when your Adsense is disabled, but you can also check these alternatives to Google Adsense if they reject your application to become their publisher.

Below are alternatives to Google Adsense; some are for intermediate publishers, some for beginners.

Most of them support all countries; if you are from India or the US doesn’t matter. These are the best Adsense alternatives in India also

26 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

1. Propeller Ads

Founded in 2011, Propeller ads is an internet media company focusing on delivering digital advertising.

It is the best AdSense alternative for small websites.

They offer CPM & CPC-based revenue models to their publishers.

Propeller ads have the following type of ad formats- Push notification, onclick ads, interstitials, smart links, in-page push

word image 1548 1

For becoming a propeller ads publisher, you don’t need a high volume of traffic on your website. However, they do not accept adults, warez, hacking, or other illegal types of websites.

If you are considering propeller ads vs Adsense, propeller ads is better as they give quick approval even if you are a beginner.

To become their publisher, you need to register, and your account will be activated as soon as you confirm your email address.

Propeller ads are the best Adsense alternatives for low traffic because of their quick approval.

Ads they serve are Adsense compatible; you can use propeller ads with google AdSense.

At a glance

  • Clean Ads
  • Global coverage
  • Adsense compatible ads
  • Adblock bypass
  • Multi tag for automatization
  • Weekly payout
  • Minimum withdrawal- $5

2. Popcash

Pop cash is a dedicated popunder advertising network. It offers a popunder ad scheme where the ad is shown under the browser in a new window.

The ad will be triggered when a visitor clicks anywhere on the website which has a pop cash ad code.

word image 1548 2

Pop cash ad network approval is fast as per them in business days; they approve websites within 24 hours & take up to 12 hours on weekends. They offer a high revenue share of 80% to publishers.

You can use three popunder ads along with ad networks like Google Adsense. Check Google Adsense term of services regarding popunder ads

They accept adult websites also on their ad network.

Payments are made via PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, Payza, WebMoney, Bitcoin & Wire transfers on a daily bases.

The minimum payment threshold is $10 for all, except wire transfer; for wire transfer, it’s $1000.

At a glance

  • Daily payments
  • Fast site approval
  • Low minimum withdrawal- just $10
  • Clean ads
  • 80% revenue share

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3. Admaven

Ad maven is a specialized popunder ad network. The CPM rate for Admaven is high; however, they have different ad options for the publisher.

They offer ad types: push notification, Interstitial, new tab (pop), and banner.

word image 1548 3

One of the great features of Interstitial and lightbox ad types is that they work even when there is Adblock in the browser.

Ad maven can bypass most of the ad-block browser extensions. This great feature can help in increasing ad revenue

Ad maven also works with pornographic websites or any similar niche.

Payments made by Admaven through Paypal, Payoneer, epayments, bitcoin & wire Transfer, minimum payment threshold for PayPal & Payoneer is $50 & for wire transfer, it’s $1000.

Their payment frequency is net 30 terms it pays to the publisher after 30 days from the withdrawal request or threshold.

You need a minimum of 2500 unique visitors monthly to your site if you want to apply to the ad maven publisher program

At a glance

  • Full coverage worldwide
  • Easy integration
  • High ECPM
  • Various payment option
  • Minimum traffic 2500

4. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon’s native shopping ads provide relevant & dynamic product recommendations in the form of an attractive ad format.

It is similar to Adsense in showing contextual ads based on your content.

It shows ads based on the content of your page, and it is also a high-paying alternative to Google Adsense.

word image 1548 4

When you place your ad code on your blog, it automatically scans your page keywords and shows related ads. However, they pay you when somebody purchases something through an ad link.

They don’t pay just for showing ads; they pay commission on sales they made through their link on your website. The commission varies depending on the product category and commission on it.

The ads are responsive, and it works on all types of devices. However, they are only available through the Amazon US and UK programs.

So if you have united States or united kingdom traffic on your blog or website, you can try this ad network.

Amazon’s native shopping ads are the best Adsense alternatives for Blogspot. Yes, you can use them on your Blogspot also.

This program has three variants of ads: Recommendation ads, search ads, and custom ads.

Whereas there are four kinds of ad format are available

List format, grid format, card format, strip format

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5. Revcontent

Revcontent is a native ad-based network with some of the best quality ads. It is a content recommendation ad network similar to Taboola & Outbrain.

Their native ads connect and blend with your content so easily that it does not look like an ad.

Native ads are shown as related posts, related stories, or from around the web.

It carries an image with the article link in the title and looks like part of the website’s content.

word image 1548 5

Ads by Revcontent look like related articles and mix well with your blog content & not look like a banner ad.

You can mix Revcontent native ads with ads from another network.

Some of the most prominent websites like Forbes use Revcontent native ads with the google Adsense to increase their website revenue

if you want to join Revcontent as a publisher, you need to have a minimum of 50,000 monthly traffic on your site. They will even check your content, whether you are providing value to your readers or not.

Revcontent does not approve pornography, hacking, warez website. They only approve six applications out of 100 for the publisher partnership program

Revcontent rates for ads are higher than Adsense rates; however, it’s recommended to use this network with Google Adsense or other ad networks

The minimum payout threshold is $100 via PayPal

At a glance

  • Model- CPM, CPC
  • Minimum payment – $100
  • 50000 minimum visitors per month
  • Payment – Net-50 via wire transfer, PayPal, ACH transfer

6. Yllix Inc.

They have CPC, CPM, and CPA ad campaigns. Publish ads on both adult and nonadult sites; as their publisher; you can have access to banner ads, in-app banner ads, redirect ads, slider ads, PopUp, PopUnder, TabUp, TabUnder Ads, layer ads, direct link

They offer a 100% fill rate no matter where your traffic is coming from. Also, as soon as you register your account with yllix inc, you are ready to publish an ad

word image 1548 6

They don’t manually check your website like Google Adsense.

You can start publishing ads immediately after registering with them.

It is an excellent alternative to the propeller ads network. You can also add ads to your blogger or blogspot domain.

The Minimum daily payout is $5 for PayPal. They have different minimum payout for different payment channels, you should check there site for other payment methods.

7. Revenue Hits

Revenue hits is another excellent alternative to Adsense. Established in 2008 and owned by Intango, this is an Israeli-based company.

This ad network offers CPA, CPL & CPM-based ad campaigns.

word image 1548 7

They have display banners, button ads, footer ads, interstitial ads, pop ads, shadowbox ads, slider ads, top banner ads, dialog ads & notifier ads.

You can see a demo of the type of ads they serve on their website; check this link.

They have more than 5000 advertisers from different niches that ensure a 100% fill rate. Over 20000 publishers worldwide use RevenueHits

The minimum payment threshold is $20 for PayPal & Payoneer; for wire transfer, you need to have $500 in your Revenue Hits account. They pay on a net 30 basis.

8. OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a WordPress plugin allowing you to monetize your website.

It’s an ad manager; you can maximize your revenue using this plugin.

With this plugin, you can sell ad space for your blog without any ad network involvement

word image 1548 8

The main benefit of using OIO publisher is you don’t have to share your earnings with any network.

You can directly negotiate with advertisers. This plugin costs $25

9. Media. Net

This ad network is powered by bing and yahoo & founded in 2012. Media. Net is the second largest contextual advertising company with more than 1300 employees.

word image 1548 9

This is one of the best alternatives to Adsense for websites. They have many big companies as advertisers on their platform.

As per their publisher program guidelines, you need to have a reasonable volume of traffic, the majority of it from the US & UK, before applying as their publisher.

Your website must be in the English language.

They will not approve you if you already show too many ads on your site. Media. Net does not serve ads on warez, torrent, hacking, pornographic websites

They usually take two days for account approval & give an extra 10% over your earnings for the first three months.

Media. Net offers high-performance contextual ads

They pay through Paypal or wire transfer minimum payout is $100

10. Adsterra

Adsterra is another great ad network. It is a user-friendly platform that gives a 100% fill rate with high CPM.

They offer various ad formats for mobile and desktop. Like popunder, native banners, video ads, banners, In-page Push ( social bar), Social Bar

word image 1548 10

They don’t publish ads on hacking, phishing, warez, pornographic, or any other illegal type of websites

The publisher is paid twice a month on the 1st or 2nd and 16th or 17th of the month.

Payment is made through Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Paxum, PayPal, WebMoney, and e-payments.

The minimum payout is $100, and in the case of wire transfer, its $1000

To apply for this ad network, you need to have good traffic on your site. They do not serve an ad on low-traffic websites.

11. Infolinks

Infolinks is also a great AdSense alternative & does not have strict policies like Google Adsense. When Compared to Google Adsense, it’s easier to get Infolinks approval.

What’s special about Infolinks is that they do not require any space on your blog to advertise. What they do is convert keywords in the articles into a link. When a visitor hovers the link, the advertisement displayed to them & you make money

word image 1548 11

They have five types of ad format: in-screen, intext, in-tag, inframe, and in-article.

It’s a CPC & CPM-based network. You, as a publisher, have full control over what type of ads to be displayed on your website

Infolinks is excellent if you have UK, US, and Canada traffic. Traffic from Other countries will give you fewer earnings than UK, US, and Canada traffic.

Payment is made via Payoneer, Paypal & Wire Transfer, and Western Union.

The minimum Payment threshold is $50 and $100 for a wire transfer or western union

12. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an ad network that gives instant approval within five minutes. It’s a direct advertising site.

Bidvertiser works differently than Adsense.

Adsense is a contextual ad network that shows an ad based on your website content.

However, what Bidvertiser does is creates a bidding system for your website that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your website.

word image 1548 12

They also have CPC-based display ads. You can monetize your web assets like websites, toolbars, extensions, and mobile apps.

Bidvertiser offers various ad formats like display banners, popunders, sliders, smart links, XML & Programmatic.

The minimum payment threshold is $10; they make payments using PayPal, Payza wire & check.

13. Adversal

Adversal is a premium CPM, CPC-based ad network online since 2003. They offer a 100% fill rate, high eCPM & multiple ad formats.

Adversal offers banner ads and native ads network

word image 1548 13

You need to have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month to apply for a publisher program.

Adversal doesn’t work with pirated, illegal & adult content websites.

They pay through PayPal, check & wire transfer. The minimum payout is $20. It pays on net 35 bases.

This means you will get a payment every 35 days of withdrawal request.

14. Evadav

Evadav is a native ad network; EvaDav provides two types of monetization – revenue share and payment per push subscription.

It doesn’t have minimum traffic requirements; it accepts all websites, whether low or high traffic. However, you must adhere to their policies regarding sites.

word image 1548 14

It provides various ad formats like a native, in-page, Push, and popunder on CPM and CPC basis

Minimum payment threshold – $25 but $500 for SWIFT

Payments – every seventh day or Monday

payment methods – Skrill, Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, & SWIFT.

15. ShareASale

Shareasale is not an advertising network, but it’s an affiliate network. However, it can become a great alternative to Google Adsense.

There are more than 21200 merchants on this platform. Its voted the best CPS network by mThink

word image 1548 15

It’s a top-rated affiliate network. They have affiliate offers for every niche like tech, fashion, blogging, etc.

The minimum payment threshold is $ 50

16. Sovrn

Viglink is also a great alternative to Adsense. However, it does not serve ads like Google Adsense.

It converts regular links into affiliate links.

word image 1548 16

When someone purchases from your link, you earn a commission. This network is similar to Skimlinks & Info link.

They don’t need space on your website to show display banner ads.

This network allows you to make affiliate commissions without signing up with different merchants.

17. BuySellAds

Buysellads is a network that connects marketers with publishers. It is an advertisement buy-sell marketplace.

word image 1548 17

It pays more than Adsense & is the highest paying ad network.

Buysellads has native ads, sponsored content, email ads, podcast ads, and display ads.

You can list your site here so the advertiser can check your site stats and offer you an advertisement.

However, the approval of buy-sell ads is not easy. Your website must have good design and quality content if you want approval from this network.

18. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is not an ad network, but it is an affiliate tool that effectively monetises your website. Skimlinks is a Taboola company which is a popular native ads network.

It is an excellent alternative to Adsense and similar to Viglink. It works in the same way as Viglink

They have over 48500 merchants worldwide, which you can directly access when joining their network.

word image 1548 18

Skimlinks pays a commission on affiliate sales, not per click.

Skimlinks pay at the end of each month if your account reaches a threshold of $65.

Payment method- direct deposit, Paypal

19. Hilltopads

Hilltop is a popunder network. It offers various types of ad formats like native ads, push notifications, popunder, popup, pre-roll and in-video ads, direct links, and display banners.

word image 1548 19

It’s the best pop advertisement network from where you can get ads on CPM, CPA and CPC basis. You must have a minimum of 5000 traffic to get approval as a publisher on this network

Pays via Bitcoin, PayPal, wire transfer, tether, capitalist, WebMoney

20. Sunadnetwork

Adclickmedia is now Sunadnetwork they have changed their business name.

It offers CPM & PPC-based advertising solutions. It provides PPC and CPA advertising

word image 1548 20

If you are working in the following niche: personal development, health & fitness, home-based business, cannabis, hemp, CBD, Yoga & spirituality. then you must try Adclickmedia

21. Taboola

Founded in 2007, Taboola is a new york-based company.

It is native advertising & content discovery network. It is a very popular content discovery platform.

You must have seen “around the web” or “recommended for you” boxes at the bottom of many popular news articles on news websites.

word image 1548 21

Most such ads come from Taboola or like ad networks.

Taboola can also recommend video content.

Taboola pays on a Net 45 basis. It pays through Payoneer.

Approval is difficult on Taboola; they only approve if you have high monthly traffic.

22. Outbrain

Founded in 2006, Outbrain is a web advertising platform similar to Taboola. It is a native advertising & content discovery network.

It recommends articles, blog posts, slideshows, photos, and videos. Outbrain recommendations appear mostly on prominent websites like CNN and Forbes.

word image 1548 22

Same as Taboola, it recommends the publisher’s own content mixed with other people’s content.

When somebody clicks on other people’s content and go on their website, they make money. After deducting their percentage, they transfer the rest of the amount to the publisher.

Outbrain can become a great alternative to Google Adsense.

The payment threshold is $50. They pay on net 60 or net 90 basis

Other notable alternatives to the Google AdSense

23. monumetric

24. carbonads

25. adnow

26. criteo

Are these Adsense alternatives for youtube also?

If you want to make money on youtube through ads, then the only option is Google Adsense

However, there are so many other alternatives available for making money on youtube. You can do affiliate marketing through youtube

If your youtube connected Adsense account is disabled, then you must try affiliate marketing or sponsorshop

For example, you can do affiliate marketing through your youtube channel; you can try for sponsorship, which is very common nowadays. Sponsorship pays much more money than Adsense on youtube


So even if your google Adsense got banned, there are so many other options left for you to try. Also, if you still have an active Adsense account, you can use these networks as some of these google Adsense alternatives works very well on your blog with Google Adsense.

Additionally, it’s better to diversify your income streams by adding and testing different monetization techniques

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