Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Free Tool in 2023

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Most businesses use Instagram as it is a very popular social media platform, especially for digital promotion, sales or lead generation.

Hashtag on Instagram is a very important feature that helps discover content. Twitter was the first social media platform that started using the hashtag

On Instagram, you can use 30 hashtags per post, but social media experts suggest not to overdo it and use around 20 hashtags per post

Instagram does not have traditional search; it is the hashtags that help in searching content on Instagram

Instagram these days penalize account that uses the same hashtag in every post. That is why you should use different hashtags that match your content on Instagram

In this article, we are going to list some of the best Instagram hashtag generator free available on the web; you can use these Instagram hashtag generators to generate the best hashtag for your Instagram Post

9 Best Instagram hashtag generator free tool

#1. All hashtag

All hashtag tools can generate hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You just need to insert and press generate, and it will generate the best 30 hashtags for you; whatever you put in for the search, it will find relevant hashtags to that word

you can copy hashtags in just one click

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This site was started in 2015; you can generate search and analyze top hashtags through this site; it has many hashtag tools like hashtag generators, hashtag creators, and top hashtag finder

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#2 RiteTag

Ritetag is another site you can use to generate hashtags for your Instagram post.

It is a very popular site that gives instant hashtag suggestions for the Instagram post after analyzing real-time hashtag engagement

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It has a google chrome plugin and apps for Android and iOS. You can easily find the best hashtags using RItetag

Key features of Ritetag are Hashtag suggestions for images like Pinterest and Instagram, Hashtag suggestions for the text, Integration with various social media profiles, Tag sets that are for grouping hashtags

#3 Hashtag generator

It is an AI-powered hashtag generator and is available for ios devices only. You can easily find relevant hashtags within a second with the tool

You do not need to log in or make an account to copy the hashtag you select.

This app is free to use but also has paid plan with premium features.

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This app has a good rating in the ios store. You can find trending hashtags with this app

This app has photo recognition technology that suggests relevant and trending tags when you upload your photo

This app recommends uploading well-lit photos so it can recognize photos with its AI-powered technology

#4. Sistrix

Sistrix is another Instagram hashtag generator that can suggest hashtags for your post.

This is a free tool; you can do up to 25 queries per day in the free version. You do not even need registration or an account.

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But once you reach 25 queries a day, you need to log in to use further

It has data of more than 7 million hashtags that get updated regularly. This hashtag generator can pull over 15 billion hashtag combinations

The tool user interface is user-friendly, and it is quite easy and simple to use

#5 Hashtags for likes

Another Instagram hashtag generator tool that can help grow your Instagram account organically is Hashtags for Likes.

This tool can help find hashtags for Instagram and TikTok. You can also Check the availability of Instagram usernames.

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It also offers analytics features that help find the best hashtag and track post performance.

It has various features to help grow Instagram & ticktock. Like Hashtag Generators, analyzers to analyze any Instagram influence, popular hashtag finders

It is a free tool but has a paid plan with all the premium features.

The free version of this tool has very few features. It comes with 14 days of a money-back guarantee.

#6 Daily Purpose

You can use this simple-looking website to find relevant hashtags for your post.

Just enter the keyword in the top search bar to start. It then automatically finds a list of Instagram hashtags that you can use

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This site is to use, and the site has a basic design; you can choose manual hashtag selection or automatic hashtag selection

It also offers advanced statistics for free. You can use the best feature that shows the best hashtags rankings based on city, country, gender, language, account type, age & interest.


It is another free AI Instagram hashtag generator you can use to get more likes, views, impressions, clicks, and followers on Instagram. is an AI-powered hashtag generator; you can generate keywords by simply putting a keyword or image

word image 7664 7

It has a simple interface and simple-to-use tool with no advance features like an analyzer or statistics. You can use it only for hashtag generator

Actually, it is an AI content generation platform that has this free tools for users


The keyword tool is a keyword research tool offering a free Instagram hashtag generator.

The basic tool is free, but an advanced feature version showing all hashtag’s stats comes with a price tag.

word image 7664 8

The free version shows all hashtags relevant to your keyword. But paid version also shows the total post, total search volume, average trends, and average competition, like the number of searched keyword

Keyword tool pro is priced at $79 per month. It gives 30 days money back guarantee

#9. Toolzu

Toolzu is another hashtag generator tool for Instagram. It also has an app for the google play store and apple play store.

To find a hashtag, you can upload a photo, enter a keyword or paste the Instagram post url directly so that it can fetch photos and suggest keywords

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It has an AI algorithm inbuilt that helps in picking up hashtags. Toolzu has more than 12+ hashtags database

You can check trending and top hashtags on this app. It has more than 100k downloads on the google play store. It is free to use the hashtag generator

Frequently asked questions/ FAQ

  • What are the best hashtag tools for Instagram

Free hashtag generators are almost all the same and provide basic services. If you are looking for the best hashtag tool for Instagram, then you should go for the paid one; we suggest either go with keyhole or Hashtagify; both are paid but good and provides many advanced features to grow your Instagram account

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