10 Best Free Blogging Platform & Sites

Every thought of starting a blog? It may be your personal blog or you want to make money with blogging. Sometimes by seeing all the prices for the blogs, our mind admits the defeat. So, we have gathered a list of various blogging platform from which you can easily select the best free blogging platform. With this, you can start your own blog in a couple of minutes.

Tips before getting started

If you are not planning to invest in future on your blog, you should consider going with the completely free blogging platforms, other will limit your blog and you will need forcefully need to invest or shut down your blog. Moreover, in near future, you are thinking about making money from blogging or monetizing your blog, you should consider going with a Self-hosted platform as you get the maximum amount of capabilities there. Hence, you can grow your blog and have full control over it. Also, you should consider getting a custom domain for your blog in such cases for longer use. You will have to pay for a custom domain but it doesn’t cost you much. Lastly, make sure you take the backups of your blog no matter where it is, having a handy backup file of your blog is always the best option just in case something goes wrong.

Best Free Blogging Platforms

#1 WordPress (www.wordpres.org)

There is a big difference between wwww.wordpress.org and www.wordpress.com. Both are a totally different thing. wordpress.org is self-hosted blogging platform while wordpress.com is WordPress hosted platform. We will discuss wordpress.com later in this post.

WordPress is the best platform and choice of millions of other bloggers. WordPress is completely free to use. However, as it is self-hosted you will need a hosting service of your own to set up the blog. Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend more money on hosting, you can easily get free hosting services which let you host your blog completely free.

WordPress has everything you need and has a great scope for the future of your Blog. If you are passionate about writing, you should close your eyes and go with this platform. Above all, You can easily monetize your blog and can even sell items with the WordPress blogging platform.

wordpress.org one of best free blogging platform


  • You can easily expand the WordPress blog. There is no limit
  • Hundreds of free themes and plugins available for all functionalities.
  • SEO friendly
  • Lots of tutorials and help available online
  • Easy monetizing options and plugins.



  • Free hosting has limits, you will need a paid hosting for more visitors
  • You need to learn about Hosting and WordPress CMS.
  • DIY platform, you need to take care of backup, security, and many other things.

Recommended for: WordPress is the best option for anyone who wants to start a blog and grow it, later on, to monetize or for any other reason. You own full rights of your blog and put ads or customize it on your own with no limits.


#2 Wix

You may have probably heard about the Wix as there are lots of advertisements done by them. For those who don’t Wix is a website builder where you can easily create a website for free. It is great for people who just want a blog and don’t want to poke their nose on technical things. Wix is totally drag and drop website builder and have many free themes to choose. Due to its easy setup and usage, it is second best free blogging platform. If you are someone who wants a blog or website with the best design and easy to use interface, Wix is your choice.

wix website builder


  • No technical Knowledge required
  • Many free themes and application available
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Wix brand ads are shown in the free plan.
  • A very limited amount of functionality is available in the free plan. You will need to upgrade later on.
  • No ads can be placed by you in the free plan. That is, you can’t monetize.

Recommended for: Wix is the best free blogging platform for anyone who just wants a website with no technical knowledge and wants limited functionality.


#3 Blogger

When talking about the best free blogging platform, how can we forget about the Google-owned blogging platform? Blogger or Blogspot is a Google-owned platform. You might recognize their blogs as their blogs URL ends with blogspot.com. You can easily create your blog with blogger.

There are many themes available to design your blog. You can even use the custom domain name with blogger. It allows you to put your own ads and monetize your blog with ease. Hence it is a choice of platform for many bloggers. Also, it gives you permission to use your own custom domain name with your blog.

blogger.com blogging platform


  • Google-owned platform hence secure and something you can rely on.
  • Easy to use and free templates are available
  • You can use your own domain name
  • Totally free to use


  • Limited functionalities available
  • Google has ownership of your blog and hence they can suspend or delete your blog anytime without warning
  • Updates are limited


Recommended for: Blogger allows you to place ads of your own and is totally free. Hence it is the best blogging platform to make money easily. People looking for a personal blog or blog of their passion who wants to monetize their blog, Blogger is for them.


#4 Medium

Medium was launched in 2012. It is more like a community for all the blogger and writers out there. You don’t get your own blog here but you can share your article will thousands of people. This best free blogging platform has millions of daily visits. Hence your article or post will get a good exposure to their audience. Moreover, You can’t make money with this, you can’t have your huge followers list using this platform. It is for someone who just wants to share their articles with thousands of people online.

medium.com free blogging platform


  • Easy to use and everything is managed by Medium
  • Huge audience
  • You don’t own a blog, so you don’t need to maintain or update anything



  • You can’t monetize
  • Also, for the people who want a massive following and wants to build an email list, Medium does not allow it.
  • There is no blog of your own. Hence there are no customization or designing options.


Recommended for: This platform is for anyone who wants to share their opinion with many people and does not care about having their own blog.


#5 WordPress (www.wordpress.com)

This time we are talking about wordpress.com. WordPress blogging platforms are the best choice for anyone. As wordpress.org is a self-hosted platform, wordpress.com is hosted and maintained by WordPress. WordPress.com provides similar features as of wordpress.org but there are many big differences. WordPress.com provides limited features to customize the design of your website, and you can’t install more plugins in it. Along with this, if you are planning to monetize your WordPress blog, you cannot do it with wordpress.com. It just provides a platform from where you can easily share your articles. To make money and have the ownership, you should consider any other best free blogging platform.

wordpress.com free blogging platform


  • WordPress hosted, no technical Knowledge needed
  • Fast, free and easy.


  • No monetization facilities
  • WordPress brand ads
  • You need to upgrade to a paid plan for more functionalities


Recommended for: WordPress.com platform is for anyone who wants to check out WordPress before going with Self-hosted platform.


#6 Ghost

Ghost is another best free blogging platform which focuses on writing. It is available as a self-hosted platform and also available as the hosted platform where you can write and share amazing stories. If you are looking for the option which is more simple than WordPress and has a cool UI.

Ghost the proffessional publishing platform


  • Easy to set up for a hosted platform
  • Fast and Easy to use and write


  • Limited customization options and themes
  • Complicating when installing yourself

Recommended for: People looking for a simpler platform for writing and publishing, Ghost is the best choice for you.


#7 Tumblr

Tumblr is another blogging platform that is popular for image-based content. It is for the people who are looking for image blogging with short text content. Moreover, it has a clean UI which is very easy to understand and blog.

Tumblr.com free blogging platform


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Media based blogging is made simpler with Tumblr


  • Very limited themes and functionality options

Recommended for: Tumblr is mostly famous for image-based content. If you have image content and looking for the best free blogging platform Tumblr is the best choice you can go with.


#8 Weebly

Weebly is a blogging platform for anyone who wants a regular website. It provides drag and drop builder along with WYSIWYG editor manage and write your blog perfectly. It is simple to use and made to make blogging simpler.

weebly blogging platform


  • Easy and free to use
  • Drag and Drop builder with WYSIWYG Editor
  • Above all, you can put your own ads banner


  • Free plan has a limit for hosting, You only get 500 MB of storage you need to upgrade later.
  • Limited options

Recommended for: Poeple who wants to have a regular website much like Wix but with a WYSIWYG Editor.



#9 Squarespace

Squarespace is another free blogging platform you can blog. It is simple and does not offer a lot of choices. Blogger can post text, pictures, and videos with Squarespace. However, there is a limit on the basic plan but is considered best for the people who are not much tech-savvy.



  • Simple and easy to use with Beautiful design you can choose from.
  • Easy and simple to use due to the limited amount of choice


  • A very limited amount of tools and service
  • Basic plan has limits on pages and the number of blogs you can have.

Recommended for: People who don’t want to make blogging complex things and want to keep things to a limit.


#10 Joomla

Joomla is another Open source blogging platform. It is a content management system just like WordPress where you can blog. It is self-hosted platform. Joomla is free but you need to pay a little for hosting. However, as mentioned you can always start with free hosting services available. Moreover, when compared to WordPress, it has a limited number of themes and addon available. To conclude, anyone who wants a self-hosted blogging platform a little different than WordPress and Ghost than Joomla is the platform you can start using.

joomla.com cms based blogging platform


  • Easy to use
  • Themes and add-ons are available to choose from.


  • The software is free but hosting may cost you a little
  • Not more themes and add-ons options are available as compared to WordPress

Recommended for: Joomla is the best free blogging platform for people who want Self-hosted CMS and a little different than WordPress.


Bonus: Quora

It is not particularly a blogging platform but the famous website for Question and answer where anyone can post question and answer also has a feature to create blogs. If you want to share your ideas and do some Q and A with the community at the same time, you can go with Quora Blog. Above all, you can even start Quora blog to promote any of your existing blog with another platform. Moreover, Quora gives you a great platform where you can answer people’s question and solve their problem. If your blog is solving problems you can answer those type of questions on Quora and write about your blog on Quora Blog.



To summarize, each of the platforms has their own pros and cons you need to decide which is the best free blogging platform for you. If you are planning to upgrade your blog or planning something big for the blog, our recommendation will go with WordPress. They have every you need to get started, you can start by free hosting service and later go with the best WordPress hosting. Moreover, you can use any tools available in the market where you can manage more blogs in one place. To conclude, you should check all the features and go with the one which is best for you and has everything that you want.

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