Facebook Page vs Group – Know The Difference

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Facebook page vs group: It is needless to say that social media marketing is the first thing that you need to check off your list in the business marketing plan. Without the help of social media, a business would not take much time to fall apart. Moreover, the term social media marketing seems quite fancy and pretty, but it is not in real life. Rather, it is one of the toughest jobs there is. Starting with the algorithm and ending with the boost post, social media is like the spider’s web where one thread sticks to your leg while you are trying to get rid of another.

Moreover, in the midst of this social media dilemma, the one important marketing topic includes Facebook page and group. It is more of an ‘or’ thing than an ‘and’ thing. Facebook page vs group — what to choose and what not to?

Before we can start arguing about this social media fiasco, we should focus on the definition of these two important parts of Facebook.

A Facebook page is your personal Facebook account, but it is more of a business character. It is the place to create an authentic representation of what you are and what you do. Your Facebook page is open for everyone to visit and like or share as he or she would deem fit.

The basic concept of a Facebook page is quite similar to that of a personal Facebook account, but the intention of opening a Facebook page is to become an entity rather than just a person. Also, the Facebook page helps in creating your brand as well.

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A Facebook group is a place where all the like-minded people join in for a different kind of discussion and communication. People can discuss anything here, provided that it not violate the group’s rule which is usually framed by the admin. A group can have multiple Facebook administrators.

Thus, a group is more like a community center or organization where people can talk about charity, fashion, TV shows or whatever they feel like.

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Facebook page vs group – pros & cons list

This heading might surprise you, but the Facebook page and the Facebook group have their share of pros and cons which surely hurts your method of marketing that you choose. Let us have a look.



  • Pages can be updated easily, and anyone can manage a Facebook page without any hassle.
  • As a Facebook page looks like any other personal account; thus it can engage traffic more than anything else.
  • The Facebook page allows you to create banners and personalize the page according to your needs.
  • Also, the URL of a page can be customized. Thus, the Facebook page can be used more efficiently to reach out to people.
  • Great for SEO purpose. Your Facebook page will always show up on Google searches.


  • It is quite hard for a Facebook page to grow organically. Unless and until you give it a marketing paid boost, your page will not engage higher traffic.
  • The conversations are more difficult to manage in a page.
  • It is not easy to promote a page.
  • As a Facebook page is always open for the public to inspect, all the posts and all the activities of the page should be monitored closely and carefully.
  • Facebook pages are not self-sustaining.

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  • Groups are much easier to connect with people and build a community. You can easily interact with other people and share your personal information.
  • Groups do not need a boost. They can be spread through people by adding more people through the members of the group.
  • As a group has the presence of more personality, it is quite easier to create your brand name here without any efforts.
  • Groups can be self-sustaining. You can add members initially, and after that, they will add members and your groups will thrive on your own.


  • Facebook insights are not available for the Facebook groups. Thus, it is harder to keep track of your business moves, unlike Facebook pages.
  • Although a group can expand, it takes time. Moreover, mostly, a group tends to have a narrow audience set.
  • Groups can be closed, open or secret. Thus, it is quite hard for the people to find your group even if they are open and public, unlike Facebook pages.
  • The lack of having an URL can be a notice in the group. Without the URL, you cannot customize your group; thus it will not reach a higher number of people as well.
  • Also, a group does not allow you to add any additional application for promotions which is a big letdown.
  • Groups do not have any SEO purposes.

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The Ultimate Battle of ‘Which one is better’ — Facebook page vs group

Although with the above list of pros and cons, it cannot be quite clear which is better, it surely gives out a little perspective on this two concepts. The whole discussion of Facebook page vs group is vague as both of them have their functions. If you want to engage with more people and let your business grow a little, a group would be much suitable than a Facebook page.

However, if you want to present your business as a brand and promote the social marketing seriously, a Facebook page would be ideal. With perfect business analytics, boost tools, and SEO system, a Facebook page is the perfect marketing tool for your business.

Thus, it completely depends on the purpose. If you want to establish yourself as a brand, there is nothing better than the Facebook page. However, if you want to thrive as a community organization, a group will give you more potential than anything else on the social media platform. Thus, it is one you to choose wisely, set your mission straight and go for the one!

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