9 Best Opt-in Form WordPress Plugins Handpicked In 2023

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Opt-in form WordPress plugins

Opt-in forms are now proven to be one of the best marketing techniques to repeatedly bring the visitor to your website.

The customer permits you to contact them again to show your offers, products, or services.

Making this Opt-in Form for WordPress is a lot easier due to the many plugins available.

All you need to do is select the Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins, and you are good to increase your Email list.

We have collected some of the Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins for you.

The plugins are listed by considering all the features, pricing, conversation ratio, and time is taken to build a Form.

9 Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins list

1.  Thrive Leads

When we talk about the Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins, Thrive-leads are the first in the list.

The forms can be made in less than 5 minutes and are extremely easy to use with its drag and drop form builder.

All you need is to install the plugin and have a basic idea of the Form. Even if you don’t have anything in mind, they have many Opt-in Form Templates for you to choose from.

word image 1860 1

The Thrive leads to support all types of Forms. You can use a sticky ribbon, popup lightbox, Inline Forms, slide-in, screen filler to cover the entire user screen, scroll mat, content lock etc.

Moreover, you can even offer the visitor multiple choice to select and display the Form according to that.

If you are offering products and services, you can ask the visitor which thing they are interested in and only send them the Emails for what they want.

Let’s talk about the pricing now. This simple WordPress plugin costs you only $97 for a single license. For $97, you will get two plugins ( thrive leads + Thrive Automator)

Alternatively, you can take the thrive membership, which gives you access to all the plugins and themes.

The membership costs you $299 per year. In this yearly package, you will get all the thrive themes, thrive themes, WordPress plugins and thrive, theme builder,

Which you can install on up to 5 websites. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee

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2. OptinMonster

OptinMosnter is another great Lead generation software used by many marketers.

The drag and drop form builder plugin support many form types, including floating bar, Lightbox Popup, slide in the scroll box, Countdown Timer, content locker, inline forms, gamified wheels, floating bars etc.

You can integrate with any platform.

It has seamless integration, best part about the OptinMosnter plugin is their triggers.

word image 1860 2

Over one million websites trust optin monster.

You can show the Form to your visitors at the perfect time and easily convert them. They Support many triggers such as 2-Step Options, Exit Intent, InactivitySensor, and Time Display Control.

You can also do page-level targeting using optin monster

You can schedule your Form and pop it up on the visitor’s screen at the perfect moment.

Moreover, Its Geo-Location Targeting feature helps you to target your visitor as per their location.

It supports A/B testing and gives you detailed analytics. The 2 Step Opt-ins can increase the conversion rate by 785%.

Quality comes in money. There are different plans according to the number of page views, websites, and campaigns.

The basic plans start at $9/mo. They have a 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee of 14 days with No questions asked.

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3. Bloom

Bloom is developed by Elegant Themes and is one of the other Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins to collect Emails from your visitors.

With Bloom, you won’t abandon a visitor.

It comes with 100+ pre-made templates. So, it becomes very useful when making some short-term websites or even for the long term.

All you need to do is select your favourite template and customize it with unlimited colour options.

Start collecting Emails, and you are ready to advertise your product.

word image 1860 3

Not just the templates, you get many customization options. You can select the orientation of the Form.

There are unlimited colours to choose from. Moreover, you can select Zig-zag, dotted, straight or curve border for your Form.

You can target it to the specific post type.

They support 19 Email marketing services for integration. There are six different types of optin you can choose any

The plugin comes with Elegant Themes membership. The charges are either $89 per year or a $249 one-time fee.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, there is no risk you can ask for your money back

You get access to all the themes and plugins of Elegant Themes with unlimited website usage.

4. Leadpages

First of all, before getting into the feature list, Leadpages is more than just the Page Builder.

They have all the features you need to capture leads and start the various lead generation campaign.

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All the plans include unlimited Popup forms with Click, Exit Intent & Timed Display Triggers.

All the pages and forms created are mobile-friendly. Moreover, you get free hosting on a custom subdomain.

To easily create the best converting Email Collector form, they provide 160+ Free Templates with more than 40 integrations.

For the marketers using Facebook ads, they have an Fb ads builder which supports instant ads creation and Automatic Pixel Placement.

They have A/B Testing and various other marketing tools to convert your leads.

If you go for the higher plan, they also provide SMS Campaigns and Online Payments.

The pricing for the basic plan starts at $37 per month, and the highest plan goes up to $74 per month when billed annually.

You can use standard plans on 1 site

The price will go low or high when you choose the monthly or 2-year package.

They also offer free 14 days trial

5. ConvertPlus

If you are looking for the most affordable and one of the best Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins, go with Thrive leads or Convert Plus.

This plugin has a lot to offer at an affordable one-time fee.

word image 1860 5

When you talk about the numbers, the plugin has more than ten popup display positions and more than 12 different visitor behaviour triggers & filters.

You can show any kind of popup at any time. When talking about the readymade designs, they have 100+ beautiful & high converting templates.

The features also include A/B testing. You can add triggers such as repetition control, referral detection, 2 Steps Opt-in, exit intent, inactivity, timely control and many more.

You can get social by either displaying your social stats, or you can make a video popup for your visitors.

The video does ten times better than the text. So, if you want the visitor to know about your product, you can create a small video demonstration.

Now let’s talk about the pricing of the plugin; the plugin will only cost you a $23 one-time fee. You can get this plugin from CodeCanyon.

6. PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination is another excellent email collection plugin. The best part about this plugin is it has a bunch of themes for every possible Form.

For whatever use you will use this plugin, There would be an already developed beautiful, looking theme available for you.

Starting from countdown themes to Email themes, they got everything you need.

word image 1860 6

When talking about the features, you get A/B testing, Geotargeting feature, Custom HTML/CSS/JS support and many more.

They have various triggers for the popup and various modes for the popup to show it.

All the readymade designs, as well as the forms which you make, are responsive.

They are shown on all kinds of devices without any display or functionality issues.

It supports Google Analytics support and has GDPR-friendly forms to analyze and track the visitors.

They have monthly and annual plans, starting with $9 per month and a 60 days Money Back Guarantee.

They provide 14-day free trial to test the software out. You can choose to go with a paid plan later on.

7. Wp Notification Bar Pro

If you are looking for easy and Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins to collect Emails or just to display a Sale message, Wp notification Pro is the choice for you.

It lets you display custom notifications and alerts for your visitors.

Your service can display a countdown for a sale or a limited-time offer.

The plugin allows you to collect Emails from the visitors.

word image 1860 7

Wp Notification Bar Pro supports A/B testing. They have 12 supporting Email services and many customization options available for you to choose from.

You can select any colour you want, make the bar static, and slide it in an absolute position. They have 18 social services supported to display information from those websites.

There is a free version of this plugin is also available, which you can download for free.

It has 14 predefined colour schemes and can also use your padding.

The only disadvantage is they only provide a notification bar and no other opt-in forms. It is quite disappointing.

Although, it converts many visitors to your Email Subscribers.

You can even show a sale countdown or just offer your visitors an important announcement.

The pricing of the Wp notification bar is $19. You can use it on unlimited sites; however, you won’t get updates after one year. To get updated, you need to pay $19 again after one year

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also have a free opt-in form for WordPress

8. Sumo

This email plugin for WordPress is highly recommended for E-commerce users.

You must try this plugin if you are using WordPress for E-commerce purposes.

Sumo has all the tools you need to convert your visitors into your E-commerce customer.

word image 1860 8

They have features to reduce abandoned carts, Increase Average Order Value, and to convert window shoppers. Other features like A/B testing and unique discount codes are also available.

When we talk about the form features, they have pre-built E-commerce templates to save your precious time and some best pro design tools if you don’t want to use readymade templates.

They support click triggers by which you can easily convert any image, text, or button into triggers.

You can also target by device type, cookies, location, referrals, location, etc.

The triggers and forms are very much valuable for converting E-commerce customers.

All you need to do is select the best triggers and template from the library with the colour combination according to your website.

In the end, it is the Best Opt-in Form of WordPress plugins for an E-commerce business to choose from.

All the above-given features are available in their eCommerce plan.

They also have a professional plan, but the email plugin is the best use for the E-commerce platform only.

The price of an E-commerce plan is $49 per month. There is a free version of this plugin is also available, which you can try before buying

9. OptimizePress

The last in the list is of the Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins is OptimizePress. Although you can use OptimizePress for any use, the best is for websites with online courses.

The plugin is best suitable for people who are in consulting or coaching business.

They got all the tools you need for your online course to get maximum conversions. Also, for the handy Ebooks and seminars, they have all things set up.

word image 1860 9

They have 300+ templates for Webinar Registration, Funnel Pages, Free Training Pages, Event Pages, and many others.

If your business is related to mentoring or coaching, this software is best for you. You can convert the maximum number of people out of these.

They support 2-step opt-in forms and have a massive library of elements for you to choose from.

optimizepress Create Landing Pages & Sales Pages that Increase Leads & Sales On Your Website

The live editor lets you edit your pages on the go, and all the templates and the created pages are mobile-friendly. So, you can directly convert your Instagram influencer traffic to your clients.

The pricing is affordable when you take a look at the features; it only costs you a $99 one-time fee for everything mentioned above.

They have a 30 days Money Back Guarantee.


To summarize, these are one of the Best Opt-in form WordPress plugins available. Some of them are just one-time purchase, while others are membership plugins.

You can choose from whatever your business fits in.

If you are a blogger with many blogs, then you should go for the plugin that supports maximum licenses.

In the same way, if you just want to make a one-time website and you are a startup, you should go with the one you can afford, which has a one-time fee.

For those who haven’t yet chosen the theme for their website, you can always become a member of the website, which also gives you access to their themes and other plugins. This way you will save a couple of bucks.

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