Blog vs website: What`s the difference

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It does not matter how big internet bluff you are, the question of the difference between blog vs website remains a matter of big reveal. The difference between them is quite sleek yet that sleek gap is often ignored. People often use the terms blog and website as interchangeable. However, they are not. Why and how? Well, let us make our concepts clear here for blog vs website once and for all, shall we?

In the history of 20 years of internet, people still argue about which the right information is regarding the topic of ‘difference between blog vs website.’ It is not easy to pick the right detail about the right topic, but we can surely try a little.

Blog vs Website

However, before we start blog vs website comparison , we should know what the blog and website are first. There is not a documented definition of these two, but both have a specific attribute of their own.

What is a blog?

A blog can be defined as a weblog that contains all the blogs or writings listed by the author of that blog. The most recent post of that blogger will be shown first in the blog. A blog is not as complicated as a website; rather it can be easily started with services like WordPress or Blogger, and it comes with a customized system of its own.

Some basic features of a blog are as follows —

  • The chronological order of posts
  • A commenting system that lets the people comment on that particular blog
  • Interactive
  • Not very much formal
  • Generally, blogs are categorized under date, sub-categories, author, tags, etc.
  • What is a website?

On the other hand, a website can be anything that is presented in HTML/CSS/JAVA or Javascript, etc. A website may be complemented with a blog, but a website is not just about the blog; rather it is about accessing other pages as well. In a nutshell, a website is a bigger aspect where the limitation of putting contents is none. Generally, the contents of a website are static, and it does not update every day with the putting of new contents. Also, a website contains different privacy and legal rules to be complied with. Apart from that, a website could consist of a portfolio of work or any other service page of a particular company which a blog cannot be.

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The above definitions of the two might have cleared the concept of what the basic differences between blog and website could, but that is not the comprehension of all. Apart from the above features, some major differences exist between a blog and a website. Let us have a look.

1. The commenting section

The commenting section is one of the big differences between a blog and a website. A blog will necessarily have a commenting part where every user can interact with each other and leave their opinions at the bottom of every article. Also, you can ask the author a question about the particular blog or if you have any queries about the blog.

On the contrary, a website does not have a commenting section. You cannot comment openly like an open forum on the website page. You can only contact any person if the contact is provided at the end of the website.

2. Subscription

This is the feature that is unique to a blog only. Blogs are more like a newspaper where you can subscribe, and they will send your newsletter weekly or daily. Blogs like to update their users about the recent posts and every blogger use different email delivery system that helps the blogger to work out the whole system perfectly.

A website never has any kind of subscription option, and they do not update their users on a weekly or daily basis. This is one of the major differences between blog and website.

3. Categories and tags

Another unique feature that is only attributed to blogs! Every blog necessarily has categories and tags that help to decorate the whole blog in a glance. You can go to a blog, and you can find any article with the help of the category or the tags easily.

On the other hand, a website does not have any categories or tags for that matter. Their contents are always static, and you cannot classify their contents with the help of tags.

4. Single author

A blog is simple. It does not need to have complicated outlets, and it can be handled easily by a single author without the help of an expert. The single author feature can only be used in blogs because a single person can not manage websites. It has to be structured by an expert, and generally, it owns by a bunch of people or webmasters.

5. Reverse chronological order

A blog works in reverse chronological order. Thus, whenever you open a blog, you see the newest post first. It is updated from time to time, and the contents change in reverse chronological order.

However, the content of a website is always static. They do not change by date or update method on their own.

Apart from the above differences, a website necessarily needs a domain name whereas a blog can run on their own without a domain name. Also, a blog constantly develops the relationship between the user and the author, but a website generally does not.


It can be said that every blog is a website but not every website is a blog. A blog can be a part of a website, but a website is a bigger aspect that certainly a blog does not cover. From a blog, you can get contents and read, comment on that. However, from a website, you do not need to get content; you can also avail of their particular services and many more. A blog is a simple form of which a website is a complicated form.

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