Best Daily 1000 Rupees Earning Apps in India

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Several earning apps in India provide chances to earn money and hit your daily goal of ₹1,000.

It is vital to remember that the earning potential of these applications can vary and that reaching your daily goal might call for constant effort and time investment.

In addition, use caution and thoroughly investigate any earning app before using it.

#1. Winzo Gold

Popular mobile gaming app Winzo Gold provides players access to various skill-based games.

Winzo Gold offers players of all ages an engaging gaming experience with its user-friendly design.

To win real cash rewards, players can compete against one another in games like cricket, carrom, pool, and others.

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Players can show off their abilities and win prizes by participating in the platform’s daily challenges and tournaments.

Winzo Gold has established a reputation as a reliable platform because of its simple payment choices and secure transactions.

It has become a popular spot for gamers looking for fun and a chance to win big.

#2. Ysense

Users can earn money on Ysense by completing tasks, polls, and offers.

It offers people a flexible and practical method to earn extra money from the comfort of their homes.

Users have the opportunity to share their thoughts and earn money for their time by taking part in paid surveys.

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Ysense also provides micro jobs and offers; users can complete quick online tasks or sign up for services in exchange for incentives.

The platform is a well-liked option for freelancers and people looking for side money because of its dependability and prompt reimbursements.

Ysense has made a name for itself as a reliable platform for online income.

#3. Groww

Groww is a well-known investment and trading platform in India.

You can buy stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other financial products.

Groww has made investing and trading accessible to many, including novice investors, with a user-friendly design and various investment possibilities.

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The platform has an easy onboarding process, enabling customers to create their accounts and begin investing immediately.

Groww helps customers make informed decisions by providing comprehensive information about various investing options.

Additionally, it provides features and tools for automating investments, setting investing objectives, and monitoring portfolio performance.

Groww is well-liked by regular investors due to its clear pricing structure and zero-commission concept for mutual funds.

#4. Upstox

Upstox is the top online discount brokerage platform in India. You can invest or trade in the stock market easily and affordably.

Upstox offers the ability to buy and sell stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, and more, thanks to an intuitive user interface and cutting-edge trading tools.

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The platform enables traders to make informed decisions by providing fast trading, real-time market data, and sophisticated charting capabilities.

To assist you in improving your trading knowledge and abilities, Upstox also offers a variety of instructional tools, including webinars and tutorials.

Upstox has become well-liked by seasoned and inexperienced investors due to its affordable brokerage fees and lack of additional fees.

It aims to make stock market investing and trading convenient and approachable for everyone.

#5. CRED

CRED is known for its reward for making on-time credit card payments.

By offering a single interface to manage numerous cards from various banks, it serves as a platform that consolidates and streamlines credit card management.

Through the app, you can keep track of your spending, get reminders for deadlines, and send payments.

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One of CRED’s distinctive features is its rewards program, which grants consumers special benefits, savings, and returns when they pay their bills on time.

These benefits can be exchanged for lifestyle goods, activities, and services.

CRED has developed a devoted user base and established itself as a reputable brand in the credit card industry by strongly emphasising financial responsibility and incentives.

#6. Paytm Money

Paytm Money is India’s top money management and investing platform.

Investing in various financial products, including mutual funds, provides users with a practical and user-friendly interface.

Using Paytm Money you can quickly find and select the best mutual fund schemes based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

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The platform offers comprehensive information to assist you in making knowledgeable investing decisions, including historical performance, ratings, and portfolio holdings.

The SIP function of Paytm Money allows you to invest frequently and amass wealth over time.

Paytm Money has become popular among seasoned and novice investors thanks to its secure and transparent platform, affordable fees, and strong customer support, making investment available to a wider audience.

#7. Meesho

Meesho is one of India’s top social commerce platforms, allowing users to launch online shops.

The network links manufacturers and suppliers with distributors.

This helps them to market their goods directly to consumers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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Meesho offers a simple-to-use mobile app with a huge selection of products in many categories, such as fashion, beauty, home decor, and more.

Resellers can easily handle orders, browse the library, distribute product listings with their networks, and set profit margins.

Meesho also provides services like simple shipping, payment options, and customer support to make selling easier.

With its empowering model and assistance for micro-businesses, it can help you earn money using their platform

#8. My 11 Circle

My11Circle is a fantasy sports app you can construct your virtual cricket teams and engage in inter-player competitions.

You can participate in various cricket competitions and matches, including domestic and international contests, and receive points based on how well the players you choose performed for their team.

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You can demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency in cricket while enjoying a realistic and fun gaming experience.

A user-friendly design, real-time information, and intriguing prizes are all provided by My11Circle.

My11Circle has established itself as a go-to site for cricket fans wishing to experience the thrill of fantasy cricket and win amazing prizes, thanks to its extensive selection of tournaments and prize pools.

#9. Earnkaro

EarnKaro is a well-known affiliate marketing site in India. You can make money by referring friends and family to offers and goods.

You have the option to register as affiliates and create affiliate links for a variety of goods and services from affiliated brands.

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You can then distribute these links via blogs, messaging apps, or social networking websites.

The user receives a commission on sales when customers use their affiliate link to make purchases.

The user-friendly interface, real-time tracking, and immediate rewards offered by EarnKaro make it simple for users to monetize their social media accounts and online presence.

It has become a well-liked platform for anyone trying to make passive money using their online network and influence.

#10. Once code Now zet app

OneCode is a cutting-edge referral-based network in India.

It can help you to make money by endorsing different goods and services.

Register as an influencer to obtain special referral codes for various products and services.

Then, you can distribute these codes to your network, including friends, family, or supporters.

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You receive a commission when someone uses your referral code to make a purchase or use a service.

OneCode offers people a quick and efficient way to profit from their networks and influence.

OneCode has been well-liked by influencers and others looking for a side income due to its wide variety of partner businesses and prompt commission payouts.

#11. Google Pay

Google Pay is a well-known digital payment solution by Google. It helps users to use mobile devices to make secure and practical payments.

You can easily complete transactions on Google Pay by connecting your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to the app.

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The platform supports peer-to-peer transfers, online and offline purchases, bill payments, and more.

Additionally, Google Pay provides features like loyalty programs, cashback benefits, and simple bill splitting between pals.

With its strong security features and broad merchant acceptance, Google Pay has become a popular and reliable payment option for millions globally.

#12. Freecharge

Freecharge is a well-known digital payment solution in India.

It helps users to pay utility bills, recharge mobile prepaid numbers, and conduct online purchases.

Using Freecharge, you can make payments easily by connecting your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to the app.

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The platform provides various services, such as mobile recharges and bill payments for utilities like energy, water, and gas.

Freecharge is a popular option for digital payments because it also gives users enticing cashback offers, discounts, and special deals.

Freecharge has become well-known as a trustworthy and practical digital wallet in India thanks to its user-friendly interface, swift transaction processing, and safe payment alternatives.

#13. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan provides a platform for users to make money by doing various tasks.

It offers various services with a user-friendly layout, including reading news, playing games, and taking quizzes to earn points.

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You can also recommend friends to receive extra benefits.

Rozdhan provides a seamless user experience and supports many languages.

It is a favorite among those trying to make money online since it provides a one-stop shop for entertainment, knowledge, and income generation.

Due to its unique strategy and the chances it gives users to earn prizes quickly, Roz Dhan has seen substantial growth.


In conclusion, those looking for additional money have the possibility of earning 1000 rupees each day in India via online earning apps.

You have access to these earning platforms that enables you to engage in various activities that can all result in profits.

Tasks on these platforms include completing surveys, viewing movies, playing games, or referring friends.

These apps provide flexibility, enabling users to work from the comfort of their homes and at their leisure.

To maintain validity and prevent scams, we suggest you should do extensive research before using any earning app is crucial.

Using several earning applications and continuously participating in the offered tasks can allow you to reach your chosen revenue target.

Even though earning potential may vary depending on app popularity and user engagement.

You can use earning applications to supplement your income in India if you are diligent, consistent, and selective.

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