15 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps in India

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What is best buy now pay later apps | what is BNPL

Buy now pay later, or BNPL services are becoming very popular in India.

Buy now pay later services are much like a credit card where you can buy things without having money, but you have to pay back the amount after the payback period is over; otherwise, you get a penalty

Buy now pay later services are beneficial for both seller and buyer. To the buyer, it increases buying power without having money, whereas it helps sellers by increasing their sales

It is a new short term for financing anyone for a short time. This service allows customers to buy and pay immediately using buy now pay later apps.

It is mostly used online for buying goods and services. You can get short-term credit for two weeks to up to a month using buy now pay later apps.

Buy now pay later services generally do not charge any interest, but if you fail to pay the amount on the due date, they charge a heavy penalty

These days there are many fintech companies, and online e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon are providing buy now pay later facilities to their customers.

So, in short, we can say buy now pay later is a new type of short-term financing that is a great alternative to credit cards

Why do you need “buy now pay later” services

  • Using buy now pay later, you get instant credit for online shopping
  • The whole process for getting a short-term loan is online, user friendly and no paperwork is required
  • You do not need to have a credit history to get this type of credit
  • Mostly interest-free or very low fee is charged for this type of credit

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15 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps

1. Lazy pay

Lazy pay is a credit super app from which you can get credit in almost 90 seconds. This app has over six crore users and has given over 2000 crore of credit till now.

Lazy pay is a personal loan and pay later app that is now accepted on over 25000 platforms.

This as a payment option visible on various e-commerce platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart, and many others

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You can also get small and short time loans using this app. In addition, you can get up to five lakhs of instant loans using this platform.

You can check out in just one click and get whatever you want to purchase online. You can get 15 days loan without interest in just one click

There is no paperwork; you get lighting fast payments just in one click. They also offer exciting cash backs for using them as payment methods on various platforms

Lazy pay also has a lazy card partnered with a visa; it’s a plastic card you can use like a credit card.

It’s a lifetime free card with no hidden or annual fees. You also get cashback on using this card, and interest rates are also low

Visa powers this card; you can use it all over India for both offline and online payments

2. Freecharge pay later

Freecharge pay later is another buy now and pay later service which you can use to recharge, pay bills and shop online. Freecharge pay later is backed by axis bank.

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The app is available on the play store and ios which you can download. Registration is simple and takes just two mins

Using the Freecharge pay later app, you can shop on over 25000 online & offline stores. In addition, you can get instant interest-free credit each month. Moreover, there is zero processing fees; you can pay in one tap payment takes no time.

Using this as your payment method, you also get offers and cashbacks by which you can save some money. While ordering food, apparel, and groceries, you can avail exclusive offers if you choose to pay by Freecharge pay later

3. Amazon pay later

Amazon pay later is a buy now pay later facility by e-commerce giant amazon. You can get hassle-free instant credit using this service.

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The process is entirely digital and takes less than 2 minutes. You can buy using this pay later credit in EMI or a one-time payment.

EMI ranges from 3 to 12 months. Amazon pay later is also known as amazon pay EMI.

Amazon pay India has partnered with IDFC first bank to provide this service. You do not require a credit card or anything. Also, there is no processing fee or pre-closure charges

4. Zip by Mobikwik

Zip by Mobikwik is another buy now pay later service where you can get up to ₹60000 credit instantly.

You can pay for bills, travel, food, and shopping using this pay later service.

Minimal documentation is required for creating an account, and you can get up to ₹60000 credit after creating an account.

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There is no interest or processing fee charged. But there is late fees, so avoid paying late

Bill generated twice a month, or after 15 days, there are more than 1 lakh brands where you can pay via ZIP pay later. It is very easy to use, and the app interface is very user friendly

5. Simpl

Simpl is another BNPL app that is connected to more than 23000 online stores. You can buy any thing from these stores with one tap and pay later.

It makes online shopping fast & convenient. With time Simpl increases your credit limit if you are a genuine customer who paybacks in time.

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Simpl app is available for android and ios; you can download the app and register. The registration process is quick and easy; you do not need anything except your phone number.

There is no interest on the credit; you get notified when the due date is coming by SMS or mobile notification.

Simpl can charge ₹250 as a penalty if you pay after the due date

Simpl bills are generated twice a month; you get 15 days of credit. Simpl is a great alternative to credit cards

6. MoneyTap

MoneyTap is a credit line app where you can get up to ₹5 lakh of credit line online.

Loan approval is easy, and you can repay in EMI tenures up to 36 months.

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Money tap is partnered with RBL bank to provide loans.

You can get credit for any of your needs like marriage, education, medical, travel, online shopping, and home renovation.

You can borrow any amount up to ₹ 5 lakh from MoneyTap.

You get a credit line of up to ₹5 lakh; however, interest will be applied to the only amount that you will borrow, not on your approved limit.

The credit limit you get from MoneyTap is for life; you can withdraw multiple times. You do not need any collateral or guarantors to get loan approval from MoneyTap

7. Paytm Postpaid

Paytm is a popular mobile payment platform. Paytm Postpaid is a buy now pay later service from Paytm. With the Paytm pay later service, you can get up to ₹60000 instant credit.

You can pay them back in full one-time payment or EMI. There is no interest if you pay back in 30 days. The registration and credit approval process is 100% digital, and there are no activation charges.

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Paytm Postpaid is accepted in more than one crore shops across India, including online e-commerce platforms like Myntra, uber, dominos, and many others

You do not need proof of employment or credit score to avail Paytm pay later service. This is open to all, but you must need a valid pan card, age of 20 years, and Aadhaar card

8. CashE

Cash is another BNPL app where you can get loans and pay later services effortlessly.

CashE offers a credit line that gives multiple loans with just one approval. Applying for Cashe credit line is easy

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The app is available on the google play store, which you can download and then register.

You can get a loan from one thousand to 4 lakh without human interaction as all the work is paperless and online.

Cashe is a social loan company it uses your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to assess your creditworthiness.

It has India’s first social behavior-based rating system, which calculates your creditworthiness through its algorithm

Cashe is powered by Bhanix finance and investment Ltd which is an RBI-registered NBFC

9. postpe

Postpe is another buy now pay later service which you can use anywhere online or offline.

Postpe is a buy now pay later service powered by Bharatpe

You can convert the one-time payment into an easy installment or EMI. Postpe also has a magical all-in-one card Powered by VISA.

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Postpe card partner is VISA whereas banking partner is SBM bank

It gives 30 days of interest-free credit; you can also convert your one-time payment to low-interest EMI. Bill is generated on the 1st of every month

10. ola money post-paid

Ola money is the buy now pay later app from OLA. It is a wallet that also provides pay later or post-paid feature.

More than 300 apps accept Ola money postpaid; soon, more apps will be on the list.

Ola money postpaid gives credit for 15 days.

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You will also find exclusive offers by using ola money postpaid. You can get cashback on using ola money postpaid

11. Pay later by ICICI bank

Pay later by ICICI bank is another BPNL service where you can get up to 45 days of instant digital credit in one tap.

It is one of the best alternatives to a credit card; you can shop online, pay your bills and pay any merchant using this service.

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Pay later is only available when you choose the payment option as ICICI bank, so only if you have an account in ICICI bank then only you can use pay later by ICICI bank

You will be charged one-time fees of ₹500 plus GST for activation.

Pay later by ICICI bank also have a service charge, so if we compare pay later by ICICI bank with other BNPL services, then it is a little pricy

12. Flipkart pay later

This pay later service is by Flipkart, a popular e-commerce giant. You can get instant credit of ₹1 lakh through Flipkart pay later. You can also convert your one-time payment into EMI

Registration is user-friendly, and there is no activation charge; the application process just takes 30 seconds, and you can avail credit of up to ₹1 lakh in one tap.

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Pay later within 30 days every month bill will be generated on the 5th of the month

You can also pay utility bills using Flipkart pay later. A split payment feature is also available where you can make minimal payment upfront and pay the rest of the balance later

There is a welcome bonus when you signup; you can get up to ₹500 as a gift card

13. Zest money

Zest money is another BNPL service that you can use as an instant credit service. Using this service, you can buy in one tap and convert your payment into three parts at 0% interest.

There is an option of paying in 6,9 & 12 months also, but it has an interest. Using zest money, you can pay at online and offline stores.

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The app interface is user-friendly; there is no joining fee or hidden charge.

The credit limit is up to 2 lakhs; the approval process is fast, and no paperwork is required

This app has over 17 million users, and the app is available for download in the google play store

14. Jupiter edge pay later app

Jupiter edge is another later pay service; it gives you the best of credit card and UPI payment system. You can get up to ₹20000 credit limit using Jupiter edge pay later.

You can shop anywhere online or offline using Jupiter edge.

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There is no activation charge or hidden fees; you can get up to ₹20000 for 15 days. Billing is done twice a month

15. Slice

Slice is another BNPL app; it is the simplest way to pay. Over 12 million users trust this app.

There is no activation charge or joining fee.

It is a one-stop payment app for all your spending needs. You can do card & UPI transactions in one place using this app.

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Slice also offers slice super card; you get 2% cash back on every transaction you do using this card.

Slice card is backed by SBI bank, and the visa; it is a free card. You can borrow up to ₹10 lakh via this card

Hope you find this article useful; if you have any questions related to buy now pay later apps, you can ask us in the comment section

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