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Cloudflare is a performance and security tool proving the various type of services such as content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services. It has both free and paid plans which you can use for your websites. Without a doubt, if anyone is looking for the best free CDN network the only robust network you will find is CloudFlare but everything has a few drawbacks. So does CloudFlare. They have limited protection from bots and data theft. Also, some find their site’s loading speed is still low as compared to other CDN. Some have problems with Cloudflare product while some have to find CloudFlare pricing high. Therefore, in this post, we will see the best Cloudflare alternative you can use for your website.

Cloudflare provides CDN, DNS, Load balancing, Agro Smart Routing, web optimization. They provide advanced security options such as DDoS protection, WAF, rate limiting and various other such as Argo tunnel. You can view analytics on the dashboard. While talking about the pricing of Cloudflare there is a free plan available for you to get started. Other pro plans are starting from $20 a month. There are various add-ons which you have to pay extra to add as a feature. Some of the famous brands using cloudflare are IBM, Discord, DigitalOcean, Udacity and many more.


Things to check in Cloudflare alternative

There are various things you should keep in Mind before getting started with any of the below-given services. First is always about getting everything in one place. Some of the providers only provide you certain services and you need to go to another provider for other services. Although, if the company is providing only specific service their cost will also be higher along with this they would be better at the performance. So, choose wisely. You need to keep security and performance both in mind at the same time to choose the best network to install on your website.

Lastly, Do check if there are any hidden charges or extra charges. Some of the websites show only the price of certain service and there may charge you some extra for the other services. Also, there are various plans which only provides certain services. So, verify that you are getting all the services in your plan. Moreover, there are various pricing options available as per the service you go with. Some of them are monthly while others are pay as you go plans. It is always best to choose pay as you go plans.


#1 Akamai

Akamai is one of the leading CDN provider and the best CloudFlare alternative CDN network you can use. It provides security on almost all kind of attacks including but not limited to malware, phishing, data exfiltration, DDoS, and other advanced attacks. It has the best customer experience with over 240,000 servers in around 130 countries all over the world. The service is active 24*7. Moreover, they have more than 1,900 experts in their team that will help you to keep your website secure and give the best performance.

Cloudflare alternative

Some of the other reason why Akamai is the best Cloudflare alternative is that they provide Cloud Security, Web and mobile security, OTT Experience for high quality and quick monetization with secure online streaming, and DevOps. You can start a free trial of Akamai. However, you need to request them to get pricing.

Talking about the numbers, Many of the top industry giants trusts and uses Akamai. These include Around 20 of the Top e-commerce sites in the world uses Akamai, 29 of the top entertainment media companies uses Akamai, 9 of the largest newspapers trusts Akamai.



#2 Incapsula

Incapsula is another CDN and security company. It is an all one service provider for performance and security including DDOS protection, website security, Content Delivery Network, and Load balancing. Moreover, it provides WAF services with a 5x Gartner Magic Quadrant. Along with all of these amazing security services, they provide the bot detection which stops the false attempts and secure the 7 layer attacks.

Cloudflare alternative

They got every service you need, in DDOS protection they cover all the protection services such as Name server protection, infrastructure protection etc. Backdoor shell protection is also included in website security. Load Balancing not only covers local and global load balancing but also has a health monitor and sites failover features. This leaves us to the only left features of Incapsula and it is CDN. CDN includes content caching, application delivery rules, and optimizing features.

If you are very much into it then The pricing for Incapsula starts at $59 per month for a single website. However, they do offer a trial period for every plan. You can try this awesome Cloudflare alternative and choose thereafter.


#3 Amazon CloudFront

It is one of the products of Amazon web services. amazon CloudFront Cloudflare alternative is best for the one who is looking to speed up their website. It does not provide security services for the website. Amazon CloudFront is a CDN network which securely delivers all your data, videos, applications, and APIs to your customers. All these things are done with low latency and high speed of transferring data.

Cloudflare alternative

With the best smooth User interface, you can easily connect CloudFront to any of the AWS services. You can integrate with AWS Shield for DDoS mitigation and you are ready with your CloudFlare alternative DDOS protection network. Moreover, you can connect with Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing or Amazon EC2.

You can get started with a free tier and then go with the paid to scale. The free tier of AWS includes 50GB data transfer out, and 2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS Requests with Amazon CloudFront. Although there are different products for all the services, if you want to get everything at once with more affordable cost you should go with others CloudFlare Alternative.


#4 Securi

You definitely heard about this one. It was mentioned in our previous best WordPress Security Plugin list. Not only in the WordPress list but by its features it also manages to come in our top list of the best Cloudflare alternative. It is complete website security, CDN and DDoS Protection tool. Some of the few reasons to choose Securi are WAF Protection, Monitoring, Incident response, and performance boost.

Cloudflare alternative

Moreover, They provide a great response for hacked websites. With the security backups, you can save your website from any disasters. Talking about the numbers, they have a 98% ticket satisfaction ratio with over 12,000 websites being cleaned every month. It serves more than 25 billion unique pageviews per month. Also, it shows 70% faster website. You can easily enable monitoring of your websites using Securi. The pricing starts at $199.99 per year.


#5 StackPath

StackPath is built over open source max CDN. It is one of the fast, smart, and secure edge services. It provides various services such as CDN, WAF, DNS, and monitoring. Offloading content saves a lot of time in loading the website for every customer. Hence, this improves the performance of your website to an extreme level. It provides EdgeEngine. By this, you can do more with less configuration. Also, it is cost effective.

Cloudflare alternative

Moreover, you can monitor the services by instant notification, customized map, and rapid deployment. It provides managed DNS with built-in security and high-speed performance. There are various pricing options available. You can buy standalone service as per your requirements. If you want to try StackPath, you can get the first month for free with no credit card data required. Almost all of their plans are for an unlimited number of websites. You can buy standalone services such as EdgeEngine, Monitoring, CDN, WAF, and Managed DNS. There are also edge services available for you to buy where they allocate certain features in that. Choose the plan as per your need.


#6 Fastly

As the name says, it is useful for making your website fast. It provides various features such as Content delivery & image optimization, Video & streaming, Cloud streaming, and Load balancing.  You can improve your experience across all your platform with image optimization, CDN, and also DSA. The video streaming is fully scalable and ensures you the quality video on all the devices.

Cloudflare alternative

The cloud security provides all the protection including WAF, DDoS mitigation, bot detection, & TLS encryption by which you don’t need to worry anything about the security of your website or web app. Last but not least, with the load balancing you can Optimize your traffic distribution and hence auto-scale all your applications.

Airbnb, Vimeo, Alaska are some of the famous brands which use Fastly. The pricing differs as per the number of TB and the country of your traffic. Also, you can try $50 traffic for free with no commitment required.


#7 CDN77

CDN77 is one of the best CDN. It is one of the robust CDN network providing 4 Tbps+ daily traffic peaks, 33 PoPs worldwide and one of the best support in the industry. CDN77 supports TLS 1.3, Brotli, HTTP/2 Server Push, and also Let’s Encrypt. Some of the best reasons to choose CDN77 are you can choose the data center, storage, and you can purge and prefetch files. You can integrate with any CMS.

Cloudflare alternative

You can start 14 days free trial without using your credit card. Although, the paid plans are a little bit costly. The premium plans start from $199 that provides 50 GB free storage and 6TB of CDN. They also have pay as you go plan for those who don’t want to opt for monthly plans. It is more scalable and costs you less. The pay as you go plan starts with $0.049/GB. Although, the plans differ as per the location of the traffic. There are more than 45,000 websites using CDN77.


#8 Reblaze


If you are still looking for Cloudflare alternative you probably haven’t yet got the best one. Reblaze is another best Cloudflare alternative you can use to increase the performance. They provide all the security features you need. They provide a web application firewall, DDoS protection, bot mitigation, Global CDN and caching, and traffic management. You can integrate it with Google Cloud platform and also with AWS.

Cloudflare alternative

You can get protection from all the hacking attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and a lot more. It saves you from all the unwanted Scrapers, Bots, and Data Theft. Any type of unauthorized access is excluded from your website. Hence, your data is safe from all type of data theft.

The Cloud platform of Reblaze deploys in minutes. You can try Reblaze for 30 days free with no contract or obligations. If you don’t like their service, you can opt out any time and you don’t have to pay a penny.



There are various other CDNs and security networks you can give a try to increase the performance and security of your website. Some of these networks are KeyCDN, Microsoft Azure, VeriSign, and various others. All of these focuses on different kind of features. Above mentioned Cloudflare alternatives are best on security and performance both. It will not only increase the performance but also security by removing all the unwanted bots and fake traffic. Therefore, you should first try the above mentioned top 8 alternatives. If you do not get the results as per your expectation you can try these too.



To summarize, go as per your website requirement. If you are not giant and does not require a high level of security than you don’t need to waste your money on high plans and costly tools. You can always choose the other cheaper one. Lastly, if you did not find any of these CloudFlare competitors the best for your purpose than Cloudflare is also a good option. Moreover, if you are planning to move then almost all of them gives you a free trial. You can try them all and choose the one you find the best. To conclude, Cloudflare is also the best CDN and security network to go with. If you have any issues with features and pricing, you can choose anyone from above-mentioned Cloudflare alternative. Do tell us in the comment section which one is your favorite and for what reasons.



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