Best Online Video Hosting Platform in 2023

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What is a video hosting

Everyone likes watching videos as they require no effort and are entertaining too.

Video creation takes effort, and there hosting is also a complicated task.

Hosting a video is not as easy as hosting a website.

Video hosting is uploading video to a server that can give access to your video to different users worldwide. The server hosts files on them and makes videos ready to playback 24/7

You can either self-host your video or use a video hosting service

Today in this post, we will suggest the best video hosting platforms available on the Internet.

Best Online Video Hosting Platform

#1. Wave Video

wave video is a platform where you can make and record videos.

This platform offers video hosting, a video editor, a live streaming studio, a thumbnail maker, a video stock library, and a video recording on the platform

You can easily create and host your videos on this platform. The company behind this platform is Animatron Inc, and it was founded in 2017

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It provides many powerful tools that can help in making perfect videos quickly.

This platform has over 2000000 users


The basic plan starts from $16month; it has four premium plans, and there is no free trial.

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#2. Wistia

Wistia is a video marketing platform for businesses. You can create and manage your videos, host webinars, generate leads, and measure video analytics.

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Zendesk and Mailchimp, like big brands, use Wistia for video marketing.

You can easily create, host, market, and analyze your videos using Wistia.

You can create videos using Soapbox and video trimmer features. Then for video hosting, they have features like video cms, video hosting, custom video player

Video SEO, lead generation, marketing automation, and video engagement tools can help you in marketing your video

And with video analytics and A/B testing-like features, you can analyze your video impact


They have four paid plans, and the starting “Wistia Plus” plan starts from $19

#3 Vimeo

Vimeo is a very popular video-sharing platform. It offers several video solutions like event marketing, video marketing, on-demand video experiences, video monetization

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Vimeo has many features like live streaming, interactive video, screen recording, online video editor, video maker, video hosting, video library, engagement, and social analytics

You can also hire a video professional on this platform

It can stream up to 4k ultra HD video. You can host your video on this platform

What is special about Vimeo is there are no ads on a video, even if your video is hosted using a free plan


Vimeo Plan starts from $12 per month; you can also start with a free trial. It also offers a free plan

#4 Hubspot

Hubspot is a Customer relationship management platform that provides all the resources that you need to connect sales, marketing, customer support, and website management

It has several software and integrations to help achieve your marketing goals.

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Hubspot CRM platform offers five core products for marketing, sales, customer service, operation, and CMS hub

You can use their tools for anything like social media management, video marketing, landing pages; you name it; they have it

For video creation, they have Vidyard integration; you can also create a video on your own and upload it on their platform later

There have more than 167000 user


It also has a free trial where you do not need any credit to start the trial.

Video hosting is part of the package. The package that has various tools costs around $800 per month


Veed is another video hosting solution you can use to host your videos. You can create professional-quality videos using tools.

It has excellent video editing features and a great video hosting platform. Big brands like BBC, Disney, Netflix, & Meta, and many others use to create their videos.

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Veed offers various features like a video editor, screen recorder, live streaming and transcription, and subtitles that make video creation a good experience.

There are several other features that provides, like a video converter & compressor, Instagram & TikTok downloader, audio editor, AI image generator, youtube cutter, GIF editor


It has a free plan so that you can try their product for free; you can just make one video that too of just less than 10 min in the free plan

There are three paid plans you can choose according to your usage

#6 Brightcove

Brightcove is another platform that you can use for video hosting needs. It is a video hosting platform that is a little different from others. It not only provides video hosting but also has a feature that is excellent for video streaming

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Bright Cove provides various solutions like live streaming, content monetization, video hosting, and advanced integration

Many big brands like Adobe, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, and BBC are their clients


It has expensive plans, and plan prices are not mentioned on the website

#7 Spotlightr

Sportlightr is a video hosting platform most suited for the course creator.

It provides marketing and video hosting solutions.

They provide HLS encryption to your videos so that no one can download your content. It secures against the piracy of your material.

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It offers various features like in-app recording, opt-in locks, video funnels, marketing tools & analytics

You can stream videos across multiple social media using their application


You can buy it on a monthly/annual subscription. There is a free 14-day trial; you do not need a credit card and can cancel anytime. Pricing starts from $9 per month

#8 Hippo Video

Hippo Video is another platform that provides video solutions. It is a cloud-based video management solution.

You can create any type of video, like explainer videos, customer testimonials, training videos, and how-to guides.

With Hippo video tools, you can use them to capture, edit, and screen record your videos.

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Various features hippo video provides are CRM integration, email automation, CMS, insights and analytics, hosting, video creation tools, video management, humanized AI

More than 5000 businesses use this tool, and it has received several awards


It is free to try this tool; you get a 7-day free trial no credit card required. However if you Like to go premium then the lowest paid plan starts from $19 a month

#9 SproutVideo

Sprout Video is a live streaming and video hosting platform for businesses.

It has easy-to-use tools and several features like player customization, video marketing, analytics, video security, Engagement tracking

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Dynamic watermark is their really cool feature that provides theft security to your video content


You can try Sproutvideo for 30 days; you do not need a credit card. Paid plans start from $10 per month

#10 Vidyard

Vidyard is another video creation, hosting, sharing, and data analytics service. It is a powerful hosting & analytics platform for your videos.

It is a good tool for virtual selling. Other than video creation, it provides excellent video analytics and integration.

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They have more than 250000 companies as their client. More than 12 million people use Vidyard to create and share their videos

It is the best solution for small enterprises to host videos and get analytics for virtual selling


It is free to start, and the basic plan is free; it includes 25 videos in the library, video editing, and social sharing. Paid plan starts from $29 a month

#11 uscreen

It is a video hosting service that offers content on demand. You can upload your content in bulk. They have several pre-built themes that you can customize according to your brand. Over 25000 creators & entrepreneurs use uscreen platform

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Whether you are YouTuber, Tiktoker, fitness influencer, or any other person who creates videos to share with your community online, you can use uscreen


The basic plan starts at $99 per month

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