Best Domain Authority checker tools for checking DA

best domain authority checker tool

When you get your hands in the field of SEO, you may have come across the domain authority, page authority, etc. You may have wondered what it is? Moreover, why does it matter? Well, all these shows you the ability of your website to Rank in Search Engine Result Pages ( SERP). A domain with high authority says it has more ability to rank. Before we get into the list of best domain authority checker tools. Let’s understand some of …

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6 Best WordPress theme Detectors

best wordpress theme detector

When you are randomly visiting a WordPress website. Ever happened when you just love the theme. You want to use the same theme on your website but couldn’t find the theme. Well, Now you don’t need to find the comment section to ask which theme you are using. We have in this post some of the best WordPress theme detectors where you can input the URL and get all the information you need about the theme. In addition to this, Some …

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9 Best WordPress Security Plugin

best wordpress security plugin

Many people who are using WordPress are concerned about its security. All of you wonder, Is WordPress safe? There is a big myth; open source scripts are easy to hack. Well, that’s totally not true. 90% time when a website gets hacked. It is the user’s fault. Talking about the WordPress security, if you keep all the themes and plugins updated as well as install the best WordPress Security plugin, You are good to go. Along with that, you can install …

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Top 10 Free Online Image Compression Tools

best image compression tools

Free Online Image Compression Tools: There is no need to talk about the importance of images in today’s world. May it be as a token of memory, or for professional use, pictures are always important. However, uploading high-resolution images on various platforms is not workable.Innumerable social media managers and bloggers face this problem on a daily basis.Uploading a large-sized image on websites and WordPress plugins take a much longer time. Hence, online image compressors are a necessary tool today. If …

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WordPress vs Blogger – The battle of blogs

wordpress vs bloggers

It does not matter how much made up your mind is, the task of choosing a particular blogging platform is always hard. WordPress vs blogger question always remain there. With so many blogging platforms around, giving away so many free schemes; it is quite hard to gather which platform is going to be best for your genre, isn’t it? However, if you can sum up the whole blogging platform options on the internet, you will only find two platforms which …

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9 Best Free Logo Makers To Make great Logo

Best Free Logo Maker

Before we start list of best free logo makers lets see why Logos are important. when it comes to building an image for your brand/company. It sets your brand apart from others in the market and lets the people recognize you right away.Logos vary depending on what kind of company you own an what part of the mass you are targeting. They can be interactive, fresh, modern, or even the initials of your company.If you wish to get a logo …

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