10 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools to Use In 2023

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Best Facebook ads spy Tools

With the tremendous rise of social media, all the entrepreneurs and bloggers are shifting to Social Media Marketing.

Among all the social networks, Facebook has the highest conversion ratio. As a result, More people are advertising through Facebook ads.

To make your work easier, we have gathered the Best Facebook ads spy tools for you.

You can now spy on similar advertisements to your product to see what works and what does not.

You can get a better idea and test your Facebook ads accordingly. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on blindly trying the ads to see which one works.

Instead, use any of these tools to save much of your money.

If you are advertising with other social networks, you can look for a tool that also allows you to spy on that particular network.

You can advertise on Instagram directly from Facebook, but you can’t spy on Instagram ads with Facebook spy tools.

So, you must see the tool that also allows you to spy on Instagram and Facebook ads.

So, choose according to that. Along with this, if a tool is ideal for your business industry, you should go with that particular tool.

If you are in a dropshipping business, you can go for the tool which allows you to spy on Shopify ads along with the Facebook ads or the one which is ideal for the E-commerce industry.

This way, you can get the most out of your membership fee.

10 Best Facebook ads spy tools

1. PowerAdspy

The number one in our list of the Best Facebook ads spy tools is Poweradspy, and the tools come with advanced filtering and searching.

You can filter the ads based on gender, age, relationship, etc.

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It is the best tool that helps you spy on all your competitor’s campaigns and get detailed analytics about them. They have an extension available that makes it easier to spy on ads.

You can also spy on Instagram, Google, and YouTube along with native, GDN and Facebook ads.

You can spy ads on over eight social media platforms.

With all the available features, you can try Poweradspy free for 100 searches/1000 ads for ten days.

To unlock more searches, you will have to go with the membership starting at $99 a month.

2. Adespresso

Adespresso is a tool where you can easily create campaigns for advertising across multiple platforms in just a few minutes.

You can manage and analyze your campaigns on just a single screen. You can use this tool for Facebook, Instagram, or google ads

Wondering how it landed in our Best Facebook ads spy tools? They have their ads example tool where you can see all your competitor’s Facebook ads.

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The basic membership will cost you $99 a month, and you can spend up to $3000 every month.

It also supports Instagram and Google ads. Moreover, you can start a trial version which gives you access for 14 days. Also, they have their academy where you can learn more about Marketing.

3 Social Ads Scout

Social Ads Scout is one of the best Facebook ads spy tools on the market. They have millions of social ads from more than 21 countries.

It has a clean UI where you can collect all the data from your competitor’s ads. Moreover, you can also download their landing pages.

You can search for ads by gender, personal information, location, device type, and many more. Also, the platform lets you interact with ads in real-time.

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The membership will cost you $147 a month.

It is worth it for all the features you get in the tool. Unfortunately, they don’t provide a free trial to test their tool. So, you must buy their membership to use it.

4 AdSpy

AdSpy is another tool you can use to save tons of money on testing ads. This tool has more than 121 million ads in 88 different languages across 216 countries.

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Moreover, you can search using various filters and get the most out of your every single search.

You can search for ads by what is more important for you.

AdSpy costs you $149 monthly for membership, and Adspy has a huge database of Facebook and Instagram ads.

5. Whatrunswhere

Wharunswhere is one of the best Comprehensive Ad Intelligence services to spy on ads.

This data-driven marketing company allows you to search for any ads. Moreover, you can filter out the ads by only Affiliate links.

The data can also be sorted as per the dates and times. You can see all the ads from the past 30 days or years.

Wharunswhere- facebook ad spy tool

The pricing of whatrunswhere is according to the features.

The basic version for desktop and native ads will cost you $299 a month, while the full coverage with mobile will cost you $399 a month. However, prices are not shown on the website; you need to contact them for pricing

The price is more when you compare it with others, but this tool gives you more features.

6. Connectexplore

With the connectexplore’s automated smart research tool, you can see the detailed statistics of all the ads your competitors never get to see.

With this amazing tool, you can save more than $5000 by blinding going with ads. Now, you know what will work and what won’t.

So, you can access Connectexplore today and see how high your conversion ratio goes.

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It costs you $297 for a lifetime. However, there is always some discount going on, so you can get this tool for as low as $197.

Along with this, they provide Connectsuite free 30 days trial worth $97 a month. It is one of the few best Facebook ads spy tools that offer lifetime licenses with a one-time payment.

7. Bigspy

Bigspy is the upgraded version of Adspyhub. If you are looking for easier and want to spy on most of the ads, Bigspy is one of the best Facebook ads spy tools for you.

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You can spy on ads on all the networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Admob, and Pinterest. They are very few tools that give the combination of all these networks. You can spy over ads of over 8+ social networks

Moreover, for the drop shippers out there, Bigspy also lets you spy on Shopify ads. What else do you need?

You might be thinking it would cost you more dollars.

You are wrong; this tool is free to use so if you are a beginner user of Facebook ads or dropshipping, Signup for Bigspy and make huge profits.

8. Anstrex

With Anstrex, you can unlock the power of online marketing. You can save many hours on researching the ads.

The tools let you spy on the top-performing ads. You can drive more traffic with their awesome landing page ripper.

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It is a decent tool for all affiliate marketers, content creators, direct sales marketers, and brand advertisers.

You can filter your search by various variations. Moreover, you can integrate with Alexa, Similarweb, Shopify, and woo commerce.

The pricing for the tool starts from $89.99 per month. The basic membership gives you a limited amount of features.

9. Native ad buzz

Native ad buzz is the native ads spy tool giving huge data to design your highest converting ads.

With native ad buzz, you can search the ads for desktop and mobile ads. Native ad buzz offers a fair pricing option.

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The basic plan starts at $47, which gives you access to two countries’ data with the basic search functionality.

However, if you want a more advanced search and get the data from other countries, you will need to upgrade the membership.

10. Adplexity

It is another tool for spying on profitable ad campaigns. Using this tool, you can see a campaign for over 80 countries. This tool focuses on push ad campaigns

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You can uncover profitable push campaigns of over ten push traffic networks.

You can download any landing page in zip format using this tool in just one click

The basic plan starts from $149$ per user

Bonus: Facebook info and ads

As a bonus, you can try Facebook info an ads. This is not a particular tool to spy on ads; however, you can get much information from the info and ads tab of Facebook. When you log in at the sidebar, you will see this option.

You can get an idea about what people are advertising and which ads have more engagement ratio. It does not give you accurate data, but you can pretty much know about your competitor’s ads. Also, it is free to use. So, you can give it a try.


To conclude, these are the best Facebook ads spy tools you can use to save thousands of money.

Instead of wasting money on trying new ads, you should use one of these tools to spy on your competitor’s ads and get the most out of your ads.

Moreover, you can use the trial version of some of these tools to spy on ads; you will run your campaign with the help of the ads you spied on.

Some of these tools cost you more, but by their features, you can max 10x more profit than their monthly fee.

So, you should now stop guessing about the audience and type of ads that work. Instead,

you should go with anyone from this huge list of best Facebook ads spy tools. Do comment your favorite tool and tell us if you think we missed any of them.

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