17 Best Free Infographic Submission Sites

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What are infographics

Before we start list of best free infographic submission sites let`s have small introduction of what are infographcs.

An infographic is a visual communication intended to increase focus, and improve understanding of the message using graphs, charts & graphics.

It’s a visual picture which has information or message in the form of graphs, charts, graphics which makes massage easy to understand.

If added to an article infographic makes it interesting to read or understand.

infographics are more interesting from lengthy posts or articles, and it’s easy to understand for human mind as processing rate of visual content such as images, graphics are much higher than processing rate of text or words.

Because of this reason, people engage more with infographics than ordinary text.

How Infographic Submission Helps in SEO

Search engines can only understand texts, not graphics or images.

Then you must be thinking then what’s the benefit of making an infographic and infographic submission.

The main benefit of making infographic is the chance of getting a top quality backlink and social media shares. However, creating a high-quality infographics needs a good amount of time.

We can say submitting infographic is one of the perfect ways to get Backlink as well as referral traffic. You can submit the same infographic to many websites.

You don’t need a unique infographic for every website as we need unique content in case of writing a guest post.

However, it would help if you write a quality description for every single infographic submission website you are going to submit.

Backlink from submission website is not high-quality backlinks most of the times.

However, As per research Sharing rate of infographics is more on social media as compared to any other type of content online

Moreover, in case, your infographic goes viral in that case you can get a top quality backlinks otherwise you sure can get a link from infographic website which I am going to mention later in this article

So Here is Best Free Infographic Submission Sites List

1. Slideshare

Slideshare is the most popular infographic submission websites. Linkedin owns it.

On Slideshare you can submit presentations, PDFs or any other documents here.

You need an account on SlideShare if you want to submit your infographic here. You can also use your LinkedIn account


Alexa ranking of SlideShare is 151, SlideShare has a large number of users.

So you can get many views from there high user base. It’s an excellent place to submit your infographic.

2. Visual.ly

Visually content for modern marketers

Visual.ly connects journalists, designers, animators, and programmers to customers.

You can not only submit your infographic here. Moreover, you can hire a professional graphic designer, writer, an animator from them to create videos, books, presentation & infographic for you.

submission infographics on Visual.ly is free. However, You need to Create an account before you post on Visual.ly.

Here you can make, share and sell your infographic. You can also use its analytical tool to analyse the performance of your infographic.

It enables you to create your infographics. It’s among the best infographic submit websites.


3. Infographic Reviews


Infographic reviews the best infographic reviewed by community

On this infographic website, you can get reviews & rating for your infographic.

It will give you a level or rating from 0 to 5 for your content and its capability to influence your targeted audience.

After getting a review, You can improvise your infographics to find the best possible outcomes later. Furthermore, The community on the website can assist you in generating amazing infographics.


4. Infographics Archive


Infographic archives

Infographic archives started by programmers and designers with a deep passion for producing and promoting Infographics.

They have links to the worlds greatest Infographics and information visualisation on the internet.

They don’t offer free entry. Their entry price is $20 they have three plans $20, $34, $44. After submission, they publish infographic within 2-3 business days.


5. Graphs.net



Graphs.net is a website where you can find lots of information visualisation and innovative infographics. this website offers the hottest infographics on various subjects

Based on the content, infographics are selected in various categories, and the hottest infographic displayed on the top of every category.

They have a free and paid plan. By choosing a paid plan, you can speed up the release date of your visual & can receive an SEO-friendly backlink.

However, in the free plan, you will be asked to wait a week or even longer for publishing your infographic.


6. Infographic Journal


Infographic Journal

Infographic Journal is a simple infographic submission website.

They have three plans by which you can submit your infographic, Basic- Free, Express- 25$, and Featured-75$.

The basic plan takes a couple of weeks to publish your infographic when approved.

The express plan takes just one day to publish your infographic.

In the Featured plan, your infographic is going to be shown on their homepage for seven days at the cost of $75.


7. Cool Infographics


Started in 2007 Cool Infographics has a large number of significant examples of information visualizations and infographics found in newspapers, magazines, and online.

The site has rapidly become among the very best websites for the infographic design & submission.

Cool Infographics


8. Pinterest



Pinterest is the largest platform to submit pictures and infographics.

It has a massive audience.

To submit your infographic, you need to make an account on it.

Pinterest is free to use, however just like any other social networking; you required an account to begin using it.

You need to fill details like your name, age, sex, language, and state plus you need to select a minimum of five categories to follow to ensure Pinterest can begin showing you customised pins according to your interests.


9. Flickr


Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is next in the list of Best Free Infographic Submission Sites.

It’s a platform specially designed for designers and photographers. Flickr is an online community where you can not just share pictures but also can discuss, share your views or get reviews from the community.

Flickr by yahoo

It’s an Alexa ranking is 354. You can register on this site and produce your record and start sharing your infographics.

Though this site is primarily for photos sharing, sharing infographics isn’t a huge deal here however you can upload infographic no restriction on that.


10. Reddit


Reddit is next in the list of Best Free Infographic Submission Sites.

It is a top-rated infographic submission website and visited from all around the world.

If you’re seriously interested in making your infographic go viral, then you have to take this site seriously.

Reddit Best Free Infographic Submission Sites

It is possible to submit your infographics on this site in simple steps, and you do not have to be a geek to accomplish this.

The web site has a user-friendly interface that’s simple to use. Its Alexa ranking is 21.


11. uCollect Infographics


Ucollect is another infographic submission website which shares the best informative infographics & visualisation from all around the world.

Ucollect infographics

You can only submit one infographic in free plan & submission takes 3-15 days.

However, in the paid plan, you can submit unlimited infographic. Visit their website for more info.


12. Fast Company


Fast company is among the largest brands on the internet with a massive audience.

There’s not any specific section for infographic entry.

Fast company

However To publish an infographic, contact right through their email address.

Ensure that your infographic is valuable and informative .


13. Infographic Bee


Infographic Bee is the place where you can find beautiful infographics,

You can also submit your infographic at no cost if you can wait for several weeks or you can select express review however you have to pay $9.95.

Infographic Bee for submitting infographics

You can find the “Submit Infographics” link on the left sidebar. Click that and complete the form.

You will be directed to PayPal which you can skip and move to the free entry if you do not want to opt for an express review.


14. Infographaholic


Infographaholic is one of the high traffic infographic directories on the internet; It has many different categories like advertisements, nonprofits, video, and much more.

Infographaholic best free infographic submission sites

Submitting your infographic is simple. Just click Submit, on the menu, and complete the form.

They are only accepting 500px wide infographic. Otherwise, they will not get featured.

You can choose from three plans- Free, 10$, 20$ plan.


15. Daily Infographic


At Daily infographic, they choose one infographic daily as “Infographic of the day.” Through this strategy, they have managed to collect a following of thousands of subscribers each month. Every entry gets at least a few thousand views.

dailyinfographic infographic submission sites

Submitting your infographic is not hard.

Just visit their Work with us / Submit a Design Request section, and complete the form.

This website gets tons of submissions every day, so try to distinguish yourself from the rest. You can also contact them. if you want new infographic designed.


16. Mashable


Mashable is a digital media website founded by the Pete Cashmore in July 2005, is currently the top source for news, information & what is happening on the world wide web at the moment.

Mashable infographic submission website

To submit your infographic to mashable go to mashable.com/submit/.


17. Behance


Behance has a large number of designers from all around the world to showcase their most recent work.

If you have designed infographics that you are proud of, then you can showcase there and get a high-quality backlink. It’s free & they don’t have paid plans.

Behance infographic submission website

So let’s discuss in detail what are Benefits of creating & submitting an infographic

1. Impressive & Eye-Catching

Infographics are good for compiling a big size of information into a single easy-to-understand graphics format.

It’s great to look at. Your readers will enjoy the graphical representation of information as it’s easy to get information from.

2. Great for search engine optimization

As stated previously, visuals are far more share-worthy than general text content.

Moreover, not just are people more inclined to talk about your infographic, the search engine also sees it shareable and will likely give your page a higher position.

3. Creates More Traffic

What is the purpose of great content if you don’t get readers attention.

Through infographics, your viewers can quickly scan the information, receives the message that you are trying to give, and remember it long after they leave the page.

The impressive and influential infographic can drive more visitors to your site. People like and share visual content more.

Infographic makes your content shareable so you can get referral traffic from the submitted infographic.

4. Mobile and Embeddable

the most significant advantages of infographic are its mobile and embeddable layout.

With the help of embeddable code, people can share your articles by copying it directly on their webpages.

The embedded infographic will then can give a backlink and referral traffic

5. Shows you as an authority

If you present your article through an infographic, you are not just positioning yourself as an expert

you are also raising your brand’s influence.

The process needed to make a great infographic requires knowledge, time, and expertise, something that your readers don’t get have until an authority give it to them.



Infographic submission is an excellent way to get a backlink and referral traffic as well as Infographics are a terrific way to influence your audience in a significant way.

In case you’ve any complicated message to communicate then think about using infographics and information will be simpler for your audience.

You can use the websites mentioned above for submitting your infographics and boosting its reach. All these are highly credible sites.

If any of the above website not working tell us in the comment section. Furthermore, if you know another high infographic submission website, then please discuss it together so that we could add it to our list of free infographic submission sites.

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