9 Best WordPress Security Plugin

Many people who are using WordPress are concerned about its security. All of you wonder, Is WordPress safe? There is a big myth; open source scripts are easy to hack. Well, that’s totally not true. 90% time when a website gets hacked. It is the user’s fault. Talking about the WordPress security, if you keep all the themes and plugins updated as well as install the best WordPress Security plugin, You are good to go. Along with that, you can install some cool WordPress plugins for security. Below listed are some of the best plugins for WordPress Security.


9 Best WordPress Security Plugin List

How to secure WordPress website? Well, there are many ways to do so. You need a firewall, malware scanner, and much more. The security plugins listed below has everything you need.

best WordPress security plugin



Wordfence tops the list when it comes to best WordPress security plugin. The security plugin has over more than 2 million active installs and has over 3000 people with 5-star ratings. Wordfence is a firewall and a security scanner for your WordPress website. It has all the updated firewall rules, Malicious IP addresses, and all the malware signatures.


The plugin comes in 2 versions, free and premium. The free version includes a firewall, malware scanner, blocks brute force attacks and many more. Whereas the premium version includes Real-time threat defense, two-factor authentication, and spam checking.

Price: Free and premium costs $99 per year

Plugin Link: Wordfence 


Ithemes Security Pro

Just like Wordfence, Ithemes security ( formerly better wp Security ) plugin comes with both free and paid version. It gives you more than 30 ways to secure your WordPress website. The free plugin has features like firewall, malware scanner, etc. If you want to unlock all the features, the price starts from $80 a year. The pro version includes two-factor authentication and also changes the default login URL.

Ithemes security plugin

Moreover, it includes features such as file change detection, strong password enforcement, and database backup. This wp security plugin includes an away mode. By this mode, your WordPress dashboard inaccessible for certain hours when you choose.

Price: Free and Pro costs $80 per year

Plugin Link: Ithemes securityIthemes security Pro



Securi Security

Sucuri wp plugin

Securi is all in one and the best WordPress security plugin for Auditing, Malware Scanner, and Security Hardening. Just like most of the security plugins, this plugin comes with the free and premium plan. The free plan includes security activity and file integrity monitoring, Remote Malware Scanning, Blacklist Monitoring. Post-Hack Security Actions, notifications and many more. Unfortunately, the firewall doesn’t come in the free version. The premium version offers unlimited malware and hacks cleanup as well as DDoS protection.

Price: Free and Premium starts at $199.99 per year

Plugin Link: Securi Security


All in one wp security

It is one of the easy to use and 100% free WordPress security plugin for your blog. The features include user accounts security, login-register security, and database security. It has firewall functionality which is implemented via htaccess. The firewall even has a PingBack Vulnerability Protection feature. Moreover, it can Forbid proxy comment posting and even disable trace and track.

Price: Free

Plugin Link: All in one wp Security and firewall


BulletProof Security

Bulletproof security is another great option to go with if you are looking for the best WordPress security plugin. The best part about the plugin is One-Click Setup Wizard. Also, it has Setup Wizard AutoFix which includes auto-whitelist, set up as well as cleanup. It has a malware scanner and firewall. When it comes to logging feature, it has HTTP error login and security. The pro version includes three more skins for the plugin and also includes 16 mini-plugins. It also permits the usage on unlimited websites with a one-time fee.

Price: Free and Pro costs $69.95 one time fee

Plugin Link: Bulletproof security


Hide my wp

This is one of the unique plugins from the other ones. As the name says, it hides the fact that you are using a WordPress based website. The advantage of this is the attacker won’t be able to know that you are using WordPress. As a result, it secures WordPress blog, and the wp detectors can’t detect your plugin or themes. The plugin changes all the directories including wp-content, wp-themes, and every possible directory used to detect WordPress. Also, it changes the default URL such as login, register, etc. While free version has all the features, The paid version includes the protection from XSS, SQL and script injections, etc.

Price: Free and Pro for $2.49 per month

Plugin Link: Hide my WP


Bonus: Moreover, if you want to go with the paid version. You can go with hide my wp by WpWave. It has the one time fee and provides more feature.

Plugin Link: Hide my Wp by Wpwave



VaultPress is a security and backup plugin. The plugin is developed by Automattic. The same developers who have developed jetpack, woo-commerce, Akismet, and many more. This wp security plugin provides real-time backup, and vulnerabilities fix. Also, You can scan your entire website and monitor the activities in real time.

Price: Free and Premium for $39 per year.

Plugin Link: VaultPress


Google Authenticator

To secure your login, the password isn’t enough. For this reason, This plugin is best. Google Authenticator gives you two-step authentication by using the Google authentication app. It can be enabled per user basis. However, if you go with the paid version of the above plugins.  You will get this feature inside it.

Plugin Link: Google Authenticator


Brute force login protection

If you are specifically looking for a plugin to protect brute force attacks. The plugin allows limiting the login attempts as well as limiting auth cookies. You can block or unblock the IP addresses manually.

Price: Free

Plugin Link: Brute force login protection



To summarize, you can select any of the given best WordPress security plugin to secure a WordPress Blog or website. Do not use, two plugins with the same functionality simultaneously. It may deflect. Moreover, keep your other plugins, themes, and WordPress updated to decrease the risk of getting hacked. These are the best wp security plugin, but still, you shouldn’t rely completely on them. Make sure you use a secure Password and use the updated WordPress version.

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