26 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs in 2023

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Today, the gaming industry is touching new heights every day

Quality games and gaming products are launching more often these days.

Not only gaming companies but professional gamers are also making millions of money.

Just like any other company, gaming companies also require promotion or marketing.

Any gaming companies and products that want to grow in the market require marketing.

With all other types of promotion they do for their products, they also offer affiliate programs

As a part of their marketing strategies, most gaming companies offer attractive affiliate offers for people working in the gaming niche.

So If you are a blogger, streamer, or working in a gaming niche, you can also make money from the fast-rising gaming industry

In this article, we have the best gaming affiliate programs for you.

Best gaming affiliate programs available in 2023

1. Razer affiliate program

The Razer affiliate program offers an opportunity to make a commission; you can refer your visitors to razer and earn up to 10% commission on a razer product sale. Razer is a lifestyle brand & accessory manufacturer.

Razer makes a wide range of products for gamers like keyboards, headsets & mice, gaming controllers, gaming audio. Recently they added pcs, gaming chairs, and gaming laptops to their list

You can use their banners and affiliate links

Razor affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate – up to 10%
  • Payment cycle -monthly
  • Program platform – impact radius
  • Accepted countries – global

After signing up, you can access their affiliate dashboard to track affiliate campaigns report and promotional materials for affiliates.

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2. Gamefly affiliate program

Gamefly is a marketplace where you can rent or buy games & movies. On GameFly, both New and used games are available for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, and almost for all available gaming systems.

It also offers collectibles, gaming accessories, and gaming controllers. Gamefly provides an attractive discount to the user

If you are working in a gaming niche, you can sign up in their affiliate program

Every visitor you send on the game fly that signup will give you 5 $. Well established affiliates can earn up to 20$ per signup

Additionally, you can earn 10% on every sale.

Gamefly affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate – up to 10%
  • Payment cycle – monthly
  • Program platform – commission junction
  • Accepted countries – global
  • Cookie’s duration- 25 days

3. Nvidia affiliate program

Nvidia is a top-rated gaming component manufacturer, especially graphic cards.

Nvidia graphics cards are industry standard. These days, people use these graphics cards for gaming and cryptocurrency mining.

So the demand for high-performance graphic cards is high, so is the price.

You can sign up for their affiliate program, although commission rates aren’t that great.

But graphic cards are a costly item, so overall you can earn a good amount per sale

Nividia affiliate program is available on the Rakuten network. So if you are not Rakuten network, you can signup there first

Nvidia affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate – up to 5%
  • Payment cycle – Monthly
  • Program platform – linkshare Rakuten advertising
  • Accepted countries – Global
  • Cookie’s duration- 45 days

4. Amazon affiliate program

You can start with the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon is the largest eCommerce company in the World and sells everything. Amazon inc also provides several other services.

All the gaming product like gaming chairs, headsets, laptops, pcs are available on amazon

we all know how much people trust the amazon shopping site; products on amazon are also easily sellable

However, commission rates are low and vary from product to product. Cookie time is also less than just 24 hours

But amazon affiliate is a must-try if you are working in the gaming niche

Amazon affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate – up to 5%
  • Payment cycle – monthly
  • Program platform – inhouse
  • Accepted countries – global
  • Cookie’s duration- 45 days

5. Newegg affiliate program

Newegg is a consumer electronics and computer hardware store.

It has lots of high-quality gaming products. There are various tech gadgets and computer hardware you can find on Newegg, Computer electronics, drones, gaming & e-sports. Newegg offers commissions rates similar to amazon.

Every sale made through your link will give you a commission. You can use the banner or text link they provide after signing up with them. Actulay Rakuten handles there affiliate program. So if you are not on Rakuten, then first sign up with them

Newegg affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate – up to 2.5%
  • Payment cycle – monthly
  • Program platform – linkshare Rakuten advertising
  • Cookie’s duration- 7 days

6. Gamestop affiliate program

Founded in 1984, GameStop is a video game & consumer electronics retailer. You can promote their games, toys, accessories, consoles, and many other things.

It has an online as well as offline presence. Here you can find all the latest games and gaming products

Gamestop affiliate program is currently handled by VigLink and Rakuten

If you are in a game niche, this is an absolute must gaming affiliate program

Gamestop affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate – up to 6% per sale
  • Product- gaming, toy, electronics, drone, accessories
  • Program platform – Rakuten Advertising
  • Accepted countries – global
  • Cookie’s duration- 1 day

7. Astro gaming

Astro Gaming is a manufacturer of gaming headsets, controllers & accessories. Astro Gaming is Dedicated to gaming-only products.

Products are made for hardcore gaming performance. Astro Gaming is part of hardware giant Logitech.

You can join the Astro gaming affiliate program and promote their product

Astro gaming affiliate program offers a great affiliate program for gaming affiliates. Their cookie duration is long, with attractive affiliate commissions and promotional material

Astro gaming affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate – up to 5%
  • Payment cycle – monthly
  • Program platform – flex offers
  • Cookie’s duration- 30 days

8. Logitech affiliate program

Logitech is a manufacturer of computer peripherals & Software’s. It is the worlds leading manufacturer of interface & input devices for pc.

They have several other products in their portfolio.

You can join as an affiliate with Logitech. With single signup with Logitech, you can also promote their other brands.

Logitech other brands Logitech G, Astro, blue mics, ultimate ears

If you are in the gaming niche, you can promote their products. An impact affiliate network is handling their affiliate program. So if you are not on impact, you can join there first and enroll in the Logitech affiliate program

Logitech affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission- 4%-10%
  • Cookie-30 days
  • Program platform- impact radium
  • Payment cycle- monthly

9. Kinguin affiliate program

Founded in 2013, Kinguin is one of the largest marketplaces for games, software, and other digital products.

It’s similar to steam and origin with more than 4 million loving customers. This company partner with other sellers who sell keys on this platform.

Kinguin provides buyer protection if the key is not working or some other issue

They do not sell games or keys themselves. It’s a platform for buyers and sellers.

As an affiliate, you can get a 10% per sale bases

Kinguin affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission- up to 10% per sale
  • Cookie-lifetime
  • Program platform- inhouse
  • Payment cycle- monthly

10. Corsair Affiliate Program ( Corsair streamer program)

Corsair affiliate program is only for streamers. So if you are a streamer, you can try this affiliate program. Actual its name is corsair streamer program

However, there is no information about commission rates on the companies website.

Corsair is a provider of gaming mice, keyboards, headsets & mousepads and high-performance pc hardware components

  • Program platform- impact radius
  • Cookies duration- 30 days
  • Payment cycle- monthly

11. secret lab chairs

Founded in 2014, Secret lab chairs is chairs and other seating accessories manufacturers. It offers attractive affiliate commissions of up to 12% per sale

Secret lab affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate- up to 12%
  • Cookies duration- 7 days
  • Program platform- inhouse
  • Payment cycle- monthly

12. vortex.GG

Vortex is a cloud gaming service. This technology is still new, and there are few good cloud gaming service providers.

Its subscription-based cloud streaming service. Anyone who takes a subscription can play remotely irrespective of device

  • Commission rate- 10% lifetime
  • Cookies duration- 30 days
  • Platform- in house

13. Alienware

Alienware a computer hardware brand & a subsidiary of dell. Alienware is a brand from dell that specializes in gaming hardware.

This company makes high-end gaming laptops and desktops for serious gamers.

Alienware also offers an affiliate program.

  • Commission rate- upto 1%-6%
  • Cookies duration- 3 days
  • Platform- impact/commission junction

14. Turtle beach

Turtle beach is a gaming accessory manufacturer. Turtle makes headsets, microphones, controllers, simulation & other accessories. Over 150 items are sold on this site

However, its affiliate program is only for united states marketers, so if you are not from the united states, you can not join the turtle beach affiliate program

Turtle beach affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate- 4%
  • Cookies duration- 30 days
  • Platform – commission junction
  • Accepted countries – United states only

15. Players auctions

Leading player-to-player marketplace for gamers. It is a digital marketplace that connects sellers & buyers of gaming products.

People who want to sell or buy second-hand gaming stuff use this site.

Players can safely trade on this site. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote their website or products for making affiliate commissions.

Players auctions affiliate programs at a glance

  • Commission rate- 2% per sale
  • Payout duration- once a month
  • Program Platform – flex offers

16. Wargaming affiliate program

Just like the name, this company is famous for its war-based games. Wargaming owns many popular games like World of tanks, word warships, the World of warships legends, master of Orion, the World of warship blitz

Millions of people play their games daily; most of the games are free to play with some premium offer that you can buy as an in-game purchase

Commission rates vary from country to country it pays for every person signup on their games from your link

Wargaming affiliate program at a glance

  • Commission rate- CPA up to $12
  • Program platform-Inhouse program
  • Payout cycle – monthly

17. Green man gaming

The green man is a global store with a wide variety of games made for multiple platforms.

You can become their affiliate partner can generate sales for them to get some commission.

Variety of games on their platform, from pc to console games you can find all here

You are a blogger or streamer you can try once promoting their products

At a glance

  • Commission rate – 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration- 30 days.
  • Program platform- Managed by CJ affiliate network

18. Modded zone

This company makes custom gaming controllers. If anyone wants a modified game controller, they can order a gaming controller from the modded zone.

Not only paint jobs, but they also do inside modifications too. Suppose anyone wants to remove motors from the controller or add a fast reload inside the controller. In that case, they can do it for you.

For modification, they only use branded controllers from PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox additionally gaming chairs are also available

At a glance

  • Commission rate- 10%
  • Cookie duration -90 days
  • Program platform- Shareasale
  • Accepted countries- global

19. Fanatical affiliate program

Fanatical is a gaming & digital entertainment store which sells video games. Fanatical have many games from big game developers & publishers. You can find over 8000 digital games from over 1100 publishers on fanatical. They have High ratings on Trustpilot.

Over 1.6 Million customers across different countries use fanatical. It’s a big site. you can make good money from their affiliate program

At a Glance

  • Commission – 5%
  • Cookie duration- 30 days
  • Program platform -Managed by commission junction

20. Gtomega

Established in 2009 UK-based company. Gtomega is a manufacturer of gaming chairs. It’s one of the biggest names in gaming manufacturing.

It sells a variety of gaming chairs and gaming chair accessories. Other than gaming chairs, they also have cockpits, cockpit accessories, wheel stands, merch, mouse mats, cushions

At a glance

  • Commission- 5% per sale
  • Payment cycle- monthly
  • Cookies duration- 3o days
  • Countries accepted- global

21. OriginPC

Founded in 2009, this company makes custom pc for gamers and or computer enthusiasts. Anyone that wants a custom high-performance pc can be their customer.

Popular company corsair acquired this company in 2019. They specialized in gaming desktops, laptops & accessories.

So if you are a gamer or blogger, you can join their affiliate program. As they make high-end pc and laptops which have a high price, you can make a decent amount of affiliate income with them

However originpc affiliate program is only for us residents. You can join only if you are from united states

22. Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform. If you are working in the gaming niche, you must be knowing about twitch.

Launched in 2011 and acquired in 2014 by amazon, it’s a pretty popular site. It’s not only a streaming platform but also helps the developer in launching their games

It has massive traffic of viewers and streamers. It also offers an affiliate program

You must be 13 years old with permission from your parent or 18 years old to join this program. The next condition is you have streamed on twitch for 8 hours daily for the last 30 days with at least 50 followers

So by joining the twitch affiliate program. You can accept the donation from your viewer. Additionally, you can promote twitch offer to your viewer to earn handsome commissions

23. Leprestore

It’s a game boosting service for games like apex legend, destiny 2, wow, classic. If any gamer wants to boost their game character stat, then without putting hours and much labor leprestore can do it for them. It does all the hard work and boosts character stat

  • Commission- 15%
  • Cookie duration- 90 days

24. Microsoft affiliates

Microsoft also has an affiliate program. Microsoft has lots of hardware and software products also apps, movies, games, office 365, gaming console Xbox. You can promote these products to earn an affiliate commission

At glance

  • Cookie duration-14 days
  • Commission rate- 10%
  • Program platform- flex offers

25. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is the worlds leading manufacture of speakers, headphones, microphones. It’s an audio specialist company that have headquarters in wedemark, Germany

  • Commission rate- up to 6% per sale
  • Cookie duration- unknown

26. Kontrolfreek

Founded in 2007, Kontrol Freek is a Manufacturer of high-performance gaming gears like controllers and accessories.

Some of their product are thumbsticks, gaming lights & cable, precision rings, grips

At a glance

  • Commission rate- 10%
  • Payment cycle- monthly
  • Accepted countries- global
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