3 Sites to Make Money Online Doing Micro Jobs

Most of us like to work on their own and don’t want to work under some bosses. who doesn’t like living a stress-free life with no boss over? The Internet made it easy we can do freelancing or start up the business with very low investment. we can make money online doing micro jobs and that’s what we gonna discuss in this article

Now in 2020 Freelancing websites improved a lot like interface design, payment gateways, the number of clients they have on their platform posting new jobs, number of jobs on the platform.

doing freelancing online is a good choice to earn money. you can do this part-time as well. Many people all over the world doing it full time. Some doing it part-time apart from their regular jobs.

Here are some websites on which you can make money online doing micro-jobs. these are the best website on which people from all over the world are doing the micro job. let’s check three micro jobs websites




Make your profile together and start offering your micro-services at a greater cost than Fiverr. Just like Fiverr they also have speed vendors and give them more visibility after promoting great services.

In the SEOClerks market you may find Article composing, Link Building, Logo designing, Article read-proofing, Blog commenting, Social networking gigs and many other amazing gigs. which may are very helpful to any internet entrepreneur.

This is just another brilliant online micro-task place at which you can sell your services at any given price. This works on precisely the principle of Fiverr. They take 20% commission from your fees.

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I adore Fiverr over anything. You can quickly create your profile on Fiverr and begin offering your services. After you’ll begin selling services than in line with your client’s need.

Fiverr may boost your gig depending on your job completion rate. Higher the completion rate Higher your gig ranking.

You will get lots of traffic then. Fiverr has a level system level one seller, level two seller. Top-Rated Seller, after you will meet some of those decent levels, you are going to begin gaining more sales.

This is a market where people are selling their skills in starting from $5.

you’ll be able to find any of your online/offline work completed in starting from $5.

They call it GIG, so whenever you’re purchasing anything from Fiverr in their specialized term you’re purchasing GIGS.

They’ll keep $1 from each gig that you will sell through Fiverr they keep $1 commission. or you can say they charge 20% commissions from sellers. Simply name any internet work and you’ll come across many Fiverr sellers individuals offering their solutions in only $5 or starting from 5$. you can work on Fiverr no matter from which country you are. on Fiverr, you will find lots of Indians, Pakistani & Bangladeshi freelancers. Fiverr is one of the best  micro jobs website India

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best websites to micro jobs online


Upwork has tremendously skilled people with this platform and they are making good money. if you are a freelancer with some good skills you can also try Upwork. There are many categories on this site from graphic designers, copywriters, web developers to SEO specialists and whatnot.

This is the website where you could find any work that can be done with the support of a specialist. however, if you are a freelancer you can find many categories where you can work as a freelancer. Being a freelancer that’s the site you must join to make money online doing micro-jobs. This is the largest micro occupation websites in the internet word

there are many freelancing websites on the internet where you can find work and make money online however in this article we are only focusing on sites which can provide you micro jobs if you know any other site then please share with us in the comment section

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