10 Best News Apps in India in 2023

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Gone are the days when the latest news was only available on newspaper or TV news channel

Now, most newspapers are available online in their online version.

Other than that, many news aggregator sites and apps aggregate news from different sources and present it to the reader in one place.

News is available online as soon as something happens.

For the latest news, you do not have to wait for the next day; you can immediately read the news online as it happens.

So if you are a person who likes to update yourself with the news as it happens, then you must consider these online news providers’ apps and website

There are different news apps and news aggregators’ services available online that provide news online

You can find all such news from different sources in these apps

You can customize your news feed to any specific country or global news with these services

in this article, you will get to know such apps where you can get all the news related to sports, politics, world news, business news, entertainment news, and technology news in one place.

We are listing the most popular and feature full news apps & newspapers for Indian news lovers

So here is the list of best news apps in India

10 Best News apps in India in 2023

1. Google News

Google news app is from Google; you can open Google news on your web browser, or it also has an app in the google play store and in the IOS store

Google news is an aggregator of news that aggregates news from different sources on the Internet

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We all know the quality of Google products and google news is similar to other Google products.

With a neat and clean user interface, it aggregates news from different creditable news organizations.

Google News is one of the best news apps available on the Internet, where you can find news related to your interest in one place.

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2. Daily hunt

Delhi hunt is another online news app. It’s a news aggregator and news content provider service.

It’s an Indian company with its headquarters in Bangalore.

Daily hunt provides news content in more than 14 Indian languages; it has an Android app that has an excellent rating

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Dailyhunt aggregates its news from more than 5000 trusted publishers.

You can personalize your news feed based on your likings.

You can use many features to customize your news feed; you can make your news feed interest-based.

3. Inshorts

Just like the name Inshorts, it provides news in the shortest word possible.

You can get national and international news in short, just in 60 words.

“The slogan of this app is stay informed in 60 words.”

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Inshorts news app got the best app award from the Google play store in 2015. Only a few apps get recognition awards from the google play store every year.

Inshorts is a top-rated app that provides news in a summarized way.

All news you find here is in summarized story form or text, which gives you fast information without much reading

If you want to be informed of current affairs quickly and shortly, then this app is for you

You can also watch news videos on the Inshorts app

This app has over one crore downloads in the Google play store with 4.3 stars rating

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4. Jio News

Jio news is a news aggregator service by Reliance Jio; it provides text news and live news video feed through news channels.

It has more than one crore downloads on the Google play store with a 4.1-star rating

Jio news aggregates news from different sources like genuine top news sources like Danik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrikha, News 18, and similar mainstream media.

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Jio news aggregates news from 250 plus E-newspapers, 100 plus magazines, live news channels, and famous blogs

You can also watch live news channels on Jio news, which brings the best content to you through its app

Content on this app is available in more than 18 languages

5. Newspoint

Newspoint is an app from Times Internet limited. Times internet limited is the same company that owns the Times of India newspaper.

The times of India newspaper is a very popular English newspaper in India with a large readership

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This app also aggregates news from different sources. News content is available in various Indian languages.

You can choose the language as per your need. There are different formats of news available you can watch summarized news in 60 words, watch live TV, Get local public News, and watch news photo galleries.

There are different formats of news content available on this app.

you can also read news offline using this app

6. way2news

Ways2news is India’s number one hyperlocal short news app.

Where you can see the news around your locality.

Ways2news supports more than eight Indian languages. It has News in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, and Gujarati.

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You can see the news in these languages on this app; it is a short news app.

You can check news and important stories happening in your locality in short quick words

This app is similar to inshorts News, but it is for local news; you can check news around your locality on this app.

Other than short news in 60 words, you can also watch viral content that you can share on Whatsapp or any other social media

As we have mentioned, it is India’s largest hyperlocal news app, and it covers more than 400 districts

This app has more than 10 million downloads on the Google play store, and its rating is also 4.5 stars which is a very high rating.

7. Public – Indian local videos

Public local news app is a local news app where you can get all the latest news of your city in video form.

You can watch short News videos of your cities on this app.

Not only News Videos but all the public events videos like celebrity visits to your city, cricket matches in your local area, or some religious events.

Everything that is happening in your city you can watch that on a public app in Video format

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This public app is available in multi-languages.

All states have different languages in India, which is why they kept this app multilingual.

if you want to get instant updates on your city you must, you must use this app; you can also share your opinion by recording short videos on the latest issues in your town; there are several other features this app provides

This is a very popular app; it has More than ten crores of downloads on the Google play store with a 4.3-star rating

8. Danik Bhaskar

Danik Bhaskar is the most popular newspaper in India, with the highest readership.

Danik Bhaskar also has an app and website where you can read the latest news and watch the news in the form of video

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The Hindi e-paper version of your local Bhaskar is also available on their website and app, which you can download if required.

Danik Bhaskar network is present all over India and covers more than 2000 cities across the country.

So it is the best Hindi News app if you want to read the latest News in Hindi.

9. Opera news

Opera news is from the Opera browser; this is a personalized news app where you can follow topics that interest you, like you can follow trending topics, entertainment, cricket, or sports news

Opera news has different languages option which you can select as per your need

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This app has over ten crore downloads with 4.6-star rating

10. Times of India: Daily News

So last on the list is the official app of the times of India newspaper. This app brings you the latest news you can read on the go.

Times of India is India’s top English newspaper with a very high readership,

It has a news app to read all the latest news online.

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All news from local updates to global headlines, business news & News about Hollywood and Bollywood.

The Times of India app has more than 14 language options; you can select which suits you most.

This app on the Google play store has more than 10 million downloads. With 4.2 star ratings.

So these are the best. News apps available in India. I hope you like this article. You can share your thoughts in the comment section.

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