4 Best Domain Authority checker tools for checking DA In 2022

Best domain authority checker tools

Best Domain Authority checker tools for checking DA When you get your hands in the SEO field, you may have come across the domain authority, page authority, etc. You may have wondered what it is? Moreover, why does it matter? These show your website’s ability to rank in Search Engine Result Pages ( SERP). A domain with high authority says it has more ability to rank before we get into the list of best domain authority checker tools. Let’s understand …

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What Are Backlinks Why They Are Important

what are backlinks

what are backlinks A backlink is formed when one website mentions another website on their website through a clickable link. Alternatively, you can say when a webpage link to another webpage from a different domain is called a backlink. Backlinks are the most talked-about word in search engine optimization. They are significant for search engine optimization. Websites can get many types of backlinks, which we will discuss in detail later. However, Backlink will be either do-follow or no-follow. Do-follow backlinks …

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Dofollow vs Nofollow Link: Basics of SEO

Dofollow vs nofollow Link

Dofollow vs Nofollow Link: Basics of SEO Once you enter the field of search engine optimization, you may have heard some words such as follow, no-follow, and do-follow links. Ever wondered what actually is the difference between both of them. We will go into detail about this. We will see what no-follow links are and what are do-follow links. Also, we will make a detailed comparison of the do-follow vs no-follow links. Also Read 7 Best Free Online Backlink Checker …

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7 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tool In 2022

Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tool

why Online Backlink Checker Tool Backlinks are emerging as a primary requisite for every web handler. From bloggers to website managers, every social media performer needs to be aware of backlinks. It is one of the most critical factors in Search Engine Optimization. The mark of a good SEO is the presence of relevant backlinks. The appearance also results in a better Google ranking. The statements are justified not on a theoretical basis but supported by research evidence and experienced …

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Top 11 Free Online Image Compression Tools In 2022

Free Online Image Compression Tools

 Best Image Compression Tools There is no need to talk about the importance of images in today’s world. Whether as a token of memory or for professional use, pictures are always important. However, uploading high-resolution images on various platforms is not workable. Innumerable social media managers and bloggers face this problem on a daily basis. Uploading a large image on websites and WordPress plugins takes much longer. Hence, online image compressors are a necessary tool today. If you are not …

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Free SSL Certificate to Secure Data of Your Website

free SSL certificate

Get a free SSL certificate By watching the increment in the usage of the internet, the safety of a website’s data becomes one of the most crucial issues. A large number of websites are launched on the internet every day. Whereas, on the second side, a large number of hackers are ready to harm the website. If your website is not secure, then consequently, hackers can easily steal your personal or professional data anytime. To overcome this problem, adding a free SSL certificate …

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