10 Best Free Photo Editing Software To Edit Images In 2023

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 Photo Editing Software

Are you a budding photographer wondering how to work up your editing game? Then this is where you should be!

Whether you are looking forward to a professional career or are only willing to accentuate the glamour of your ordinary pictures, you will always need the best free photo editing software for the purpose.

Why Not Adobe Photoshop?

We know you have heard about Adobe Photoshop or might even be using it. However, is it that easy to use as an amateur? Alternatively, is it that cheap either? The answer is quite clear.

Where the cost is always our primary concern, mastering the art of editing in professional editing software is not easy for most of us.


  • The options for amateurs and professionals are not separate. Hence, it makes Adobe quite challenging to understand for beginners.
  • The tutorials available on Adobe are not entirely useful for everyone. Users often find it hard to use even after following the tutorials.
  • Adobe has too many updates, and most of them are not organized.

Besides, Adobe also consumes a chunk of memory and space in our smart devices. Thus, we are clearly in need of alternatives to make our photographs look better than the original!

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Why Should We Look For In Our Photo Editing Applications?

Let us accept that we cannot keep ourselves from posting pretty pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Most of the time, we click photographs to garner immense appreciation on social media.

Aren’t their thousands of pictures floating in the free space in our gallery stand as substantial proof to the statement?

Some free photo editing software online offers basic editing options like cropping and enhancing brightness and contrasts, whereas others are for professional use.

Yes, even professionals tend to rely on the best free photo editing software to transform their ordinary pictures into extraordinary ones.

Henceforth, we always expect the applications to be cost-free and user-friendly. Thus, choose among the list of best free photo editing software mentioned below and make your pictures shine the brightest!

10 Best Free Photo Editing Software

1. Gimp

Innumerable photography enthusiasts around the world use Gimp. It is pretty easily downloadable as it consumes less space than others.

Gimp is also preferred because you can operate it efficiently in Windows and Mac. Apart from these, users using Linux can also install Gimp and get access to its features.

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With Gimp, you can resize and shift the angle of your photos, use filters, enhance contrast, saturation, and brightness, and access various other features at the cost of nothing. Since it has an incorporated folder,

you do not have to wander around looking for the edited pictures. Thus, it is one of the best free photo editing software. This software is open-source and free. Its the best alternative to photoshop

Gimp can support pictures in all formats and comes with several customization options. Also, Gimp runs efficiently on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

2. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr is just a simpler version of Photoshop; the features and the designs are quite similar.

It is an ideal photo editing software for Windows 10.

Users operating through PC can also create a direct add-on. Besides, Pixlr is also available for iOS smartphones. Hence, irrespective of the device, Pixlr will always be there for help.

word image 1005 2

The various filters available on Pixlr are quite impressive and user-friendly. The application is also quick and efficient.

With the “Grabber” feature, you can copy an URL and paste it on Pixlr to get the image copied directly from the source.

3. Canva

Canva is also one of the best free photo editing software available for download. However, users mostly operate canva online.

Today, Canva has heartily welcomed millions of users worldwide.

It has built-in designs, photo layouts, and editing tools which can instantly edit your photos.

Besides using it on PC and laptops, you can access it on your smartphone.


There are many design templates available online. Hence, you can also use Canva to create the layout of your blogging websites, flyers, posters, and business card.

You can use canva for multiple purposes

4. Google photos

Though quite similar in the basic features offered, google photos is undoubtedly one of the best.

The features are quite easy to use and exceptional. The filters are far better than most of the editors.

Users can manipulate the contrast, saturation, blur, focus and accentuate them with a single click.

word image 1005 4

Yes, you can apply any effect with a single click. However, you can control the impact as well as customize it. Also, you can easily use this free editing app on a mobile phone; the app is available for Android and iOS devices

You can share the edited photographs via the options available. Apart from this, you can also tag your gang and showcase your creative skills.

5. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is also one of the best free photo editing software. Besides garnering the best user reviews, it has also received awards on a global scale.

Paint .NET is nothing like the Paint tool on your desktop.

It is an excellent photo editing software which can accentuate simple pictures into jaw-dropping ones.

word image 1005 5

It is pretty easy to use and has essential pro features. Such characteristics make it highly preferable for both amateurs as well as professionals.

It has a unique feature of remembering the changes made in the past. This feature helps the users to identify and rectify their past mistakes.

6. Inkscape

Inkscape is also a favourite photo editing software because of its excellent features.

It has come up with leading features which are unique for free applications. For example, you can create clones, calligraphies, doodles and add texts.

word image 1005 6

Most users prefer Inkscape for designing. You can create presentable documents or show your creative side via Inkscape.

You can also manipulate and regulate the colour coordination in a design.

You can create vector images and use them for marketing purposes.

7. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is also one of the best free editing software available online. The readily accessible application has several features available under four major sections.

You can edit pictures, use cosmetic tools, as well as design using templates.

Picmonkey is powered or backed by Shutterstock. If you don’t know about Shutterstock, it’s a very popular stock images website

word image 1005 7

In the other category, you can create different types of collages.

The layouts of the collage are quite impressive. Also, by using the cosmetic tool, you can easily remove blemishes, fix wrinkles, resize, reshape, and do a lot more.

You can easily install PicMonkey in your mobile. You can directly select pictures from social media and start editing them on PicMonkey. It is henceforth known as one of the

8. Photoscapex

PhotoScapex is one of the best free photo-editing applications for Mac and Windows. It comes with great features and user-friendly options.

The instructions are pretty straightforward, which makes the application highly beneficial to use.

Do you know what the best thing about it is? You can create GIFs and share them on the social media handle instantly.

word image 1005 8

You can also create an add-on in the Tools section and use it whenever possible.

When we talk about its features, we do not intend to mention the basic ones. PhotoScape has much more to offer.

It has a built-in image converter with which you can change the format of your picture.

With PhotoScapex, you can edit more than one photograph at once. It also has extra features like cut-paste and photo-combining.

Such features make PhotoScapex one of the best free photo editing software available online.

9. Fotor

Fotor is also a famous free photo editing software for Windows and Mac. The best thing about Fotor is that you can operate it online.

You do not need to download it on your PC to use the basic features. Fotor is relatively easy to use.

The simple instructions make it quite clear how to operate it.

word image 1005 9

You can have a backup of your photographs directly to the cloud. Hence, you can have access to them anytime you want to.

Thus, you can keep ample free space on your device.

10. Adobe photoshop express

Adobe, the creator of Photoshop, has photoshop for mobile phones in the form of an app. It’s a free app that you can download for Android and iOS.

word image 1005 10

The interface is user-friendly; you can easily edit images even as a beginner using this app. This app gives you the power of photoshop in a small and easy-to-use web app

This app works on a freemium model. All the basics features you can use for free for advanced features, you need to buy a subscription

This is a very popular app on the google play store, with more than ten crore downloads.


You can always add more software to the best free photo editors online. However, we have listed the editors mentioned above after considering expert reviews.

The paid photo editors often fail to give the best results even after charging a hefty sum. Contrary to this, the free applications offer surprising results and efficiently create perfect pictures. All you need to do is browse and check which one suits you the most.

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