10 GDPR WordPress Plugins to Comply With EU’s Law In 2023

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law passed by the European Union (EU) made all website owners look for the best GDPR WordPress plugins to comply with the laws.

We have gathered some of the cool GDPR WordPress plugins you can use to make your website GDPR-proof.

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a rule regulated by the EU and is applicable from May 2018, affecting all website owners who have traffic from European countries.

The law states that you need explicit consent from the users to collect and process their personal data, including but not limited to IP Addresses, user agents, etc.

This causes trouble for website owners to use Google analytics or other tools to track users.

This was just the basic explanation of GDPR, as GDPR contains a lot more rules.

This was the basic overview of GDPR and how one can comply with it.

According to the law, if one is found violating the rules, they can be punished with a fine of up to €20 million or 4% global turnover, whichever is higher.

However, a warning will be given, but it is always better to take precautions before something like this happens.

You will have a lot of plugins installed on your WordPress site. You can use the following GDPR WordPress plugins to make your website GDPR-proof.

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10 GDPR WordPress Plugins

1.  Cookie Notice

You might have seen many websites asking your permission for cookies as soon as you enter the website, and no cookie notice does the same.

You can add a custom cookie notice for your visitors.

word image 2362 1

Also, redirection to a custom page such as privacy policy can be set.

Moreover, there are various other plugins that can be integrated with Cookie notices.

There are also many more options you can use such as refuse all the functional cookies, revoke user consent, manual block script and also allows you to animate the button or reload the page once the cookie is allowed by the user.

2. Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

Ultimate GDPR compliance toolkit is the GDPR toolkit for WordPress.

It seamlessly integrates with many other plugins such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, Divi theme, BBPress, and many others.

You can ask for the user’s consent and data access.

word image 2362 2

It has a lot of options for customization and to run it as per your wish. Along with this, the plugin is extremely easy to use.

After installing this, you don’t have to worry about installing other GDPR WordPress plugins.

This ultimate plugin will cost you $21, and you will get a lifetime of updates for free in just this one-time fee.

Hence, you can purchase this plugin as it saves valuable time and is affordable.

3. Delete me

By default, WordPress has no option where the user can delete themselves after the registration.

This applies not only in the profile section but also in the comments, etc. The same thing is against the EU policy.

word image 2362 3

In order to make your website GDPR compliant, you need to allow the user to delete themselves or their information.

Delete me adds another option by which users can either delete themselves from their profile or it can also be used to delete their data from comments or links.

Moreover, the plugin allows you to add a redirection and has various options you can customize.

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4. GDPR Cookie Compliance

This is yet another alternative for Cookie notice.

GDPR compliance adds a similar kind of notice and allows the user to control how cookies are stored and used.

It is one of the few GDPR WordPress plugins that allow full customization.

word image 2362 4

There is a premium version available for the plugin. However, even using the free plugin, you can add your logo, colors, etc.

Moreover, you can change the text, and it allows a CDN-based URL. Therefore, even if your website runs on CDN, this plugin will run smoothly without any issues.

5. Monster Insights

Monster insights is one of the most famous tools for Google analytics.

People use it as a great alternative to Google analytics as it shows everything right in the WordPress dashboard.

They have an extra add-on that allows you to comply with GDPR.

word image 2362 5

The add-on goes with the name Google Analytics EU Compliance.

It allows you to anonymize IP addresses. Also, you can Disable the Demographics report.

Moreover, it can be integrated with famous cookie plugins such as Cookie notice and Cookiebot.

It can also be integrated with other plugins, but you don’t need to configure anything when integrating monster insights with any of the above-given plugins.

6. WP Forms

WP Forms is one of the best WordPress form plugins and also supports GDPR. You can pause all the Geo-location and other tracking with one single click.

The form field also allows the user to agree to the GDPR agreement to proceed further.

There is an option by which you can enable notification emails even for the non-input field.

word image 2362 6

This becomes very much important if you are collecting and sending the data to your email service or using CRM integration.

You can also stop or halt collecting all the IP Addresses and other info the user gives while filling out the form.

7.  Weepie Cookie Allow

Weepie cookie allow is one of the premium GDPR WordPress plugins.

It is flexible, easy, and cookies can easily be implemented using Weepie.

You can block all the privacy-sensitive and all the 3rd party cookies before the user allows them.

word image 2362 7

A notice allows you to keep accept, decline, and custom page options.

Moreover, the best part about the plugin is that it Complies with many other countries’ cookie laws, such as German cookie law, Dutch cookie law, UK cookie law, and of course not to mention, EU General data protection Regulation (GDPR).

However, the plugin is not available for free. You will have to pay $24 for the plugin.

8. OptinMonster

OptinMoster is one of the best lead generations plugins to collect emails.

It has a powerful conversion ratio. You can easily customize all the forms, providing all the functionalities you want.

word image 2362 8

The famous plugin is also in compliance with the General data protection Regulation.

You can add a fully customizable checkbox while collecting data from the form.

It asks for explicit consent from the user for all the campaigns you have set.

If you have been audited, they have a full GDPR Audit Concierge team that can help you wherever you need.

All you need to do is fill up a form, and they will contact you. However, as you know, the plugin isn’t free to use and costs you $9 per month for a basic level of membership


9. Privatecontent 

Privatecontent is a type of membership plugin that can be useful for restricting a particular kind of content only to the users with a specific level. It is GDPR compliant.

word image 2362 9

You can use this plugin to restrict certain pages or posts.  It has advanced user management along with all the tracking options.

Moreover, it allows you to hide your whole WordPress website with just one click. The plugin is not free and can be brought from CodeCanyon, and the plugins cost you $35.

This plugin is more than ten years old and has over 11000 sales on code canyon.

They also give the seven-day free trial

10.  Cookies information | free GDPR consent solution

This plugin is for making your website GDPR compliant. It can show cookies pop-up, consent log, etc

word image 2362 10

You can try the cookies information plugin for free for 30 days. This plugin has over 250000 installs

This plugin offers three different paid plans. The basic plan starts from 10 Euro monthly


To conclude, these are some of the famous GDPR WordPress plugins you can use to comply with the EU GDPR. Although, no plugin can make sure you are 100% GDPR proof.

You need to confirm it with the internet law attorney to check if your website is 100% in compliance with the GDPR policy.

However, these plugins will probably keep your website safe from GDPR. Moreover, you need to care about any other plugins you use and ensure they comply with the GDPR before installing.

Especially the one that requires cookies such as tracking or advertising plugin.

These types of plugins are mainly using cookies.

If you use any other plugin, ensure it is GDPR Compliant. If that particular plugin isn’t GDPR compliant, you can find some add-on available to make it comply with EU’s rules.

However, you should consider replacing that plugin with another one if you are not able to find any add-on or another plugin to make it GDPR-proof. This way, you won’t be in trouble with the European Union.

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