Top 8 Best Email Marketing Services to Use In 2023

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Why Email Marketing Services

No matter in what niche your business is. Email Marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to increase your business.

From bloggers to E-commerce giants, Email Marketing is a must. Not only does it brings your visitors to your product, but it is also helpful to build relationships and engagement with your customers.

Your customers feel more connected. The point is still the same if Email marketing is that important then service you should use must be the best.

For that purpose, we have researched the best email marketing services for you.

8 Best Email Marketing Services

1 .Constant Contact

Constant contact is one of the best email marketing services, and it has everything you need to get started with Email Marketing.

Whether you are a newbie or have an established business, this is the best tool you can use.

It guarantees 98% delivery of all the emails you send. You can get an average of $36 ROI (Return On Investment) on every dollar spent.

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The tool has everything you need including a drag and drop editor, automation tools, detailed analytics, scheduling, list building tools, etc.

Moreover, you can also engage customers by-polls coupon templates, etc.  It also supports Shopify and Facebook lead ads.

In addition, with its mobile app features, you can track your email from anywhere you go.

Constant contact is easy to use and has been in the industry for over 20 years.

You get a one-month free trial or 30 days money-back guarantee.

You can access all the features in the trial

After trial, the price starts at $10 per month, allowing up to 500 subscribers with unlimited Emails. You can check their tiered pricing. There are many plans to suit everyone

There is more than 1000 integration that you can use to sell faster using constant contact.

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2. Drip

After constant contact, Drip is next on the list of best email marketing services.

Drip is best, especially for an E-commerce business or anyone who sells online.

For online course websites and such types of websites, Drip is the best option to go with. Drip is an E-commerce CRM and Marketing automation tool.

It offers a wide range of integration to E-commerce platforms, lead capture, payment processing tools, CRM, etc.

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With all the intelligent automated tools, Drip comes first in the E-commerce industry’s best Email marketing services.

It is the best service when you want to recover lost visitors, abandon cart visitors, etc.

A small email saying you didn’t order what you added in the cart would lead to many conversions.

Moreover, it gives you details analytics to know your customers better. It gives you a visual Email builder to send better Emails.

You can integrate Drip with Shopify, woo-commerce, Magento, Gumroad, and many more.

The detailed tracking improves your conversion ratio and gives you a brief to implement a marketing strategy.

It gives you a free plan for up to 100 subscribers. The paid plan starts from $39 per month, allowing unlimited Emails and up to 2500 subscribers.

There are over 100 integrations which you can use for different needs

Drip also provides a free trial for 14 days with no credit card required

3. Convertkit

Just like Drip is best suitable for E-commerce websites, Convertkit is one of the best email marketing services for bloggers and online creators.

Its full service includes automation, page builder, and everything a blogger needs.

The tool allows the integration to 70+ tools. It gives you access to easy-to-embed forms, which are beneficial to increase engagement with the customer.

You get proper reporting and analytics for all your emails sent.

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The email services allow you to send if & then emails, and it gives you visual automation for easy use.

Moreover, it allows you to build a detailed profile of your customers by adding interests, purchases, etc.

It is best for bloggers as they can easily convert their visitors for their affiliate post or an Ebook they wrote.

The price for convertkit starts at $9 per month. The basic plan allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 300 subscribers.

There is free plans also for new creator where you can send unlimited email to 300 subscribers with limited features

It gives you a custom plan when you have a list bigger than 7500.

You can get a free 14 days trial for any of their plans, and it gives you a two-month discount when you pay yearly.

4. Getresponse

Getresponse is all-in-one Email marketing software. You get an email marketing service, landing page builder, etc.

The services provide you with A/B testing, drag and drop email editor, autoresponders, scheduling, and much more.

It’s not just the Email marketing service; you get everything in one place with getresponse.

There are more than 100 stock photos to make a beautiful landing page to convert your visitors into customers.

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The pricing is a little different from others; it gives you four different options.

For paid packages, you get access to CRM, E-commerce, webinars, and a certified course according to your chosen package.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it allows you to manage all your customer’s data in one place.

You can add details to their profile like interests, skills, and purchases and send them emails accordingly.

The basic plan with 1000 subscribers starts at $15 per month. You get an 18% and 30% discount when you pay for 12 and 24 months respectively.

There are free plans for beginners where you can send unlimited newsletters to your 500 contacts.

In the free plan, you get a landing page, website builder, pops and many other features

5. Aweber

Aweber is the next on the list of best email marketing services you can use. It is easy to use.

The features include a drag-and-drop email editor, detailed analytics, etc.

You get 6,000+ Stock Photos to create beautiful emails. Also, it gives you 700+ ready-to-sent email templates if you want to save time.

You can add your brand name or customize the template and save time.

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Moreover, it also gives you an automation feature. You can automate all your emails, and schedule them whenever you want.

The trial period is of 30 days. Once the trial period expires, the fee starts from $19.99 per month.

The basic plan allows you to send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers. All features are included in all the plans having in trial time.

The price is just taken for the increase of subscribers list. Aweber has guides and videos to start and learn Email marketing skills.

This is free plan also where you can send 3000 emails to up to 500 subscriber

6. MailChimp

If you are just starting Email marketing. MailChimp is the next on this list of best email marketing services. Mailchimp is powered by intuit

Intuit is a company that owns various popular products like QuickBooks, credit karma, turbotax, Mint

MailChimp is very useful if you are looking for the best tool at an affordable price and all the features.

MailChimp has everything you need, from creating landing pages to automating the email process.

It gives you marketing automation, A/B testing, landing page, etc.

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The best part is for beginners; they offer a free plan which allows you to send 10,000 emails to 2000 subscribers per month.

Isn’t it crazy? However, there is a small catch, and they don’t give all the features in the free plan.

Moreover, the paid plans include time zone delivery, geo segmentation, transactional emails, and many more features.

Also, there is no support, and your email has a MailChimp banner in the footer section.

You can go for the paid one with all the features. The price starts from $10 for 500 subscribers with unlimited Emails.

7. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a small business CRM and marketing automation tool. Before going to email marketing, automation, etc.

The other plans also have sales and CRM. The higher program also includes SMS marketing and deep data integration. In addition to this, All the plans involve a free migration service.

They will migrate your list from other platforms. Also, they have various integration for you to build a list.

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The pricing starts from $29 per month when billed annually. The plan allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 1000 contacts.

ActiveCampaign offers 14 days free trial with access to all the features and no credit card. Also, you can add 1 user to the basic plan.

8. Keap

Well, last but not least, Keap is not just an email marketing service.

It is a full business CRM; you get all your customer information in one place.

It’s a powerful CRM, sales and marketing service

You can manage the list, automate, and view the reports in one place. They provide E-commerce support where you can easily recover abandoning visitors and make more sales easily.

In addition, they have a sales pipeline where you can automatically qualify leads, set reminders, and auto-fire the email you want.

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They have a bit high but flexible pricing plans. The plan starts at $129 a month for 1500 contacts. The plan does not include E-commerce and sales pipeline, which makes the plan a costly.

However, you can add E-commerce and sales pipeline as add-on features. Moreover, it has a 14 day free trial.

You can use the tool to check if it fits your needs.

The costs are high, but it is not just the Email marketing tool; you get a CRM in this. You get a lot more features which many of them are missing.


To summarize, these are the best email marketing services available. Many other tools are also available, but you don’t want your email to reach the customer’s spam folder.

We highly recommend not to use free services. They may make your emails span.

Moreover, you won’t really benefit from their service as many of the important features are missing.

So, to conclude, invest in some best services and it will definitely pay off. You won’t regret it.

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