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Backlinks are emerging as a primary requisite for every web handler. From bloggers to website managers, every social media performer needs to be aware of backlinks. It is one of the most critical factors in Search Engine Optimization. The mark of a good SEO is the presence of relevant backlinks. The appearance also results in a better Google ranking. The statements are justified not on a theoretical basis but supported by research evidence and experienced personnel. Before we start talking about best free online backlink checker tool a short explanation about what are backlinks, why do we need to check them & how does a backlink checker works.


What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks or external links are the way of linking the URL of your website to some other site. Hence, anyone can point to your site on his or her webpage without your permission.

The process can be both useful as well as a curse. It is mandatory to keep a check on the performance and the quality of the page where it is chosen. Hence, we need the best free online backlink checker tool that will help us locate this.

Why Do We Need To Check Backlinks?

More traffic.

Backlinks or inbound linking of your website results in increased traffic. Thus, it ensures that your post or your site is going to receive a higher number of an audience than it would have without backlinks.

Better ranking

The more quality inbound links referred to on your website, the better will be the Google ranking. Yes, Google ranks the relevant sites and makes it appear as a search result. The ranking is done by many factors, among which, keywords and backlinks remain primitively important.

Protect your website.

We often fall prey to jealous motives from our opponents. Just like backlinks can be beneficial, the same way they can be used to spread negativity. Backlinks used by our opponents might prove to be harmful if used as spam. Hence, if you know which backlinks are used by referring to your website, you can play safe from beforehand.

Check customer reviews.

Checking customer reviews is a must when it comes to handling your website. Backlinks often help you to identify the positive and the negative reviews among the thousands poured on your site.

How Does A Website Backlink Checker Work?

Where there are several means by which a backlink checker works, the two most important ones are below:

A Backlink checker picks up a given keyword and checks the database to produce relevant results.

It analyses similar websites and rates the performance of your domain accurately.

What Are The Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tool?


Ahrefs is one of the best free online backlink checker tools because of the excellent features it offers.

It is one of the best when you have to compare the performance of your website to an established one.

Ahrefs_ Competitor

Ahrefs has two versions: one is free, and the other is paid. It is evident that the paid version is brimming with advanced search results. However, if you register for the free versions, you will get no less.

The free version of Ahrefs gives a detailed report with the additional benefit of analyzed anchor text.

In the case of spam, Ahrefs skilfully notifies you of the backlinks used for negative SEO.

It indicates the percentage breakdown along with the detailed analysis of your website.

Ahrefs shows the performance of the backlinks and indicates whether the status of the ranking of your website.


Semrush is next on our list of best free online backlink checker tool. Many bloggers are known to prefer SEMRUSH for checking backlinks personally. Though it is a paid backlink checker tool, you can use the free services for 14 days.

SEMRUSH offers a detailed report of the performance of your website on the Overview page.

SEMrush - service for competitors research, shows organic and Ads keywords

Through the advanced features, you can check the country or region which where people are referring your website the most.

SEMRUSH allows you to compare the performance of the backlinks used on your website to that of an established site.


Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is probably the oldest free online backlink checker in the list. However, it is still in use as it is very reliable and accurate.

Moz Pro backlink checker is one of Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tool

The backlink checker tool is an ideal when it comes to comparing the performance of your domain to some other. Though there are some useful features, users specifically use Open Site Explorer to checking the growth of their website.

Open Site Explorer is available to users in the form of two versions. Where the paid one needs a subscription to SEOMOZ, the features offered by free mode is equally efficient.


BuzzSumo is an excellent free online backlink checker tool. It is an ideal application for blogging, content marketing, and Website managing.

BuzzSumo is available in both paid and free versions. However, users blindly trust the free version because of its efficiency.

BuzzSumo_ Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers

It allows you to check how the backlinks are performing.

Besides, the backlink checker tool also allows you to compare the ranking of your website to that of your rivals.

You can also attach external links and convert to .csv format. The other format supporting is that of Excel.


Openlinkprofiler is next & last on our list of best free online backlink checker tool. OpenLinkProfiler is one of the best performing online backlink checkers. The fact that it is entirely free makes it all the more exciting!

SEOProfiler manages it as well as it also updates the software regularly. Thus, you will get access to updated features and efficient reports every day.

Free link analysis tool - Link research

The performance of OpenLinkProfiler is downright trustworthy. It allows you to check backlinks not only for a single blog or article but also supports multiple checking.

It is ideal if you want a detailed analysis of the performance of your website.

Besides, there are additional features offered by OpenLinkProfiler. The features are available under Link Diagnosis.

Backlinking and Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour. Today, business personnel have found the internet as a successful platform for success. From publicising a web page or product, SEO is especially important. Backlinks essentially support and enhance the performance. Hence, notice down the importance of backlink analysis, it is upon you which backlink checker tool you want to use.

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