Best CopyScape Alternatives 2020: Free & Paid Tools To check plagiarism

Are you looking for best Copyscape alternatives? In this article, you will see some of the best Copyscape alternatives. In this list some of Copyscape alternatives are free some are paid.

Launched in 2004, Copyscape is preventing online plagiarism since then. You can scan your content and can find plagiarized content online quickly with the help of Copyscape. It also provides a banner which you can place on your website. It’s an excellent service; however, it comes with a high price. So if you are looking for best Copyscape alternatives, then you are at right place.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular free & premium Copyscape alternatives. However, before that, please check how does Google handle duplicate content.

1. Grammarly- best Copyscape alternative (freemium)

Launched In 2009 Grammarly is AI-powered writing assistant. It is one of the best proofreading tool available online. It’s an excellent tool for spelling checking, grammar checking & plagiarism detection. With Grammarly, you can write grammatically correct content. It has a free and premium plan. With the free version you can check contextual spellings, grammar however with the paid version you can check all above plus punctuation, sentence structure, style of writing, vocabulary enhancements, and plagiarism.

When it comes to plagiarism, it checks all over 16 billion webpages, academic papers in ProQuest’s database, newspapers, scholarly journals datasets and work-papers for plagiarism. It detects duplicate content and highlights it.

It is available as a web-browser extension for firefox, chrome, IOS, Edge. Its app is also available on IOS and Android.

Key features

  • Grammar & spelling checker
  • Contextual spelling & grammar mistakes
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Readability checker
  • Writing style checker
  • Native desktop app for mac & windows
  • Integration with Microsoft office on windows
  • Grammatical error explanations
  • Performance stats via email

2. Prowritingaid

It’s an online writing editor. With this tool, you can check grammatical & spelling mistakes. It also detects Plagiarized content & contextual errors. Not only grammar and spelling checking it also suggests improvements through up to 20 different reports. Not just report it also suggests ways to improve them, so you don’t need to go anywhere to search for corrections.

It is available on windows, mac, web browser, desktop app, integration for google docs, ms word

Main features

  • Writing & grammar checker
  • Provides 20 different reports like the writing style, grammar, overused words, clichés, sticky sentence, readability, repeats check, sentence length, transition, etc
  • Provides plagiarism checker ( however you need to purchase checks separately not included in the premium plan )
  • Integration for Chrome, Google docs, Microsoft word, Apache open office, Scrivener.
  • Native desktop app for Windows, Firefox extension, no IOS or Android supported app.
  • A detailed explanation of every error
  • Contextual thesaurus report
  • Find repeated words
  • Word explorer
  • Context-sensitive style suggestions

3. Whitesmoke

It’s all in one English writing assistant with WhiteSmoke you can check spelling, Grammer, punctuation & style check. It is available as desktop software, web browser-based online application, a web browser extension for Chrome, mobile app grammar checker & translator. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Word & is compatible with all the browsers and windows

Let’s talk about white smoke plagiarism checker. It checks your text against billions of web pages. It can detect plagiarism in web articles, websites, research papers.

Key features

  • Grammar, Spell & Punctuation checker
  • Writing style checker
  • Build-in statistical translation machine which can translate over 50 languages
  • Over 100+ pre-built templates for email, resume, etc.
  • Available on Android and IOS.
  • Desktop software & full integration with MS word and outlook.
  • Detailed video tutorials

4. Quetext

Quetext is plagiarism detection software; it has deep search technology. It searches your content for plagiarism in 20+ million books, 1+ million journals, 35+ billion webpages

Quetext is a freemium software where the basic search is free up to 500 words per search with three search limit. However, with $9.99 per month, you can buy its premium plan where you will get unlimited search limit & you can search 25000 words per search

Key features

  • It uses a Large database to match duplicate content.
  • Proprietary algorithm “Deep search,” which uses contextual analysis & conditional scoring.
  • You can upload multiple files like PDF, MS word, txt file.
  • You can exclude individual sources during the plagiarism check.
  • Unlimited scans.
  • You can export pdf reports that show plagiarism.

5. plagiarisma

It’s a freemium plagiarism detection tool you can paste your content in the text box to find duplicate content. You can also copy-paste URL in form or upload your file to check plagiarism. It allows txt, RTF, HTML, Doc, PDF files. It supports over 190+ languages. You can check 2000 chars without registration; however, if you want to pass this limit, you can register for free.

When registered you can scan documents for three times in a day. If you want to enable all the features, you can go for a premium account. The premium account comes with sentences rewrite, similarity checker & unlimited plagiarism checker with task scheduler

Apart from searching web pages, it also searches Google books, essays, term papers & journals for plagiarism.

Key features

  • Free to use can be used on any device windows application, android app
  • Simple and no installation required
  • You can upload a supported document or submit URL of the article to check plagiarism

6. Copygator

It’s an entirely free service powred by feed spidering power of URLFAN. It can monitor RSS feed to find republished content. Copygator automatically provides alerts when it detects your content copied to other feeds. It provides an image badge which you can place on your blog. It helps in discouraging copy pasters. Additionally, This badge also serves notification purpose it turns red when they find duplication of your content. It’s a completely free alternative to Copyscape’s copysentry feature.

Key features

  • Completely free
  • You can monitor your RSS feed & can get alerts when someone copies your content
  • Free badge with a built-in notification system
  • Easy to use you can check content duplication just by entering your URL in the form, and it starts monitoring the content all across the web

7. Plagium

It is a freemium tool simple text up to 1000 character is free if you want to check more than that you need to purchase pre-paid credits. It provides two types of plagiarism detection one is quick to search, which costs $0.04/page other one is deep search which costs $0.08. it’s one of the best alternatives to Copyscape

Key features

  • It supports multiple languages
  • Money-back guarantee
  • A proper report showing content that is duplicate
  • Two free searches
  • Deep search

8. Unicheck

You can check up to 200 words with a free trial; however, in a paid plan, this limit increased to 100000 words per search. It uses live web index which detects plagiarism from just indexed or latest content on search engines. Additionally, it also checks all open access journals & repositories.

It searches over 40 billion web pages, library files & educational databases for plagiarism.

Unicheck  provides google docs add-on, Microsoft office adds on & a chrome extension. It supports most types of file like HTML, pdf, doc, RTF, ods, apple pages, zip, RAR, and many other file formats.

Unicheck has subscription-based plans for schools and universities. For personal use, you can pay as per pages required plan starts $ 5 for 20 pages as per them one page is equivalent to 275 words

9. Dustball

Founded in 2002 it’s a freemium plagiarism checker tool. You can copy-paste your text in the text box to check it for plagiarism. It also offers the premium subscription for only $ 8 per month. You can use 50 times for $8 for a month then it charges 25 cents for additional use.

You can check unlimited words in one check. It checks web pages, ebooks, Google docs, journal databases, and PDF for plagiarism. You can upload TXT, Doc, RFT files for plagiarism checking.

10. Duplichecker

It not only plagiarism checker but it also provides some other tools like text analysis tools, website management tools, keyword research tool, IP tool, SEO backlink checker, etc. all these tools are free to use.

You can upload 1500 words content in every search. Its very simple anyone can use it. You can also upload supported documents.

It’s easy and free to use the tool. You can copy-paste your text or upload a supported document to check plagiarism. It highlights all the plagiarized text in the content. You can conduct up to 50 checks in one day.

11. Plagscan

It provides excellent control over its interface to the user. You will get details reporting, however, its not a free tool. It scans different databases for plagiarized content.

Pricing starts from $5.99 for 6500 words. It also provides subscription-based plans for the school for $249 a year.

When you signup, you can check the 2000 words document for free. It also provides API access

12. Plagiarism detector

Its a completely free tool you can conduct as many searches you want. It provides quick search and deep search. You can copy-paste your text or can upload URL or doc file to check plagiarism


Copyscape is the most popular plagiarism checker tool; however, you can use the above free tools together if you don’t want to go for the premium tool. However, you can go for Grammarly if you are looking for a combination of writing assistance and plagiarism checker. If you find any webpage using your content you can file DMCA takedown notice to them. Which can help in removing their content from search result

do let me know in the comment section if you know any other Copyscape alternative

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