6 Best WordPress theme Detectors

When you are randomly visiting a WordPress website. Ever happened when you just love the theme. You want to use the same theme on your website but couldn’t find the theme. Well, Now you don’t need to find the comment section to ask which theme you are using. We have in this post some of the best WordPress theme detectors where you can input the URL and get all the information you need about the theme. In addition to this, Some of the tools can even detect the plugins.


Best WordPress theme detectors


WP Theme Detector

WPTD WPthemeDetector one of Best WordPress theme detectors

WP Theme Detector is one of the best WordPress theme detectors. It detects which theme the given website is using. The tool also provides detail about the parent theme.

You can find the download links of the theme right there. It is a free tool and can detect the theme and plugin of the WordPress website.

It also shows whether the theme is free or premium and where you can download/purchase the theme. Moreover, it is not just limited to themes but also shows which plugins are used by a particular website.

WPTD WPthemeDetector result

Using the tool is easy. Just enter the URL of the WordPress website, and it will give you all the information about the website and the theme.

Tool Link: WP Theme Detector




Scanwp is another great tool to find which theme a WordPress website is using. It gives you the theme name, percentage of theme usage, price of theme, link to download or purchase the theme. Just like Wp theme detector, it doesn’t limit to detect the theme. It shows the plugin details. It shows the plugin name, plugin price and the link of the purchase.


The tool shows top themes and plugins used by a website. Also, it lets you search for a theme or plugin by name or tags. It has an extension available for Chrome. It shows the list of top 50 used themes which are detected by their system.

Tool Link: Scanwp


What wp theme is that

No, It is not a question. It is the name of a web tool. As the name of the tool says, it detects what wp theme is that. Using this free online tool you can easily detect the WordPress theme the site is using. The tool can detect parent theme and child theme. Additionally, it can also detect plugins used by the website.

What wp theme is that

What wp theme is that is one of the oldest tool created in 2011. It is one of the easy tool and not very complex type. The theme detector detects parent theme as well as the child theme. The tool even shows the list of the most popular themes detected.

Tool Link: WhatWpthemeisthat


WpSniffer – WordPress theme sniffer ( Chrome Extension )

If you learning WordPress or want to use the WordPress theme detector more often then installing an extension is the perfect option for you. This is where wpsniffer comes.  It is a WordPress theme sniffer and a simple plugin which shows the detected WordPress theme and its link.

WpSniffer - WordPress theme sniffer ( Chrome Extension )

It does not show more information like others, but it is helpful if you are looking for a simple and effective way. The tools show Google search link for a theme when it can’t detect the theme URL.

It is a portable and easy-to-use plugin. The only catch is that it doesn’t show more information. If you are only looking for theme name and link. You can use this extension. Whereas if you want price, provider, etc then you should go for the online web tools.

Tool Link: WpSniffer – WordPress theme Sniffer




It not only detects if the website is using WordPress CMS but also detects the themes, plugins and hosting used by the website. The tool acts like an all in one detector for WordPress. The tool shows the popular plugins and theme by categories. The popular list has a comparison of different plugins category wise. You can compare the best plugins for e-commerce, forms, SEO, Booking, etc. It is one of the best WordPress theme detectors to find more details about your competitor as it also gives you all the information including Hosting, plugins and much more.

Tool Link: Isitwp


Software Findr Theme Detector

Software Findr Theme Detector

It is yet another fastest tool. Although it is the last in the list of best WordPress theme detectors because It shows a little less information as compared to others but still, you get to know what you are looking for. It shows the name of the theme, author and URL. Do give it a try. Just like every other theme detector, if the theme is heavily modified, you can’t detect the theme. It also shows the list of most popular themes.

Tool Link: SoftwareFindr Theme Detector


Detect WordPress Theme Manually

Lastly, you can also detect and know the WordPress theme manually. You may have already checked it but still if you haven’t. Do take a look at the footer of the website. Many of the blogger and website owners don’t remove the credits at the end of the page. You may get the theme name from that.

The other way is to open the website you want to detect the theme of. Right anywhere on the webpage and hit “View Page Source.” Use ctrl+f to search for “theme” you will find a URL something like.


Here the last given name is the name of the theme the website is using. Google it, and you will get all the resources to download or purchase it.



To summarize, Now you don’t need to wonder which theme is that WordPress website using. You can use any of the given best WordPress theme detectors to know which theme they are using. Also, some of the WordPress users may have changed the theme name and details. For this reason, you may not be able to detect the theme. For those, you can check their blogs. Most of the blogger always tell their users which theme they are using.

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