10 Best fashion affiliate programs to earn a huge commission

As the designer and the fashion industry is growing at tremendous speed, so are the fashion blogs. There are many fashion bloggers out there providing valuable content to their users. They are monetizing their blog in one way or the other. No matter how many visitors you have the best way to monetize a fashion blog is by the affiliate programs. Therefore, we have gathered the best fashion affiliate programs for all the bloggers in the fashion industry.

Top 10 Best fashion affiliate programs


1 Shareasale 

If you already have a blog, you surely have heard about the Shareasale network. It is not an affiliate of a single company but a platform where you can manage all the merchant within the same dashboard. Furthermore, the Shareasale network has one of the oldest and best fashion affiliate programs out there for any fashion bloggers.

Shareasale network

The best part is, some of the merchants accept auto-approval. This is mainly for the people who have low traffic and who generally do not get approved by huge affiliate programs. You can take advantage of Shareasale and earn massive commission on every sale or lead.

If you are thinking about which merchants you will be promoting, then it includes Reebok, Zara, Adidas, Jockey, and many more programs. You can select the one you want to share. Moreover, if you want the recommendation, you can check out the Runway Catalog and Current Boutique.


2 RewardStyle

RewardStyle is also a platform where you will get the offers from the brands who are willing to promote their products. You will see a list of all the merchants and their commission rates. Make sure you navigate to their fashion category to get the related programs.


You can join as an influencer and start promoting the products of various brands such as Wayfair, Loft, etc.

At first, they only allowed the influencers to join via invitation. However, now, you can apply for the program. The selection process is difficult, and you will need to have a fantastic website with content in order to get approved. Once you get approved, you will receive a huge commission from the products you are promoting.



3 Amazon Affiliates

How can we forget about the most successful shopping website? Being a fashion blogger, you might be promoting many products, and your visitors are also more likely to buy clothes and fashion accessories from you. You can find the best fashion stuff from Amazon.

Amazon affiliate programme.

The approval process is super easy. You will directly be accepted in the program once you sign up for the affiliate program. However, you will have to make at least three sales in 90 days to keep your account active. Making three sales in 90 days is quite easy when you have much following.

Also, fashion blog visitors are more likely to purchase clothes and accessories. You can take a look at Amazon bestseller and get a post the affiliate links of all those products on your blog.


4 ShopStyle Collective

If you are looking for easy signup process, ShopStyle is here for you. They have one of the best fashion affiliates programs that offer a wide range of products. They have some of the excellent innovative tools to increase the revenue generated. You can promote their products with their widgets and plugins.

ShopStyle Collective

The commission rate depends on the products and the visitors you send.

Moreover, the best part about the affiliate program is, they pay you for every click you send them. Yes, the customer doesn’t need to complete the sale and purchase the product. Once they click on the affiliate link, you will get your payment.

If you are new in blogging, this can be the perfect option for you as your customers won’t have to purchase something. Although the payment will be low, you can easily make some good bucks if you have visitors.


5 Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is just like Shareasale, where you can take advantage of many best fashion affiliates programs. The signing up is easy; you will need to look for the merchants you want to promote.

Rakuten Marketing

The cookie duration and the average commission will depend on the merchant you go with. Moreover, if you are looking for the best merchants in the program. We would suggest you go with Lucky Garage sale.

The reason why you should go with this program is that they have an average order value of $750 and they offer a 3% commission. You can calculate the earnings by yourself. You just need to send a few visitors, and if one of them make a purchase, you can easily earn some instant cash from here.


6 Impact Radius

You can easily get the most of the online stores with affiliate programs here. Now, you no longer have to look for an online clothing affiliate program. You can try Impact Radius for the affiliate program.

Impact Radius for the affiliate program

The overall commission and the cookie duration is low, but you will surely get some of the amazing merchants here. Talking about the rates, they provide anywhere between 4% to 8%. However, the products are worth selling, and therefore, this affiliate network is in our list of best fashion affiliate program.

The signup process is easy, but you will need to apply for the merchants that you want to promote the products for. You can manage all the merchants on the same dashboard with this network.


7 Flexoffer

Flex offer is another affiliate network where you can find more than 2000 merchants. You can select either one or multiple of them and start promoting their products in your blog or website. You can earn a commission for each sale or lead your delivery.

Flex offer affiliate network

The rate of commission will depend on the merchant you are working with. You will surely find one of the merchants that suits your needs. Therefore, this network is also included in one of the highest paying fashion affiliates.

Make sure you check out the cookie duration of the program you are working with. Longer the cookie duration, the more money you will get when you see the bigger picture.


8 Boutique 1

Coming to the single merchant best fashion affiliate programs, we have Boutique 1. If you are looking for woman’s clothing affiliate network, they have amazing products you can check out. Along with this, they have bags, accessories, etc. You can simply send traffic to them, and you will get money for every sale you make.

best fashion affiliate programs Boutique 1

The commission amount will vary from 7 to 12% depending upon the product they buy. Moreover, they have a cookie duration of 10 days, which is enough for anyone to decide if they want to buy the recommended product. Also, as an affiliate member of Boutique 1, you will get early access to the goods and the products.

You can promote the merchant by various text, ads, and they even have banners that you can use. The best option is to make the top-list of product or simply review them.


 9 Nordstrom

The other most searched and one of the highest paying fashion affiliate programs is Nordstrom affiliate program. The base commission here is very low of only 2%, but for some of the products, you could get as high as 20% commission per sale. This is highest compared to any of the other program.

Nordstrom affiliate program

As you are in the fashion industry, you surely have heard about Nordstrom. They have a big name in the fashion and design industry. You can simply apply to their affiliate program and start promoting them for your profit.

Most of the people prefer buying Nordstrom products online. Therefore, it is one of the programs that you can easily profit from. Being the brand name, you won’t have much work to do.


10 Stylebop

If you are still looking for women’s clothing affiliate programs, Stylebop is one of the best fashion affiliate program that you can take advantage of. They have various range of clothes, shoes, along with many other accessories that you can choose from.

Stylebop is one of the best fashion affiliate program

The best part about the affiliate program is that it provides 8% flat commission for all the sales of your delivery.

Moreover, their cookie period is also very long. The cookies last for 30 days. That is a lot more than other affiliates in the fashion niche.

They have more than 150,000 products. You can check out them according to the category and promote the one that you want. The average card value of the customers here is $450. You can promote this fashion affiliate program with banners, texts, or you can use the widgets to promote the same.


Final words

To conclude, these are some of the handpicked best fashion affiliate programs you can try. To make more money, first of all, know what your audience love. Add the affiliate links according to that. If you have more female visitors (which is in most of the cases), you should choose the one that has more woman’s clothing and accessories.  The other way to make more money from fashion affiliates by giving an honest opinion. No one will listen to you or buy from your links if you do not provide them genuine information or review. So, keep these in mind and join the best affiliate program that you are interested in.

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