15 Best Free Logo Makers To Make Great Logo In 2023

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Before starting the list of best free logo makers, let’s see why Logos are important when building an image for your brand/company.

It sets your brand apart from others in the market and lets people recognize you immediately.

Logos vary depending on what kind of company you own and what part of the mass you are targeting.

They can be interactive, fresh, modern, or even the initials of your company.If you wish to get a logo for your business by experts, you will be looking at much expenditure.

Often, startups aren’t able to invest a significant amount in logo-making. There are many free logo makers available online for all those startups.

You can play around with the ideas and develop a logo most suitable for your brand without paying a fortune for it.

15 Best Free Logo Makers for Your Brand.

1. Canva

One of the best free logo makers available online is Canva. It comes with both free as well as paid options.

You can choose from a variety of free templates available on Canva. There is also an option to upload your graphics if you don’t like the available templates.

About Canva

This way Canva allows much creative freedom so that you can end up with a logo that represents your brand best.

The drag and drop feature for the design elements is incredible as well. You can download high-resolution files in PDF, JPG, or PDF formats.

2. Logaster

Logaster is another free logo maker you can use to make logos for your brand.

This tool lets you create automatic logos which can be customized according to what you need.

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After it is done, you can download the small-sized image. To generate the original-sized logo, you may have to give them a small fee. However, considering its easy user interface and efficiency, it shouldn’t hurt.

3. Logo Maker

Logo Maker is next on the list of best free logo makers. Logo Maker has been making its users happy for three decades now. It offers excellent logo-designing options.

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This free-to-use tool offers over 10,000 icons to choose from.

You can make changes and customize them, and save them in your account for free.

After designing the logo, you will be asked to pay a small fee for downloading the high-resolution file.

However, until then, you can experiment with ideas until you are finally ready to go for one.

4. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs allows greater customization from the beginning when you put in the name of your brand and choose the category.

Free Logo Maker _ Design A Logo Online _ GraphicSprings

It offers you a range of templates and graphics to choose from based on the brand category.

You can even choose to start with shapes and symbols to allow some more freedom with the design.

You Can download the final output in a high-quality file for a meager amount. This gives you access to unlimited designs and changes in the future.

5. Online Logo Maker

This tool is another great addition to the best free logo makers list. The interface of Online Logo Maker is a lot like Graphic Springs.

The tool lets you choose from a large number of templates and icons. You can choose from their symbols or upload your own to suit your need better.

Make your Free Logo in 5 minutes - Online Logo Maker

The tool comes both in free as well as paid versions. You can save your designs and edit them later again if you wish.

The premium version will allow downloading of high-resolution images. These can be used both for digital as well as print purposes.

6. Shopify

Shopify offers other essential services for your online business profile along with free logo options.

You can access some of their features for a small monthly fee. Otherwise, the features are available for free.

Logo Maker & Logo Creator - Free Logo Generator Online

They include different layouts, texts, fonts, symbols, etc. After you are done designing your unique logo, you can have it sent to you by mail. Easy, right?

7. Square Space

Squarespace is a very popular website builder. You can design a website with its drag-and-drop website builder. It also offers a logo maker where you can make a logo for your business.

Square Space is a great place to start for upcoming brands and companies. If you want some inspiration for your logos, you can look through the icons available on Square Space.

Logo Maker — Squarespace

There are also plenty of customizing options. You can make multiple changes to the design according to your requirement using their different features.

You can create your company’s logo with Squarespace logo maker.

Squarespace logo maker is completely free.

You can make logos in English and many other languages.

Once you are happy with the outcome, you can download the high-quality file for a small price.

8. UCraft

Logo making is only one of the many services offered by UCraft for brands.

Whenever you need a simple logo to start your business, Type your brand name, select an icon, and customize the colors and fonts logo will be there for you.

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UCraft will make your logo unique to your brand.

It has over 22,000 icons that you can choose from, so designing a logo is easy.

The best part is that you can download the high-resolution file for free!

9. Designmantic

Designmantic is an excellent tool for making customized logos for your business. After you enter your brand name, the tool gives you as many as 30 categories to choose from.

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Get started on the process with some inspiration from the available logos. You can later make them unique to your brand by making changes.

The final high quality comes for a price, but the tool lets you experiment with ideas for free.

10 vistaprint logo maker

Vistaprint logo maker is another place where you can get a logo for yourself for free. However, it’s only free when ordering prints from Vistaprint.

Otherwise, I suggest you order a logo design gig from Fiverr for just $5

word image 1058 10

Vistaprints is a company based in the Netherlands, but it has branches in many countries; its website is multilingual.

Vistaprint logo maker library offers many stock logo templates that you can customize as per your liking or company branding needs.

11. Wix logo maker

Wix is a very popular website drag and drop builder. You can also create a logo using wix.

word image 1058 11

You can try the Wix logo maker for free it’s effortless, too; however, this service is not free.

But it has different plans you can choose the cheapest one if you want a logo design

12. Adobe express logo maker

Adobe express is software from adobe, where you can make a beautiful logo for free. This logo maker has an inbuilt AI tool that generates logos with AI’s help.

word image 1058 12

You can create a high-quality logo with the help of an AI tool. You can also check their logo template library.

It has thousands of logos in its library, along with icons, images, or other design elements which you can use to design your logo

Other than logo design, you can create the banner, social graphics, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, etc. using this tool

The logo-making process is user-friendly on this tool. Even you can animate your logo for video

13. Placeit

Place it by Envato, a very popular marketplace for buying graphics and templates.

Using placeit you can design your logo in just a few clicks. It’s simple; anyone can design a logo using this tool

word image 1058 13

Placeit has thousands of logo templates in its library. Its library has more than 8000 professional designed logo templates, which you can customize according to your brand needs

No matter what industry you are from. you can find a logo template for you which you can customize as per your need

You can also animate your logo for the video. However, it’s not a free service, but the plans are very cheap, just $1.97 a month.

You can buy their subscription. You can design unlimited logos in this plan

14. Looka

Looka is another logo design software you can use to design your logo. This tool has integrated artificial intelligence that helps you in creating your logo.

word image 1058 14

Using this tool, you can create a logo in a few clicks. However, it’s not a free tool, but you can design here logo for free.

If you like the final design, you can pay for a logo

More than 5 million users have used this tool for designing their logos.

It has good reviews on Trustpilot. Other than logo design, you can use this site for designing a business card, social media kit, and other stationery items like letterheads, posters, invoices

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