Top 10 Free Online Image Compression Tools

Free Online Image Compression Tools:

There is no need to talk about the importance of images in today’s world. May it be as a token of memory, or for professional use, pictures are always important. However, uploading high-resolution images on various platforms is not workable.Innumerable social media managers and bloggers face this problem on a daily basis.Uploading a large-sized image on websites and WordPress plugins take a much longer time. Hence, online image compressors are a necessary tool today. If you are not convinced enough, take a look at the need of  free online image compression tools below.

What is the importance of  image compression tools?

  • Helps to save space.

Compressed images will engage lesser space on your smart device. Small sized photos will spare the memory for more storage.

  • Save time.

Once you size images, uploading them will take a lot less time. You will be able to upload more than 20 compressed images within the time taken to upload one raw file.

  • Save data plan

Uploading a compressed image will cost you least data from your plan. Also, you can share more pictures with reduced size by spending fewer data from your paid plan.

  • saves money

As all tools, we mentioned don`t need any subscription and are free, so it saves your money. You don’t need to spend money on paid image compression software

Does compressing an image reduce its quality?

Once you reduce the file size, you will face two kinds of image optimization. Some optimizers prefer lossy compression whereas others will result in lossless compression.

In case of lossy compression, the image optimizers result in an irreversible change. However, the image loses its original value, and the result is a look-alike of the original. Since it is the easiest, most of the in-built optimizers prefer lossy compression.

In case of lossless compression, the optimizing tools deduct the less important factors. It also does not compromise with the quality. Such a process results in a better picturization. However, only a few free image optimization tools offer this feature.

Thus, here is a list of 10 best free image compression tools which might help you in the future:

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG image optimizer is one of the best free online optimization tools. It is simple and easy to use. Thus, any amateur will be able to operate JPEG Optimizer.


JPEG Optimizer - Compress and Resize Your Digital Photos

  • Pros: You can regulate the degree of image optimization. Hence, you can upload images faster on the website. Users all across the world use it for resizing their pictures as well.


Next on the list of free online image compression tools is compressnow. Innumerable users use CompressNow all around the world. The tool allows you to optimize a picture of any format. Yes, whether it is in JPEG or GIF form, CompressNow can reduce the file size without a fuss.

Compress Image - Compressnow.

This way, you can upload the pictures faster. It also allows you to download a lighter version of the image to the PC.

  • Pros: ConpressNow has a preview option enabled in it. Hence, you can both cause the variation and control compression level together.


GiftOfSpeed optimizes both JPEG images and PNG formats. Innumerable people all over the world favor it. It has several features and techniques for image compression. With this, you can reduce the image size to the minimum.

JPEG Compressor - Compress JPEG images to smaller size online

  • Pros: Images optimized by GiftOfSpeed loads fast. You can check the time of upload on a web page with GiftOfSpeed.

Tiny PNG

It is one of the best free image optimization tools. With Tiny PNG, you can upload up to 20 images all at once.

TinyPNG – Compress PNG images while preserving transparency

It supports all the necessary image formats. Hence, it is one of the most popular online image optimizers.

  • Pros: You can also download the optimized files in your desktop for future use.

Convert Image

Next on the list of free online image compression Tools is Convert Image. Innumerable bloggers use Convert Image. The compressed images are useful for web pages and WordPress plugins. However, it is exclusive to JPEG images.

  • Pros: You can convert JPEG images to any other required format.

convert image


Optimizilla also allows lossless compression. Thus, your image quality will not get affected. On the contrary, the optimized images will be much lighter. The specifications and features are quite user-friendly.

optimizilla is one of the best Free Online Image Compression Tools

  • Pros: You can upload up to 20 images all at once. Besides, you can adjust the compression level for each image.


It is one of the best free image compression tools online. Not only the image formats, but ImageRecycle allows optimization of GIFs as well.

ImageRecycle, image & pdf compress


Apart from this, you can you can also check the performance score for your website. It will inform you right away if an image needs resizing for better performance.

  • Pros: ImageRecycle comes with a slideshow instruction guide. Hence, understanding the features is quite easy.

For everyone who has to resize images daily, Kraken is a spectacle. It comes with flabbergasting user-friendly features. However, it is available in two free and pro version.

Kraken Image Optimizer ·

Once you upgrade to the latter, you can have access to professional editing features as well.

  • Pros: You can edit and download more than one image to the Dropbox of your PC.


It is also a lossless image optimizer. Hence, it creates a lighter version of the original image. However, you can use Trimage image optimizer for PNG and JPEG formats only.

Trimage (lossless) image compressor

  • Pros: It gets rid of casual data and eliminates EXIF. Thus, it maintains the image quality.


Next on the list of free online image compression Tools is JPEGmini. It comes with the benefit of lossless compression. Users prefer JPEGmini because of the quality it maintains. Hence, you can upload image faster than the original. However, will not notice any visible difference.

JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet!

  • Pros: It comes with a preview option. Hence, before uploading you can check the difference between original and compressed images.

Image compression tools are probably the handiest tools you can ever have. Yes, you can always do it with Adobe Photoshop. However, is it that easy to master? The answer will be a big NO!

There are many paid image optimizers for professionals which charge a hefty sum. However, the features offered are not that different from free online image optimizers.

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