15 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools In 2022

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Many use plagiarism tools to verify the authentication of the content. If you have ordered any content from a writer, you can use these tools to check if the articles provided are genuine and original.

It is essential as a website cannot mark its position on search results if it has duplicate or plagiarized content. There are so many plagiarism checker tools available let’s find out Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

Before we know the best tools you can use, let’s learn what plagiarism is all about. Plagiarism is the act when a writer copies the work of another writer without giving them credit for the same.

Listed below are some plagiarism tools that do not cost a fortune but do their job well. Pick one you like!

15 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool

1. Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is available in both paid and free versions and is one of the most popular tools used by digital marketers or journalists.

This tool is very efficient and checks content for duplication.

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This software has a high speed and performs in-depth scanning. Plagiarism checker X has no word limit.

You can use this even to perform a bulk search, thus saving you much time. Other key features of this program include Case Matching and comparison of Invalid Spaces in two documents.

Users can choose from the three available plans.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is yet another famous name to check grammar and duplication. They build the tool based on an advanced algorithm and stand true to its promises.

Grammarly prompts suggestions on any document based on over 400 grammar rules.

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It not only proofreads the content but also checks for plagiarism. The tool has an add-in plugin for software like MS Office or Outlook.

Plagiarism checker Grammarly has inbuilt when you use their Microsoft extension or desktop app for pc.

Like most other plagiarism tools, Grammarly is available in free and paid versions. Users have limited access when using the free plan; a plagiarism checker is unavailable in the free version.

3. Copyscape

Copyscape is one of the most trusted online plagiarism checking tools available. It is not free. However, they still have numerous users.

Bloggers and digital marketers from all over the world use this tool.

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The software charges based on word count. You can buy credits for as low as $5. Also, If you don’t want to buy, you still get several free checks per domain. it’s also a plagiarism checker free

4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a feature-rich tool to check plagiarism; WhiteSmoke is the best bet. It helps correct any document’s grammatical errors and runs a plagiarism check.

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Download the tool as a desktop app or install it on your Android phone.

Use This Tool to detect plagiarism in web pages, research papers, or anything else. Though there is a free plan, the premium plan is ideal for professionals.

5. CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks is a cloud-based online tool that people use worldwide to check plagiarism.

It is a handy tool and has over 60 trillion pages of a database. This tool can scan files of various formats. It can also check documents in Unicode languages.

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The website offers various products to meet the varying needs of different users.

Users can choose between the Business or the educational versions based on their needs and requirements.

6. Plagiarisma

If you are looking for a plagiarism checking tool with several other built-in features, pick Plagiarisma. I use this tool to check grammar, Article rewriting, and it can also scan the text.

Bloggers, scholars, writers, and students use this tool globally. It has grammar, spell check and other features that come in handy when writing a thesis or article.

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The best advantage of this tool is that it can check documents in over 190 languages. Users can also upload documents to check for any signs of plagiarism.

7. Plagscan

Plagscan, like many other online tools, comes in two plans – the education and the business plan.

The tool has an extensive database and scans over a million documents annually across the globe.

The tool is not only used by the website owners but is also used by students for their thesis and coursework.

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Users can start with a trial account and try out the dashboard and other features. This tool lets users check the documents from cloud-based services like Dropbox.

8. Plagium

Plagium is next On the list of Best Plagiarism Checker Tools. This online plagiarism checking tool comes with two options to scan the document.

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Users can use the options called the “Quick Search” or the other option named “Deep search” to check the text or content for duplicate content.

A free account is necessary to start with them, and you can opt for a premium once you are happy with the features.

9. Plagiarism Software

Plagiarism Software not only provides incredible tools to check content for duplication but is quite affordable at the same time too. More than 300K users use the tool, and this list includes the best universities from around the world.

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The free account does not allow users to do much. Hence, users can opt for a premium account. It comes with various features like uploading documents for the scan or checking the URL of a website for duplicate content, and so on.

10. unicheck

Unicheck is another favourite online tool used by many to check plagiarism. Earlier it was Unplag now rebranded them as unicheck.

It is a paid service only and is worth every penny as the tool scans over 16 billion web pages to check for any similarities.

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The free service only allows the users to scan a document of 500 words. The tool also supports languages other than English like German, Greek, French, and Spanish, to name a few.

You can also upload documents of various formats, which saves a lot of time.

11. Quetext

Quetext is a writing assistant that comes with a plagiarism checker. As a teacher, student or blogger, you can check plagiarism in your work

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It’s suitable for web pages, online textbooks, academic sources, and news.

It can detect any plagiarism, whether it is accidental plagiarism, patchwork plagiarism, self-plagiarism or mosaic plagiarism.

You can use Quetext to detect any plagiarism. The plagiarism checker is free however paid version is also available with lot more features; you must check their website once

12. Viper

Viper is another plagiarism checker that has excellent features. No matter who you are, you can use the viper plagiarism checker to find plagiarism in content

It can solve your plagiarism checking purpose, whether you are a content writer, school teacher, or student. No matter what your plagiarism checking needs, you can use this tool

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It’s not a free tool, but you don’t need to buy a subscription or monthly plans. You can purchase credits and use them as per your need.

You can buy credits by going to scanmyeassy.com

13. Plagiarismcheck.org

Plagiarism check has advanced algorithms that provide accurate plagiarism checks. This is a paid tool that comes with various paid plans.

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Different plans for different user needs. Basic plans start from $6. There is a total of 6 types of pricing models.

You can choose one as per your need. You can also get a quote if you have a heavy user

There are no unlimited plans

14. Noplag

Noplag is a writing assistance app which also provides a plagiarism checker.

It checks the web extensively in real-time; it has its own database. Other than that, it checks public and private repositories and high ed databases of plagiarism checking

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It comes with two plans one is a starter- $72; another one is premium -$108 a year. Both have the same features, except in the starter plan, you get limited plagiarism checks, whereas, in the premium plan, you get unlimited checks

Other than that, you can pay as you go, where a single review starts from $1

15. Turnitin

Turnitin, founded in 1998, is an us-based company that helps in plagiarism detection. It has a unique plagiarism spectrum 2.0 that identifies 12 types of plagiarism

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It has over 93% accuracy when it comes to plagiarism detection


Now that you know all about the Best Plagiarism Checker Tools available online, it is time you choose the one that best suits your needs and is within your budget. Pick between free and paid out of these Best Plagiarism Checker Tools based on how often you need to use them. Paid software tends to give more accurate results but will cost you several dollars.

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