Best Blogging tools list for 2020

Best Blogging Tools

Best Blogging tools list for 2020 1. Text Editors or Proof Readers Grammarly- Grammarly is a free proofreading tool. You can use it for free; it also has a paid plan. It works on the freemium model. It’s an AI-powered writing assistant. Available as a desktop app, browser extension, MS word add-on. You can also check plagiarism with this tool, but this feature comes with the premium version. Hemingway editor- Hemingway is a text editor grammar checker. Its totally free …

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Best CopyScape Alternatives 2020: Free & Paid Tools To check plagiarism

Copyscape alternatives

Are you looking for best Copyscape alternatives? In this article, you will see some of the best Copyscape alternatives. In this list some of Copyscape alternatives are free some are paid. Launched in 2004, Copyscape is preventing online plagiarism since then. You can scan your content and can find plagiarized content online quickly with the help of Copyscape. It also provides a banner which you can place on your website. It’s an excellent service; however, it comes with a high …

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Show Your Style With The Best Font For Your Blog 2019

best fonts for your blog

Before we list best font for your blog do you first impression is the last impression. Today when every third person have their blog, you need to think what can make your blog different from others? You did a great job in finding the right topics, researching the most effective keywords, and writing the best article without any errors but is that enough? The answer is no; now you will ask why? It has nothing to do with the fact …

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31 Best News Aggregator Website No.16 is Best.

Best news aggregator apps

What is the content aggregator websites? Before we start list of best news aggregator website lets see what news aggregator sites are. News aggregator websites aggregate news articles from different sources in one place. It is a convenient service which you can use. You can get the news from a different selected source in one place. You don’t need to visit or bookmark each & every website when you are using any news aggregator website. If you read a few …

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7 Mailchimp Alternatives You must See {2019}

best Mailchimp Alternatives

MailChimp has been a recognized name in email marketing. Moreover, If you ever did Email marketing or you are in online business, then you must have heard of email marketing tool called MailChimp. A fantastic tool that’s simple to use for people that are only getting started with Email Marketing. MailChimp is the most popular email marketing solution. It has millions of users worldwide. Despite its popularity, it still does not make it 100% perfect solution for email marketing & …

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9 Free CDN for WordPress to Speedup & Secure Your Site

Best Free CDN

Today, when the average rate of technological change is high. some places in the world, internet speed more than 10 Mbps, Some lucky people are enjoying speed up to 1 gigabit per minute, because of services like Google Fiber, Jio fiber, etc However not every place in the world getting fast internet speed. Hence It is no surprise that CDN providers are flourishing as they help to speed up website load time and providing security to the website. Moreover, It …

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