21 Best Place to Buy Backlinks in 2023

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Before we start, a list of the best place to buy backlinks.

Let’s have a small intro about the importance of backlinks and the danger involved in buying backlinks.

Quality Backlinks sometimes help & and are an essential factor to get to the top position in search engine results. That’s why Every website owner wants quality Backlinks.

There are many ways to get a backlink. Out of them, the easiest is buying them.

However, purchasing Backlinks is not recommended. Instead, we suggest that you earn them organically for your website, not buy them.

Google is very strict against all websites and blogs that buy backlinks & fake themselves as an authority quickly.

However, what if you have already made mind to buy backlinks and searching for a place to buy? In that case, we are here to help you with the list of the best place to buy backlinks.

Today we have a list of websites where you can purchase backlinks.

We are not showing the process. We just listed sites that you may use to buy backlinks. Again we don’t recommend buying backlinks

What are the Benefits of Backlinks

The Backlinks has high importance in creating the website authority.

Sometimes, with Quality Backlinks’ help, you can achieve top search engine rankings.

However, Google considers many factors in ranking any article or blog post, not just backlinks. However, backlinks are one of them.

Backlinks have advantages beyond the SERP rankings. There are other benefits too. However, the Backlinks are known among the most excellent way to acquire the top position in the Google search

If you Want to ​purchase premium quality backlinks, then you’re at the right place. We’ve gathered a list of 21 top websites from where you can buy premium quality backlinks for your site

we are going to discuss a few of the places where you can purchase high-quality backlinks.

From the list below, you can buy backlinks according to your need. Backlinks are available on one-time payment or every month fees.

In case you don’t have sufficient money to purchase permanent links.

You can buy backlinks on monthly rentals & you can continue only as long as you’re happy with the results.

First purchasing just for a month, then if you like to stay, keep paying monthly fees.

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The Risk of Purchasing Backlinks

Purchasing backlinks can be harmful. Purchasing backlinks are against the Google guideline for the webmaster. Google consider it a trick to manipulate the algorithm.

If you are buying backlinks, Your organic search traffic may decrease overnight. Thus, link purchasing carries danger.

Although it is hard for Google to determine if the backlink is organic or not, you need to accept the risks involved with purchasing backlinks before you buy backlinks.

Furthermore, obtaining PBN backlinks are more dangerous than buying a backlink from a legitimate regular website or blog.

Today, we will share with you websites where you can purchase backlinks. So let’s start

21 best place to buy backlinks in 2023

1. Links Management

Link Management is for you if you want to buy backlinks at a meager price but of high quality.

You can buy backlinks of DA40-DA100 websites which will improve your website rankings and traffic

links management Best Place to Buy Backlinks

You will find a free SEO cost calculator tool on this website to calculate how many backlinks you need to outrank your competitor.

You can also read their case studies on their client websites how they managed to find excellent rankings in Google using their services.

You will get a $25 credit in your account on signup.

The backlink price starts from $1 per link.

Links Management backlink Key Feature:

  • Do follow links
  • From Unique c-class IP`s
  • From Pages with high DA
  • A backlink from your niche relevant page
  • Manually placed
  • All pages of high DA
  • Natural-looking & SEO friendly
  • Link from the article not from blog comment or forum
  • Link from Real & Active traffic website
  • Links from 40 DA-100 DA websites
  • Full control over links

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2. Warrior Forum

You can get lots of information about internet marketing on this forum.

Warrior forum doesn’t sell backlinks directly.

However, you can hire specialist people from this forum. Make sure you purchase from someone you can trust, as there are many con artists on this forum.

Warrior forum is free to join. They also have paid plans. However, it’s only for people who want to sell anything on the warrior forum.

Warrior forum

As this forum is for internet marketers, new or pro, everyone is here.

The best thing about the warrior forum is that they have a large number of internet marketers as their members.

Sometimes you can find here exceptionally great quality backlinks offers here.

You can easily see offers on this site that provide backlinks from TechCrunch.com, Mashable.com, Forbes.com, and other such large websites on the web.

The purchase price is usually high.

However, getting backlinks from these large brands is itself a big win

3. Black Hat Links

It is another fantastic platform to purchase backlinks for your website.

They offer a complete package named “Ranking guide” in one click you can buy this package.

However, if you can’t invest this much on the go, you can buy this package in steps, single-step one by one.

The ultimate “Ranking Guide” Package has three steps, divided into three weeks

The Backlinks production method is scheduled for a minimum of one week to get maximum output.

Black Hat Links

You can buy PBN blog post backlinks, social signals & social shares, web 2.0 blog posts, Wikipedia backlinks, Bookmark Backlinks, Blog comment backlinks

The very best thing is the quick order delivery which is extremely fast, less than 60 minutes. This means that you don’t have to wait for a very long time to find the outcomes.

It’s among the best places for buying mass backlinks.

They can’t be used for purchasing a couple of links.

Blackhat link key features

  • Affordable price starting from 2 €
  • Detailed white label report in excel
  • Quick delivery less than 60 min
  • 30% discount for members
  • Free Indexing service for newly created backlink
  • Precheck every backlink sold to you

4. Fiverr

From Fiverr, you can buy backlinks, as well as any other gigs, for only $5.

However, as there is no entry barrier on Fiverr for the seller. Anyone after signup can start selling, so; there are many con artists on Fiverr.

Therefore whenever you pick any gigs on the Fiverr. Check that it has high ratings and testimonials from previous buyers.

Fiverr you can buy backlinks

One important thing you need to know before buying a backlink on Fiverr. You should not purchase backlinks in bulk.

As it can be spam, they might use a bot or spam the web to generate backlinks.

Do not buy more than ten backlinks.

So you need to be careful before picking up gigs on Fiverr. Again Never buy mass backlinks.

5. BackLinks.com

It is one of the first large-scale link-building platforms; backlinks.com is a popular website to purchase quality Backlinks.


You can buy or sell text backlinks for your website. You can become a publisher or advertiser.

It depends you want to buy or sell.

The publisher is who sells links on backlinks brokerage

They also have an affiliate program that pays 100$ for every advertiser you refer who spends 50$ per month at least & 25 $ for each publisher that sells at least 5$ text links

The payment method is PayPal

6. Automatic Backlinks

Automatic backlinks don’t sell backlinks. It’s a high-quality link exchange software.

It’s a free service by which you can swap links with other members on the platform.

The more backlinks you show on your website more backlinks you will get back.

Automatic backlinks

It’s 100% free & you will only get high-quality backlinks. All their backlinks have a high majestic rank.

It’s effortless to install on your website if your website is running Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHP or .net

Key features

  • Easy to install supports Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or any site running PHP or .net
  • No footprints impossible to detect
  • Free works on the barter system
  • Only quality links allowed

7. Backlink Rocket

Backlinks Rocket is an excellent platform if you are thinking to buy backlinks.

At Backlinks Rocket, there are various kinds of packages available to purchase. You can decide any or all based on your need.

Backlink rocket offers many packages named below

  • Rocket packages
  • Edu backlinks
  • Web 2.0 backlinks
  • Authority backlinks
  • Social media SEO
  • Website Traffic

Backlinks Rocket

As per backlink rocket, you will get trustworthy Google safe backlinks. With which you’ll be able to achieve top search engine ranking.

Additionally, you can buy their social media SEO package, which can boost your website’s social authority in search engines.

Furthermore, there is a package for website traffic that claims to give you targeted traffic,

8. Backlink Hub

That is just another marketplace from where you can buy backlinks.

Backlink Hub

You will find loads of other SEO services also other than backlinks

9. Upwork

A few years ago, two freelance platforms, elance and odesk merged to form Upwork. It’s a great market to hire freelancers to get your job done.

It has a large number of freelancers

You will need to post your job and freelancers will apply to your work to get your task done. Out of these, you hire anybody. There is an option to interview, which you can if you want.


Again work quality depends on person to person, so check their previous review and rating before hiring anyone. Have they completed any similar job

Moreover, how the previous client rated them

10. BlackHatWorld

Launched in 2006, Blackhatworld is a forum where you will find a large number of SEO enthusiasts, internet & affiliate marketers.

It’s a place where you can discuss the latest trends in making money online and internet marketing.

It’s the largest SEO community. You can find here almost anything you need for internet marketing.

It’s a great place to buy PBN backlinks, web 2.0 and another tier 2 links, guest posts, GOV/EDU Backlinks

However, the black hat world does not directly sell backlinks here. However, you will find a professional who can sell you backlinks.

Here you can find backlinks offers in large quantity and cheap also. Blackhatworld is not only for black hat SEO, but you can even get lots of white hat offers as well

Blackhatworld is a forum where you will find a large number of SEO enthusiast

There are many backlinks offers on the black hat world website/blog or onto a customer’s website. If you see in the left sidebar of the forum, you may observe both these choices.

Aside from them, you can purchase links as text backlinks, internet 2.0, post submission, directory entry, etc.

11. 24:7 Backlinks

24:7 Backlinks provides you with the backlink at the lowest price. For backlinks, they’ll charge as low as $0.001 for each backlink.

Moreover, they are giving 1000 backlinks for free. However, for that, you need to signup and verify your email address

24:7 Backlinks provides you with the backlink

They have 247 backlinks scheduled link promotion system that can automatically create backlinks at a given time with your URL and the keyword you want

For 1$ you can get 1000 backlinks here; visit their website for more details

12. Pressly

Pressly partners with more than one news website across 50+ countries & more than 7000 journalists in their community

Pressly- Instant and reliable press release & backlinks

It can help if you want to get a backlink from sponsored posts or press release distribution.

They have a list of quality blogs and the website you can filter and choose what you want

13. LinkWheel.Pro

Founded in 2010 in California, USA, link wheel Pro is an internet marketing company.

They have link building technique named “link wheel” as per them. Using this technique is easy compared to any other link-building strategy. For more details on this topic, visit their website.

As you are looking to buy backlinks, you can buy their backlink packages. They have three packages

  1. Edu & Gov backlinks
  2. Wiki Backlinks
  3. Forum backlinks

If you’re looking to purchase an EDU backlink, then you can buy from here.

link wheel Pro is an internet marketing company.

Furthermore, EDU backlinks can improve your site’s rank very quickly as they’re highly reliable backlinks.

Be sure to choose the package carefully at the beginning as soon as you start seeing a few of your keywords moving in Google SERP. You should begin buying more backlinks from using this site

14. Post links

It is a text link brokerage it allows webmasters to buy & sell text backlinks.

You can buy or sell here three types of links contextual links, article posts & comment links. However, we discuss buying only as this article is about buying backlinks

Postlinks is a text link brokerage

You can pay monthly or one-time payments as per your budget.

You need to register; after that, you can buy through post links advertisers control panel. From post link, you can buy three kinds of backlink that are text links by doing a guest post, comments backlink, contextual links

15. Facebook Groups

Facebook is the largest social media platform we all know that. In Facebook groups, you will find lots of internet marketers or SEO professionals.

Out of these, a few people sell backlinks and use Facebook groups as sell ground.

It may be PBN backlinks, links from sites, or perhaps third-party websites.

Facebook Groups

They provide fast and dependable services. You’re able to negotiate prices and other requirements depending on your needs.

16. Freelancer

Freelancer doesn’t sell backlinks directly. It is where you can hire specialist freelancers to perform the jobs you desire.

Countless companies use freelancer.com to turn their thoughts into reality.

freelancer expert freelancers for any job online

Simply place your order and get competitive bids from freelancers in seconds.

Freelancer is the easiest and safest method of getting your job done online.

You could always locate the ideal freelancer for getting the work done for you.

On Freelancer.com, you receive tens of thousands of reviewed professionals in Freelancer.

You may navigate their samples of prior work and examine their profile testimonials Before hiring them.

17. Authority builders

It’s a link-building service. If you are looking for a natural link building service, you can contact them. Signup on their site after registration; after registration, you can see the dashboard interface

On the dashboard, you can filter sites related to your niche. You can filter websites based on page authority, domain authority, and traffic of the site

word image

They only list websites that have a minimum of 1000 traffic on their site

This service provides natural links.

It has one of the most extensive site inventories ready to provide backlinks. You can choose from these sites

18. wicked fire

One of the oldest forums in the digital marketing niche. Any SEO or digital marketing work can be done on this site.

You can find here content writers, link developers, site developers, and many other types of service providers from the field of SEO and digital marketing

You can hire experts for any of your SEO related task

word image 1

19. SEOClerk

SEO clerk is an SEO marketplace where you can buy any SEO-related service like social bookmarking and link building.

Its market place similar to Fiverr, where you can find people selling their services from a few dollars to thousand dollars.

word image 2

Services start from 1$. Check all the reviews before you buy any service from seoclerk.

Not every seller provides excellent services on SEO clerk. So check their profile and reviews from past work properly.

As far as a backlink is concerned, you can buy quality backlink service at an affordable price from the SEO clerk’s website.

Many sellers here provide Backlink Link building services like blog comments and web 2.0 backlinks building. All these services are available on SEO clerk at a very low price

20. Sape.ru

Founded in 2008, it’s a Russian digital marketing company. You first need to create an account on their website. After that, you can access their dashboard. They have a database of more than 5000 websites available for backlinks

After creating an account, you can add your site, which you want to promote with text and anchor

word image 3

You also need to install the google translate chrome extension before using the site, as most content on this site is in the Russian language

This is the best site if you want to buy links for any of your niche sites. On their dashboard, you can filter sites as per domain authority, no of backlinks, etc. this feature makes it easy to find the best site for getting the backlink

21. buyhighqualitybacklinks.com

This website offers different backlinks that guarantee high SERP rankings on Google SERP.

You can buy various types of backlinks from this website like gov backlinks, wiki backlinks, Edu backlinks, blog comment backlinks, social media bookmarking, article submission, site submission

word image 4


Backlinks allow you to get a higher position in search results, as you already know.

So, this is the vast collection of websites to purchase backlinks. These sites should be enough to get backlinks for your website.

Moreover, these 16 places you can consider when buying backlinks. Just buy what is required and sit back and see your article positions jump up in Google.

However, we don’t recommend buying backlinks. However, if you are then, you need to take care when buying links.

One last piece of advice is take buying backlinks the last option and be careful while buying backlinks.

Avoid buying from spammers. As what is the benefit of later contacting them for removing links. Or wasting time in disavowing.

Regularly assess the spamming score of your websites where you’re purchasing links.

Have any doubts then, feel free to inquire in the comment area below

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