11 Best Plugin For Seo in WordPress in 2023

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If you are searching for the Best Plugin For Seo in WordPress then you are in the right place.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tasks if you want to grow your website’s traffic exponentially.

Through search engine optimation, you can rank higher on the search engine result page; additionally, SEO is the most consistent traffic source for any site. Therefore you should never ignore SEO or take it lightly.

Best Plugin For Seo in WordPress

#1. Yoast SEO plugin

One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, you can optimize your website for search engines with this plugin.

Trusted by millions of websites, you can add titles and descriptions to your pages and post with this plugin.

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It can also generate an XML sitemap for your website. You can also edit the robot.txt file with the Yoast plugin

This plugin can help in on-page SEO, SEO redirects, index/no-index settings for search engines

Yoast has more than 13 million users that use their products

Key features

  • Readability analysis
  • focus keyword
  • Snippet preview to check how the page will look in the search result
  • Customer care support
  • Local SEO, Woo-commerce, Video SEO, Yoast News SEO
  • Social preview
  • Auto internal link suggestion tool

Price- free and paid versions available, paid version cost-$99 for one year

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#2. Rank math

It’s another SEO plugin that is similar to the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is by Mythemeshop.

This plugin has free as well as paid plans. The free version is enough for most users.

It has an easy setup wizard, which helps in configuring the Rankmath plugin perfectly.

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There are many more premium features of the Yoast plugin, which you can get free in the Rankmath plugin.

You can optimize your article for up to 5 keywords with this plugin. Rich snippets or schema markups are also inbuilt; no need to install a separate plugin for schema markup.

This plugin also integrates the Google search console within the WordPress dashboard.

With this plugin, you can also perform an SEO audit and track your website’s keyword rankings.

It can suggest other posts from your site for internal linking, and many other advanced features this plugin has

Key features

  • Simple setup wizard
  • Auto canonical URLs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Autoconfiguration
  • One-click import from popular plugins like Yoast, all-in-one SEO
  • Auto link suggestion
  • Five keyword optimization
  • Integrated Google search console
  • Google knowledge graph
  • Automatic image SEO
  • Track keyword ranking
  • 24×7 support
  • And many other features

Price- Freemium

#3. Seopress

It a powerful plugin similar to Yoast and rank math. You can do similar things with this plugin.

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You can boost traffic, create auto-generate meta descriptions and titles through in-built AI, improve social sharing, and create HTML and XML sitemaps.

There are many other advance features this plugin has. More than 250000 websites use the SEOPress plugin.

It has free as well as the paid version. Paid version renews at the same price every year

Key features

  • Quick installation wizard
  • HTML, XML, image, video, news, author sitemaps
  • Google analytics integration
  • Broken links & 404 Monitoring
  • Import & export available for other SEO plugins
  • No ads in the free version
  • All types of redirections
  • Woocommerce support
  • Meta customization- title, meta description, Twitter cards & open graph

Price- free and paid versions available; SEOPress Pro costs $49 annually

for unlimited sites with one year of update

#4. Squirrely

Squirrely SEO is a search engine optimization plugin. It can see each page the same way the Google algorithm sees them.

Squirrely is powered by advanced cloud servers and data analysis provided by popular SEO tools like Majestic, Semrush, Moz, Content Look, and Google Analytics. Additionally, it has its own crawlers that crawl web pages regularly.

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Squirly SEO considers over 50 ranking factors while analyzing the page, similar to the Google algorithm.

It provides oversite features like – focus pages, bulk SEO, SEO audit & SEO issues scanner.

You can edit titles and descriptions on Twitter & Facebook previews through bulk SEO tools.

It has a free as well as a premium version

Key features

  • Quick and user-friendly installation
  • Focus pages that assist in ranking better in search engines
  • Site audits report that shows technical SEO issues & recommended fixes
  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking & reports
  • Bulk SEO
  • Customize open graph
  • XML sitemap generator
  • Seo snippet tool
  • Duplicate removal tool
  • JSON-ID semantic SEO

Price- $29.99 month/ free version also available

#5. All in one SEO pack

Launched in 2007, it is the most downloaded WordPress SEO plugin till now. This plugin has Over 3 million downloads till now.

It is an all-in-one SEO plugin that offers local SEO, SEO optimizer, WooCommerce SEO, advanced SEO modules, rich snippets, smart sitemap-like features

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AIO SEO is an open-source plugin, and it is free to download. It has four paid plans basic plan starts at $49 annually for one website

Key features

  • XML Sitemap & image sitemap for search engine
  • Auto canonical URL
  • RSS sitemap
  • Schema markup
  • Auto pings search engines on updates or new posts
  • Generates meta tags automatically
  • Support for woo commerce
  • Video SEO module
  • Premium support in forums
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • SEO & SEO meta for tags and custom taxonomies

#6. All-in-one schema-rich snippet

This is not an SEO plugin like Yoast, Rankmath or AIO SEO; however, this plugin can help in improving the CTR of your post on the search engine result page.

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Good CTR is one of the ranking factors that Google considers while ranking any post in SERP.

This plugin can make simple-looking snippets into rich snippets, attracting the user to click.

If you want to know more about rich snippets, you can read this article from Wpscema

Key features

  • Helps in ranking higher in the search engine by improving CTR
  • Gives search engine exact knowledge about what to display in search result snippet
  • Let’s you stand out from the competition
  • Makes your snippet rich or structured by adding a star rating, photos, author, price, etc.

Price-free/pro version costs- $67 annually / $237 Lifetime

#7. Broken link checker

With this plugin, you can check all the broken links on your website. It can monitor links on your pages, posts, and comments to find any broken links there.

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Fixing broken links is very important for search engine optimization. It can find links, redirects & images that are not working anymore.

Key features

  • Finds links that don’t work anymore, missing redirects & images
  • On the plugin page, you can edit broken links, no need to go on every post separately
  • Notification through email & dashboard
  • If allowed can prevent the search engine from following a link
  • Allows to search URLs & anchor text
  • Checks both external and internal URLs.
  • Scans an unlimited number of pages on your site


#8. WP Rocket

WPRocket is not an SEO plugin but helps make WordPress load fast.

This helps in improving the search engine optimization of your website. It is one of the most powerful premium caching plugins for WordPress.

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It is easy to set up & provides page caching, static files like HTML, CSS & JavaScript minification, Cache preloading, browser caching, lazyload for images and many other features. However, it is a paid plugin that costs just $59. It is best free alternative is W3 Total cache

Key Features

  • Quick and user-friendly that gives immediate results
  • Cache preloading
  • Page caching provides fast load time- very useful in SEO
  • Images on request or lazy load, which improves the load time of the page
  • Static files compression, which reduces HTML, JavaScript and CSS file sizes
  • Browser caching
  • CDN
  • GZIP compression
  • Import and export settings for another site using the WProcket plugin

Price- $59 for one website with one year of support & updates

#9. Ahrefs

The most popular SEO tool has the second-largest site crawlers after Google. Also, their site audit feature is the best in the industry.

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You can use this tool for keyword research, competitor research, keyword rank tracking, viral content research, SEO audit, and much more.

It has the largest database of backlinks.

It crawls billions of pages daily and has an index of 3.5 trillion external backlinks

Ahrefs is an SEO tool that can help increase search traffic and monitor niche and competitor’s research.

Key Features

  • Competitive analysis
  • Backlink research
  • Rank tracking
  • Web monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Content research

Price- lite plan starts at $99 per month

#10. Semrush

It is an all-in-one SEO tool; you can use this tool for organic traffic research, backlink & keyword research, and advertising research.

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Key features

  • SEO toolkit- for SEO audit, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and backlink audit.
  • Advertising toolkit for PPC campaigns research for paid traffic, & other ad-related strategies
  • Social media toolkit for Social media research with which you can make your social strategies and spy on competitor
  • Competitive research toolkit for Market research
  • Content marketing toolkit for analyzing and optimizing content

Price- Pro plan Starts from $119 per month

#11. Google Search console

It’s a free service by Google through which you can check index status and errors on your site that need to optimize or corrected. Many other great features come with this tool.

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Key Features

  • Show security issues with a website like malware attacks & hacked sites
  • Notification for manual penalties
  • Shows all internal & external links to the site
  • Allows to submit a sitemap
  • Helps in checking crawl rate and shows statistics of Googlebot accessing a site

Price- Free


You can choose one out of Yoast, Rankmath, all-in-one SEO, Squirrely, or SEOPress. If you are a beginner and do not have a budget, then go for Rankmath, as the free version comes with many great features

You can also consider Yoast if you can afford to pay for Yoast; it’s my second recommendation after Rankmath.

WProcket and broken link checker are a must for a fast and dead link-free website.

Broken link checker is free; however, you have to pay for WProcket, but there is a free alternative to the WP Rocket plugin, but for that, you need to install six plugins that can slow down your website a little. So if your budget allows, you better go with WProcket.

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