WordPress vs Blogger – The battle of blogs

wordpress vs bloggers

It does not matter how much made up your mind is, the task of choosing a particular blogging platform is always hard. WordPress vs blogger question always remain there. With so many blogging platforms around, giving away so many free schemes; it is quite hard to gather which platform is going to be best for your genre, isn’t it? However, if you can sum up the whole blogging platform options on the internet, you will only find two platforms which …

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10 Best Free Photo Editing Software To Edit Images

free photo editing software

Are you a budding photographer, wondering how to work up your editing game? Then this is where you should be! Whether you are looking forward to a professional career or only willing to accentuate the glamour of your ordinary pictures, you will always need the best free photo editing software for the purpose. Why Not Adobe Photoshop? Yes, we know you have heard about Adobe Photoshop or might even be using it. However, ask yourself is it THAT easy to …

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7 Grammarly Alternatives: You Didn’t Know Existed

canva alternatives

Grammarly Alternatives:- The Internet is now a content hub. Content is as abundant here as air is in the atmosphere. However, you may have noticed both varieties of textual content: good and bad. Besides, the subject matter of the content itself, grammar is a very important determiner of the quality of the content. To gain readership for the content, you publish, they must be error-free. For years, people all over the world have trusted Grammarly. It attributes this to its …

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Blog vs website: What`s the difference

Blog vs Website

It does not matter how big internet bluff you are, the question of the difference between blog vs website remains a matter of big reveal. The difference between them is quite sleek yet that sleek gap is often ignored. People often use the terms blog and website as interchangeable. However, they are not. Why and how? Well, let us make our concepts clear here for blog vs website once and for all, shall we? In the history of 20 years …

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