Top 7 Best Native Ad Networks

Native ads are the best way to get the best out of Digital Marketing. With the increase in usage of ad block, there are many display ads are often blocked using these tools. The native advertisements bring a whole new level in advertising. The ads are relevant to the content and looks natural. By implementing these ads, the visitor does not feel like seeing the ads everywhere. It also increases the engagement as the ads are shown are natural and does not look like ads. To know more, before going into the list of best native ad networks, firstly let’s see what are native ads and how they are the next level of advertising in near future.


What are native ads?

Native ads are advertisement shown in between the feeds. This is one of the paid advertising used by marketers to shows the ads with relevant content. This include sponsored Instagram post, twitter tweet, blog post, and even more. These ads can be image ads, video ads, infographic, slideshow, or can be simple text ads. You can get these advertisements from any of the native ad networks.

These type of advertisements are used because it creates trust and engages more audience. The reputed brands influence people by the paid products. This feeds or advertisement are mostly displayed as influencer’s own feed. For example, often websites offer a sponsored post or a paid post where the post is not shown as an advertisement. The ads are shown as natural feed. This increases the engagement and conversion of the product or service. As more and more display ads are shown on the internet, the usage of in-feed ads (native ads) has increased. These ads have a great chance of increasing CTR rate and hence benefiting customer, publisher, and advertiser as well.


Best Native Ad Networks


1. Taboola

The first in the list of Best Native Ad Networks is Taboola. It is one of the huge and widely popular native advertisement and content discovery platform. It is the best way to drive quality traffic using video or text content. Taboola has a wide network of publishers and influencers to promote any type of content and get a huge amount of traffic as well as conversions.

Content Discovery & Native Advertising Platform

For advertisers, the infeed ads offer a huge ratio in converting the traffic into your customers. Moreover, they also offer video ads, Earned media, as well as lead generation campaign. You can easily build your email list by using the perfect audience targeting. If you are a publisher and want to use Taboola, they provide Taboola Feed for advertising. You get Acquire audiences at positive ROI.  The ad network is widely popular among all the top magazine such as USA Today, BBC, TMZ, Boston Globe, Mail Online, NBC News, and Chicago Tribune


2.  Revcontent

Revcontent is the world’s fastest growing among all the best native ad networks. The widgets are a lot cleaner as compared to other networks. The report says it has more views than Amazon. It has a 20% revenue share model for all their publishers. It provides unlimited customization of the API which is the best part. Along with this, they also provide infinite scroll options and gallery implementations. They provide more than 250 billion recommendation per month which is among 97% of US households. Above all, there is an average of 3% conversing ratio.

Revcontent - The World's Fastest Growing Content Recommendation Network.

They provide huge results to all their publishers and advertisers. They provide many customizations options for your advertisements. Also, you can target the audience with high engagement. It is one of the best native ad networks because of ads control and engagement. For publishers, you can get around 30-50% higher rates while comparing to other networks. Some of the famous brands using RevContent includes Forbes, Wayfair, Bank of America, Match, IDG etc.


3. Outbrain

Outbrain is another best native ad networks to drive traffic using the recommended section. With over 10 years in the industry, they have 80% of premium publishers traffic. They have served more than 275 billion recommendation. They have a huge network of popular publishers and advertisers. The publishers include CNN, Fortune, Wired, etc. While there are some of the popular brands like Toyota taking advantage of advertising through Outbrain.

Performance Based Native Advertising Platform

For advertisers, you can easily create a campaign in the 4-step launch process. You can define your CPC and maximize your conversion rates. They allow all kind of advertisements including slideshows, infographic, video, text, banners etc.  While talking about the publishers benefit, they have an amazing way to engage readers naturally. You can customize the widget on your own with their flexible layouts and designs. You can exchange your audience or exchange your traffic. There are many other options for you to choose from.


4. NativeAds

The next in the list is NativeAds. As the name says, it is the native ads platform which is easy to use, easily integrate on your website, has powerful analytics and much more. Moreover, they have an amazing support team to help you whenever you are in need. They have clean ads with all shapes and size which are easily customizable. Hence,  You can easily make more money without losing the existing visitors. It provides CPC as well as CPM type ads.

Native Ads - Native Advertising for Publishers, Advertisers and Agencies

They offer many advertisements including native in-stream ads, content recommendation etc. The ads are available for desktop, mobile and have various placements available. For advertisers, getting target traffic is now super easy using native ads. They offer Multiple ads variant to choose from. They have 85% advertiser redeposit. You can average increase your CTR by 40% by using Native Ads.

5. TripleLift

If you are looking for the best native ad network son the based on CPM. TripleLift is your stop. The native ad networks provide various advertising opportunity using CPM based pricing. The ads are simple, easy to integrate yet are very effective. They provide many formats for you to choose from including, video, on click video, image, text, carousel, window, scroll ads etc.

triplelift native advertising solution

For publishers, you can monetize your OTT audiences with novel in-content formats. This engages the audience and you can maximize the profit of your advertisements. Moreover, The beautiful advertisements can be programmatically installed anywhere. As a result, you can make a profit from each and every view you get. There is a whole new experience given by TripleLift for advertisers. By this, you can reach your customers on television, walled gardens and the open web.


6. Nativo

Nativo is another native ads platform. It connects you with every stage of the funnel. Starting from Native Video units to Native Display to exclusive Native Article Content, Nativo is one of the leading and the best native ad networks to display the ads. Also, It claims to have the next generation ad format. Some of their clients include IDG etc. The best part about the Nativo is the insights is that It provides very detailed insights for publishers as well as the advertisers. You can see the daily reports such as estimated earnings, average daily revenue etc.

Nativo native advertising solution

For advertisers, they have more than 90% of US traffic. Moreover, they guarantee to reach 100% of human and viewable ads.  You can boost your ads performance by the latest machine learning technology. They offer many ads format. This makes reaching the audience in any niche. Moreover, You can use any marketing strategy. The same features go for publishers. They offer Unmatched Scalability, Native Article Demand, faster ads serve, and much more for publishers.



MGID is a native ad platform for small publishers. You can acquire new customers through CPC advertisements. The same goes around for publishers, they can generate income by the ads. There are 52 categories for ads. The ad network started back in 2008 and has now over 3000 publishers. You can easily target your ad by using various things such as location, devices, etc. You can sign up for an account for free. Also, the implementation of ads is super easy.

Mgid native advertising solution

For publishers, you can choose which type of ads you want to promote. There is a widget available to display the ads on your website. You are in full control of the display ads. Moreover, you can place the ads on any website easily using the widget. Also, both mobile devices as well as desktop users can see the advertisements. The ads can be placed almost anywhere on the website. Some of the placement includes exit pops, header widgets, and many more. This is beneficial to advertisers as well as publishers.



To conclude, these are the best native ad networks you can use to display or promote in-feed ads. The listed network has huge potential in converting visitors which is beneficial for the publisher as well as advertisers. As a result, by using one of these ad networks you can unlock the huge audience and maximize your earnings as a publisher or you can increase your business as an advertiser. Moreover, you can always use more than one network for more profit. Make sure your ads are engaging to increase the CTR rate.

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