Free SSL Certificate to Secure Data of Your Website

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Get a free SSL certificate

By watching the increment in the usage of the internet, the safety of a website’s data becomes one of the most crucial issues. A large number of websites are launched on the internet every day. Whereas, on the second side, a large number of hackers are ready to harm the website. If your website is not secure, then consequently, hackers can easily steal your personal or professional data anytime. To overcome this problem, adding a free SSL certificate to a WordPress website is the perfect solution.

You should know why a website needs an SSL certificate. Read the full article and get every detail about the SSL https. Also, request your hosting provider to get a free SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL, which fully stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL will create a padlock in the website address, which secures the data transaction between two different browsers.

If it’s utilizing an expanded approval (EV) SSL certificate, the address bar or the URL will be green. EV SSL guidelines outperform those SSL.

EV SSL gives the personality affirmation of the proprietor of the area. Getting an EV SSL certificate likewise expects candidates to experience a thorough assessment procedure to affirm their realness and proprietorship.

For safe browsing, every website requires an SSL https certificate issued by one of the perceived certificate issuing authority.

This authentication is confirmed and featured in a user’s browser with a lock sign and HTTPS rather than HTTP.

How to install an SSL Certificate on WordPress Website?

You can install an SSL certificate with Lets Encrypt in two simple ways. The first is the manual way, where you can install a free SSL certificate by using Let’s Encrypt documentation.

The second way is the automatic installation. Numerous well-known hosts like to prefer automatic installation with the admin panels.

Albeit, each web hosting service Provider Company, uses a unique process. If you need free SSL certificate then follow the below mentioned three simple steps and get free SSL:

  1. Make yourself login to your admin panel dashboard or user portal.
  2. Now, move the cursor on your-website name > SSL > Add Certificates > Get Let’s Encrypt.
  3. Select the domain for which you need SSL HTTPS.

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How does an SSL Certificate work to secure your website data?

The encryption of the transmitted website data and information ensures that all transferred data and info stays private.

So the data which is shared or transferred by the use of any online data transfer platform may be some sensitive information about any person or an organization.

Web hackers or attackers can’t translate and steal such kind of data, for instance, Credit Card Numbers, Login ID, E-mail Address, Password, and much more transmitted under the safe layer. If a website is secured by SSL https, a lock symbol shows up in the address bar before the web address.

Similarly, still, a lot of websites are believed to exchange the info without encryption or security server. Due to the lack of security, hackers can easily thieve the data, such as Login ID, Credit Card Numbers, Email Addresses, Passwords, and so on.

Popular websites have enabled SSL https on their WordPress website to secure their business details, clients, and customers’ data.

While, on the other side, if a webpage isn’t encoded with SSL https, however, endeavors to counterfeit it, the client will see a notice that the ‘site won’t be sheltered to visit.’

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SSL Certificate cost?

The cost of SSL Certificates varies, starting with one certificate authority to one another. There could be anyplace between $50-200 for one year.

A few suppliers offer extra services with their free SSL certificate, which may likewise influence the cost of your SSL certificate.

If you are planning to buy a WordPress SSL certificate for the assured security of your website, in that case, we prescribe GoDaddy.

They are the biggest domain name registration and web hosting service provider firm across the globe, overseeing in excess of 76 million domains and web hosting as well.

They offer a basic SSL certificate package beginning from $69.9 per year. After you have acquired the SSL certificate, you can request that your web hosting supplier to install it for you.

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How to get a free SSL Certificate for a WordPress Website?

If you need to install or set up a free SSL certificate for the WordPress website by yourself, then, in this case, you should have a good understanding and sound knowledge of coding, server details, and Shell/SSH access to utilize the command line tools.

This makes it very troublesome for amateurs to legitimately establish Let’s Encrypt SSL setup in an exact way.

Fortunately, the best WordPress hosting service provider organizations are presently offering a free SSL certificate with so many hosting plans.

Picking one of the spares you from the problem of setting up an SSL certificate to secure your WordPress website from hackers and web attackers.

Here is the list of best WordPress hosting service provider companies who are offering a free SSL certificate. Consequently, you can select a suitable web hosting plan of your choice.

• Bluehost Web Hosting
• SiteGround Web Hosting
• WPEngine Hosting
• Fluid Web Hosting
• Dreamhost Web Hosting
• InMotion Hosting
• GreenGeeks Hosting

Although already taking a web hosting service from any of the companies mentioned above. Then you can turn on your free SSL certificate from your hosting dashboard or c-panel.

You can likewise request your web hosting supplier for the establishment of a free SSL certificate for you.

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Auto-Renewal of free SSL Certificate of WordPress website

After, desired time duration, a WordPress website requires the renewal of a free SSL Certificate. This auto-renewal procedure takes a couple of minutes to finish.

Once finished, your site will begin serving on HTTPS as well. Endorsements issued by Let’s Encrypt should be restored in every 90 days. A Free SSL certificate deals with the restoration procedure automatically. All you need to set “YES” to the Auto-Renewal option from your admin panel.



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