9 Free CDN for WordPress to Speedup & Secure Your Site

Today, when the average rate of technological change is high. some places in the world, internet speed more than 10 Mbps, Some lucky people are enjoying speed up to 1 gigabit per minute, because of services like Google Fiber, Jio fiber, etc

However not every place in the world getting fast internet speed. Hence It is no surprise that CDN providers are flourishing as they help to speed up website load time and providing security to the website.

Moreover, It is always better to have your website powered by a CDN. As a CDN reduce bandwidth load from the hosting provider.

Your site will load insanely quick and will rank high in search engines as the loading time of your webpage plays a significant role in visitor’s user experience. Moreover, Good user experience will help your website rank higher in search engines

That is why so many webmasters use free and paid CDNs to improve their website loading times.

Undoubtedly, speeding your site load time is essential for the success of your website or blog. And if you are a beginner and can’t afford paid or premium CDN plans. Then we have a list of free CDN for WordPress for you which may make a massive impact on your website performance.

Why use a CDN & How it works

CDN is a content delivery network. Content delivery network is a network of the servers that provide pages and other website content to a user, based on geographic locations of the user, the delivery of the webpage depends on the content delivery server location and user request location.

So every time a person visits your website, content will be sent to them via the server that’s nearest to them.

Let’s imagine you are using any of below free CDN for WordPress site hosted in Australia Now, if any person is accessing your site from India then your site’s content is given by a CDN server situated in India or nearby country or location  and not from your hosting company in Australia. This localized access of site resources will speed up your website at the user`s end.

By the way, I forgot to say the paid CDN providers are super expensive and highly unaffordable for small-budget new blogger or businesses, so we have a list of free CDN for WordPress sites for you.

CDN networks help in speeding the delivery of content of sites with high traffic and also sites which have international reach. The closer the CDN server will be to the consumer, the quicker the website content will be sent to the user.

As now you know the reason you need to start using CDN, now you’re going to start searching for the very best ones in the market. You don’t have any need to search anymore as below is a whole collection of best free CDN for WordPress blog which is entirely free to use.

Moreover, The most important thing in blogging is the blog loading speed. If your blog loads slowly, you may lose a significant amount of traffic because no one is patient enough to wait for the website to load since they can go to another site. So you need to pay attention to make your website load faster so that no one leaves your site for its poor loading speed.

Moreover when you optimized everything on your site, from optimizing the images to optimizing the JavaScript and CSS files and even enabled the Gzip compression, however, if you are not yet installed CDN to your website, then you have not yet optimized the speed fully so don’t ignore CDN.

Different types of WordPress Sites Which Must Utilize a CDN

Now that you have learned nearly everything about what is CDN and how it works. Next question would be how you can decide that your website requires a CDN or not?

You need to Have CDN if:

  • You’ve got a complex website with lots of multimedia stuff. Featuring a large number of images, videos or sound clips.
  • Your visitors are increasing at an exponential pace.
  • You are running Website which is prone to surprise traffic spikes, for example, You have a WooCommerce-powered online store that often encounters a load of traffic during the sale or ad campings
  • Your site is getting a good number of global traffic from several different countries around the world.
  • If you’ve got a website which utilizes tools, such as videos, advertisements, forms, and chats solutions, from a third party site, software or support.
  • In case you’ve had an internet community site where a large number of like-minded people communicates with each other simultaneously.

So here is a list of best free cdn for wordPress blog which is entirely free to use.


CloudFlare is number one in the list of free CDN for WordPress because it’s probably the most well-known free CDN solution. Additionally, it provides the user with added features which make it more appealing than a number of the other free CDN on this list. CloudFlare is most popular & most effective free CDN for WordPress users.

That offer you a complimentary program. It has 118 data centers, CloudFlare provides reliability, speed, and security From Standard DDoS attacks

CloudFlare claims that the average website using CloudFlare loads two times faster than it would without CloudFlare.

CloudFlare caches your articles across its global network and serves it up from wherever is closest to your visitors.

One of the chief benefits is that CloudFlare doesn’t charge you for bandwidth overages it is 100% free. Some other free CDNs are free until you hit certain limits.

It is effortless to set up on your site. You can setup Cloudflare in under five minutes. It is one of the best ways to supercharge and speed up your site load speed.

Some of the features of CloudFlare are:

  • Content caching, instant purge caching
  • Globally load balanced CDN
  • HTTP/2 and SPDY
  • Comment spam protection
  • Async Javascript loading
  • IPV6
  • WebSockets
  • HTTPS Rewrites
  • Restful API
  • Page rules
  • Operational & Threats insights
  • Basic DDoS protection
  • Cloudflare issued certificate
  • And many more


2.Jetpack Photon

Every WordPress users knows jetpack. In their recent updates, They’ve included a free CDN service named Photon that functions on your website’s images through their  WordPress.com network. To activate this service, you just have to do is download And install this plugin naed Jetpack and enable its Photon module.

Jetpack Photon is a CDN which uses WordPress.com’s established infrastructure to speed up images loading. Unlike other CDNs, it will not host all of your files but just images. Moreover, it’s free and Simple to configure, so it’s quick to set up for any site already using Jetpack.

You do not have to configure anything! Simply install This  plugin jetpack, log in with your WordPress.com account & activate the photon button. That’s it. All your pictures will be offloaded to WordPress. The network which powers over thousands and thousands of site throughout the globe.

Features of jetpack photon

  • One-click installation and set up no programming, no complicated configuration.
  • Automatically resizes graphics and images for mobile devices which helps in increasing site speed.
  • Unlike many CDN providers, Jetpack photon website accelerator is free with no upsells.
  • Works nicely with all their ad-free video hosting support.
  • An unlimited number of documents no number of file restriction.
  • Automatically starts serving all images, CSS, and static JavaScript files of the website from their servers located across the world.


Incapsula from Imperva is among one of the best free WordPress CDN cloud-based security providers. They provide website acceleration and security for almost any type of websites. It offers a completely free program can be the perfect option for your website or personal blog.

Moreover, Incapsula is a free CDN that provides a similar sort of support to CloudFlare. Incapsula caches all your static content. Meaning it handles HTML, graphics, JavaScript and whatever else which does not frequently change. Afterward, Incapsula serves those up inactive resources from the closest data center within their international server network.

The free tier also has bot reduction to secure your website from several malicious attacks. And Incapsula additionally helps you implement two-factor authentication for areas of the site to add more security.

The installation process for incorporating Incapsula into WordPress is comparable to CloudFlare. All you have to do is make an Incapsula account and change your DNS into Incapsula.

Incapsula is a free CDN that provides a similar sort of services to CloudFlare.Incapsula caches all your static content that does not frequently changes. Afterward, Incapsula serves those up inactive resources from the closest

The installation process for incorporating Incapsula into WordPress is comparable to CloudFlare.


Still Managing Your Pictures In-House? Utilize Cloudinary’s picture service instead. With easy integration which programmers will love you will receive instant access to cutting edge image capacities. Get your pictures delivered independently, responsive and extremely optimized for almost any device in any place. Pictures are served via Akamai’s global CDN.


  • Upload images
  • Image manipulations & effects
  • Cloud storage
  • URL based transformations
  • Face detection based thumbnails
  • Smart resizing
  • Fast CDN delivery with advanced caching
  • PDFs, sprites, animated GIFs, profile pictures
  • Integration SDKs
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Online DAM & media library
  • Dashboard & online reports
  • Dedicated S3 buckets
  • RESTful APIs
  • Text & image overlays
  • Integration with your development framework
  • Image metadata & semantic data extraction
  • Automatic backup & revision tracking



It’s interesting to note that Swarmify functions in a somewhat different way. Let us say a bunch of users is browsing your website. Consider these as the primary peer in P2P. When a new guest Or you can say peer arrives, the images are served in the existing group of users. This conserves your Bandwidth only for images within their free program.

To give it a try, download the WordPress plugin and then give it a try. Swarmify also offers video CDN, which is part of their paid program.

Swarmify Features

  • Unlimited video hosting
  • HTML5 video player
  • Buffer-free, Speedy load times, stall-proof playback.
  • Optimized experience on every device
  • Import YouTube content and place in a custom video player
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Video engagement analytics

6.AWS CloudFront

Aws CloudFront first introduced in 2008. It delivers content to visitors with lower latency, AWS CloudFront uses a global network of 166 Points of Presence (155 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 65 cities across 29 countries.

Moreover, Amazon CloudFront an industry leading CDN. AWS Free Tier provides 50GB data transfer out plus 2,000,000 HTTP & HTTPS Requests with Amazon CloudFront. This is unquestionably a must try for many WordPress fans.

For starters out there, you can use the WP Offload S3 Lite plugin which lets you incorporate your Amazon S3 storage along with Amazon CloudFront CDN services on your WordPress website.

CloudFront can accelerate the shipping of any content or files which you would ordinarily function over HTTP(S): static, dynamic, or press loading. There is integrated service for on-demand streaming through RTMP, also.

Features Aws CloudFront provides:

  • Control panel
  • Origin pull
  • Origin push
  • http/2 protocol
  • GZIP Compression
  • Custom rules
  • Online signup
  • Raw Access Logs
  • Shared SSL Certificates
  • Custom SSL Certificates
  • Custom CNAMEs
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates


Datapath is going to be the ideal solution if you’re using AWS and trying to maximize the system latency. It incorporates with AWS to deliver your site faster and lessen the bandwidth price. Datapath optimizes the visitors and reduces AWS latency.

In the free program, you receive the following features.

  • Latency optimization
  • 500GB monthly visitors
  • Traffic tracking


JsDelivr is a CDN for hosting JavaScript files. If you run a WordPress site, then there’ll be a good amount of JavaScript files on your site, and the majority of them will likely be conducted through this network.

The most significant usage of jsDelivr is that you use some custom JavaScript code on your website.


CoralCDN, initially developed by MIT students, uses countless computers throughout the world wide web to function as its information centers. That is why they can provide their services at no cost!

This kind of CDN is popularly referred to as the Peer-to-Peer content delivery system. CoralCDN tracks your site’s static content via their network by simply appending’.nyud.net to a domain.

As an instance: if your website’s domain name is www.yoursite.com, subsequently CoralCDN plugin makes it www.yoursite.com.nyud.net

What are the main benefits of using CDN

  • Website security

A CDN may improve safety by providing DDoS mitigation, improvements to a security certificate. CDN will also provide a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that will protect a website from a specific type of DDoS attack, CDN provides Origin Shield, many suppliers offer an additional layer of safety to keep data secure, process customer transactions and stop DDoS attacks, DNS Amplification.

  • Improves speed

A remarkable improvement in the site’s performance is the primary and most significant reasons for using CDN. As high-reliability operators can provide high-quality content using a high degree of support, very low network server loads, and therefore, lower prices. Moreover, jQuery is ubiquitous on the web. It decreases the physical distance between user & the server; a content delivery network reduces the network latency which makes your site load quickly.


  • Reduce Bandwidth Costs

With CDN you can distribute the load, save some bandwidth, boost the performance of your website and reduce your existing hosting plan costs. Offloading CPU, traffic and other sources from your original hosting server to a CDN can cut bandwidth requests up to 60 to 70%.

  • Global Scalability & Availability

Imagine if your primary server crashes due to a sudden increase in traffic. When CDN is enabled on your website, your site will stay up always & running with multiple servers will help in handling a sudden spike in traffic.



I am hoping that you enjoyed the post about the free CDN for WordPress website. However, As your traffic grows, you must begin considering the paid choices. If you do not spend money on maintaining and upgrading your website. You will start losing your faithful readers. Overall, a CDN provides many performance advantages to your website. It helps in distributing bandwidth over multiple servers.

However, CDN isn’t an absolute necessity, and often your website may still function well without using one. Still, odds are it would likely perform better with it. If you’re running a website with high traffic & other above-said types of a website where I suggested CDN, then you should think about it as your optimization tools.

Be sure to do proper research before selecting a CDN provider since the benefits you stand to will be based on the provider you pick

I’d Love to hear from you now. Are you using a CDN or considering using one. What is your primary reason for using one and exactly what benefits have you understood for this article above? If you know or using some other CDN network in your site, then do share them in the comment section below.

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