15 Best Free Reseller Apps In India in 2022

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Best Free Reseller Apps In India

1. Meesho

Meesho is one of the best and top-rated reseller app. Meesho is like Flipkart and amazon but with a twist.

The twist is on Meeso; you can also resell Meesho-listed products to others and earn profit from it.

This is an Indian app; the founders of this app are Sanjeev Barnwall & Vidit Aatrey; both are from IIT Delhi

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Meesho has a huge collection of lifestyle and fashion products. You can check products catalogs and share them with your contact on Facebook and Instagram or similar social media platforms

If people like the product, they can order the product from your link. or you can order that product from Meesho for your customers.

You can fix your prices and earn a margin from the products.

You need to take care of reselling Meesho products to earn margins rest of the work like deliveries and payment collection is done by Meesho

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2. GlowRoad

Amazon India recently acquired Glowroad. You can resell products on Glowroad.

Glowroad has more than 6 million resellers; you can download the Glowroad app from the Google Play store.

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Glowroad has thousands of high-quality products across 100+ categories.

You can find everything from sarees to electronics to bed sheets on Glowroad.

You can make ₹30,000 to ₹40,000 a month easily by working on Glowroad.

It supports & delivers products to over 2000 cities in India.

For an income estimate; To make ₹20000 from Glowroad, you approximately have to resell 100 products

3. Shop 101

Shop 101 is another reselling app. Recently Glance acquired Shop 101.

By reselling shop 101 products, you can earn ₹25000 or more monthly.

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This app has over 90 lakhs registered resellers and delivered more than one crore orders till now. They also have a free training program for new bees

It’s a earn money online at home without an investment app. You can work from home at your convenience.

You have to resell shop 101 products online to earn margins.

If you are a student, housewife, mother, or retired person looking for some extra income, you must check this site.

You need to take care of reselling their product to earn margins rest of the work like payment collection and deliveries are done by them

4. ResellMe

Resell me is another excellent platform for resellers. Sellers on Resellme can create a reselling group for free. You can operate or join reselling group on Resellme.

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This app has over 500000 resellers app has over 5000 reselling groups. You can directly work with brands and manufacturers.

Resellers get free COD and free shipping on all orders. Easy returns feature is also there

This app has over five lacs download on the google play store

5. Mercari: Your marketplace

Mercari is a marketplace where you can sell anything legal you want. You can sell both new and old items on this marketplace.

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This app connects millions of people across the united states.

This app has over one crore downloads on the google play store. App reviews and rating is also very high.

You can sell anything from the comfort of your home. Listing products on Mercari is effortless.

6. ZyMi

ZyMi is another reseller app in India where you can start your store and work from home without investment. It provides the best quality product at the lowest price.

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As a reseller, manufacturer or supplier, you can register on the platform and start selling products.

It is a growing platform; however, this app has comparatively new and has only 50,000 thousand downloads on the play store. App rating is also abysmal is just 2.5 stars

7. Cartlay

It’s an online marketplace for resellers in India. It has over 10000 products.

You can set your margin and share the product links with your contacts.

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Other than reselling, you can also make money from its refer and earn program.

You can download cartlay’s app from the google play store. This app has over one lacs download

8. OLX: Buy & Sell near you with online classified

It’s an online marketplace where you can buy & sell stuff locally. You can purchase pre-owned goods from here.

Other than that, you can also sell or buy services. Find jobs on Olx. From cars to clothes to books, you can buy & sell everything you want

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OLX is one of the fastest-growing buy and sell services. OLX is a top-rated reseller app in India

There is a chat feature where you can chat with potential buyers or sellers.

You can post one or two ads for free in a month; if you want to post more than two ads a month, then you have to buy additional ads from OLX

This app has over 100 million downloads with a 4.2 rating on the google play store.

9. OfferUp

Buy, sell, letgo is the tagline of Offerup. It’s a marketplace where you can sell used or new things. This site is only available in the united states

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The app has a user-friendly interface. This app rewards sellers who give a good customer experience to their users.

Sellers and buyers both get ratings for every completed deal. Most of the seller’s accounts are here, facebook verified.

This app has over five crore downloads on the google play store with a 4.3-star rating.

10. Carousell

On Carousell you can sell a wide range of products. On this site, you can sell any new or old item.

If you have stuff that is not useful to you anymore and want to sell them. Then you can list that on carousell

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Carousell is a classified or community marketplace platform. Carousell is a Singapore-based company.

This site operates in Hongkong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Macau, and New Zealand.

You can buy or sell new and second hand good very quickly using this platform

From cars & property to jobs & services, you can buy or sell here anything.

Setting up an e-commerce store is easy.

If you are into the business of selling goods, whether new or second-hand. There is a unique feature named carouBiz for you.

carouBiz helps in the operations and branding of your business.

this app is available on the Google play store and has over 10 million downloads with a 4.3 rating

11. letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

Letgo is a top-rated and editor-choice app on the google play store. This app has over ten crore downloads on the play store.

This company right now is owned by offerUp

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It’s another reseller app where you can buy or sell any stuff like clothing, automobile, or electronics.

You can sell all the unwanted or second-hand stuff you don’t want on the letgo app.

Letgo was launched in January 2015 by ex-CEO of OLX, Mr. Alec Oxenford.

This app is available In Spain, turkey and Norway. You can download the app for iOS and android

12. Quikr – Search Jobs, Mobiles, Cars, Home Services

Quickr is another reseller app in India like OLX.

You can buy or sell cars, mobiles, electronics, furniture, appliance or anything you want.

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You can buy or sell new or second-hand stuff on Quickr.

Other than buying or selling, you can also find jobs or services on Quicker.

You can download this app from the google play store. This app has over one crore downloads with a 4.1 rating

13. Hi Boss: Reselling APP/Wholesale APP

HiBoss is a wholesale and reselling app that provides products at wholesale prices.

Free COD and free shipping are also available on the Hiboss app.

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On HiBoss there are over ten lacs products listed in multiple categories.

Opening a store on hiBoss is easy

This app has over ten lacs downloads in the google play store; however app rating is low, just 2.6 stars

14. Facebook buy and sell groups & market place

Facebook is a very powerful social media platform where you can do many things.

You can play games, socialize with others, and promote your business.

You can also use Facebook as a reselling platform and earn huge profits.

Facebook buy and sell groups can give your products a vast audience as Facebook has so many users.

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You must choose your local locality on Facebook buy and sell groups.

Also you must read group guidelines before posting anything in the group. Every group has its guideline set by the admin of the group

You can also use the Facebook marketplace feature to post your product for selling.

It’s similar to OLX and Quickr, but you can post as many ads as you want and are not required to buy paid ads. However, never spam facebook that can result in a ban on your account

15. Decluttr: sell stuff online

Decluttr helps in buying and selling tech. It’s a site where you can sell your old electronic devices like tablets, cell phones, iPad.

You can also buy refurbished products from this site.

On Decluttr, you can trade in your unwanted gadgets, books & games for cash.

By this, not only do you get cash, but you also save the environment by reducing e-waste

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To sell your stuff to them, you just need to scan it with your phone camera.

After that, you get an instant valuation of your stuff.

You can get paid the next day.

You don’t need to wait for auctions. You get instant cash for your old tech product.

This app has over five lacs downloads in the google play store

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