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What is Gromo | GroMo Referral Code

Gromo is an online platform that allows you to sell financial products and earn a commission. It’s an app where anyone can join Gromo as an agent to sell insurance and other financial products.

The whole joining process is online, so you don’t need to go physically to their office.

You can earn as much as possible by selling financial products on this platform. There is no cap on earnings.

Gromo also does the training on all financial products through videos and webinars. So if you are new to selling financial products, you can join the free online training

Gromo is trusted by more than 10 lakh agents all over India. It has over 40+ financial products listed on its platform, which its agents or Gromo agents can sell to earn a handsome commission

Recently Gromo raised $11 million series A round funding from SIG venture capitals and others

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What does Gromo do

Gromo has 40+ financial products listed on its platform. Once you register on Gromo as their agent, you can sell these financial products and earn a handsome commission.

Who can join Gromo | who can join the Gromo partner program

  • Finance professional
  • Students & House wifes
  • Self-employed
  • Direct selling agents
  • Influencers and online marketers
  • Or anyone who can promote or sell their financial products

If you want to set up work from home, the Gromo app is a must-have app for you.

How do you earn money on the groom app?

After becoming a Gromo agent, you can sell financial products listed on the site/app. When you sell these products, you get attractive commissions or incentives.

Once you become a certified advisor or GroMo agent, you can get customers or create leads for the Gromo app. Additionally, there is a referral program where you can refer and earn

Gromo has the best incentives and the shortest payout cycle

Who is the founder of Gromo

Ankit Khandelwal is the CEO and founder of Gromo, whereas Darpan Khurana is the co-founder. Both the founder are from IIT Delhi.

Both founders have good industry experience.

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Gromo is real or fake

Gromo is a real app, and it’s a legal business. It offers attractive ways to earn commission by selling financial products online and offline. You can sell Gromo products to any of your customers via the link or direct selling.

The customer you send to Gromo will always remain yours. Even when in the future they deal with Gromo directly; then also, you will get a commission

It’s one of the best money-earning apps, and it’s a zero-investment business

Financial Products available On Gromo

There are many brands and products available on Gromo which you can sell and earn a commission

  • Credit card

IDFC First Bank credit card, axis credit card, ICICI bank credit card, IndusInd credit card

  • Demat account

Paytm money Demat account, bajaj securities Demat account, edelweiss Demat account, ICICI direct Demat account, axis direct Demat account.

  • Saving account

Jupiter money account, Kotak 811 saving account, Niyox digital savings account, AU saving bank account, IndusInd saving account

  • Investment

Kotak cherry

  • Loan

India lends personal loans, Instamoney account

  • Credit

Freecharge pay later account, bajaj Finserv Insta EMI card

  • More financial products in future

Benefits of using Gromo or working as a Gromo agent

  • Zero investment business
  • Work from home business
  • Customer remains your for a lifetime
  • Highest payout in the industry
  • Data privacy for Gromo agents and customers

How to use the Gromo app

As a beginner, you can watch videos that are available on their app. Videos are related to how Gromo works; you can watch videos or join live training on how to use Gromo.

Various webinars they do daily. You can join webinars like “how to get more customers” and “how to earn 1 lakh month using the Gromo app

Gromo Academy for training

You can join Gromo academy for training. You can join various courses and webinars available on the Gromo platform

Gromo academy is a place where you can get training related to the Gromo platform and financial products that are listed on Gromo

Various courses and webinars are available on this platform which you can join.

Some of the courses available here are “Gromo app demo, how to get customers, financial freedom for self, become a great salesman; other than this, they also do product-related webinars

Gromo Refer and earn program

Gromo also has a refer and earn program where you can refer your friends and earn. When you refer a friend, you get ₹100 and 5% of your referral’s income lifetime. But you will get all these when your referral gives first sales to Gromo

How much can you earn through Gromo

Gromo offers multiple financial products like saving accounts and Demat accounts. You can sell these financial products and earn more than ₹50000 a month. Many people, after becoming Gromo agents, are earning handsome money

Gromo unique features

  • Visiting card

Using this feature, you can create your digital visiting card for free. You can send this visiting card to your WhatsApp

  • Diary

Diary is a place where you can store all your client details, like vehicle numbers. In this feature, when you store your client’s vehicle number, Gromo reminds you when your client’s insurance expires. You can also share your website with your clients if they have challans. Those vehicles numbers will automatically be added to the diary

  • Website

You also get a website or landing page by your name or branding, which you can share with your client. You can share this landing page with anyone.

  • Content

When you become a Gromo agent, you get access to their content. You can use this content for promotion.

You get posters and brochures in the content section. Posters you can share on social media.

Whereas brochures contain all the information regarding specific financial product

  • Support

As a Gromo agent, you get support through email and chat. Chat support is available from 8 am to 12 am on all working days

Frequently asked questions/FAQ

  • What does GroMo do

It’s a platform partnered with many financial products, generating leads and sales for them. On the other side, It provides the opportunity for its users to generate leads and sales of financial products on its platform and earn commission

  • How to earn money in GroMo

Creating an account is very easy. You get immediate approval; you can generate leads or sales of products available on the platform and earn a commission

What is the eligibility to become a Gromo partner

  • good understanding of language
  • have smartphone
  • like selling or promoting financial products as it’s a game of sell; if you can sell, then only you will earn income
  • How much can you earn for Gromo

There is no earning cap more you sell more you can earn. On average, a person with average sell abilities can easily make around ₹50000 a month

Gromo is a great platform if you want to make some part-time or full-time income. You can earn as much as you can sell; there are no caps on earnings. You can also create a network or team under you.

If you have any questions regarding the Gromo app, you can ask in the comment section

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