28 Best News Aggregator Website No.16 Is Best In 2023

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What are the content aggregator websites?

Before we start the list of best news aggregator websites, let’s see what news aggregator sites are.

News aggregator websites aggregate news articles from different sources in one place. It is a convenient service which you can use if the latest news interests you.

You can get the news from a different selected source in one place.

You don’t need to visit or bookmark each & every website when you are using any news aggregator website.

If you read a few blogs and news websites on the web regularly, with the help of these aggregator websites, you can aggregate their content in one place.

Moreover, some websites & apps deliver curated content on their own.

You don’t need to select a source with them.

The software or algorithm automatically suggests content based on your interest or trend.

By this, it can help you discover new exciting news & info which you wouldn’t have found your own.

You can bring all articles, tips, updates, news, and guides in one place with the help of content aggregators apps & websites.

They not only help the user but also add value to the publisher. That we will discuss later in this article

28 Best News Aggregator Website No.16 is the Best.

1. Bing News

First on the list is Bing news; it’s an excellent news aggregator service. Here you will find news from all around the web.

It is similar to Google news. You can narrow down your news feed by selecting categories & subcategories.

word image 2778 1

Different categories you will see here are top news, sports, world, science, technology, entertainment, politics, and business.

Furthermore, by selecting the country, you can see news related to any specific country or location.

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2. Fark

Founded by Drew Curtis in 1999. It was once the most popular site. You will find interesting & thoughtful topics here.

word image 2778 2

What makes it different from others is it has lots of hilarious and offbeat news that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s the best aggregator with a sense of humour.

Every day fark receives more than 2000 news articles from its users. Fark editorial team regularly choose around the best 100 articles to display on their homepage.

3. Feedly

Feedly is next on our list of best news aggregator websites. It has a clean and simple-to-use interface & is an excellent way to follow the news.

word image 2778 3

Feedly is customizable & available in the paid and free versions. However, you can only aggregate news from 100 sources in the free plan.

It can aggregate feed from any website you possibly could think of.

You can also import through RSS sources.

Feedly has an AI engine named Leo that can feed insights from everywhere across the internet, from blogs to Twitter to news sites or newsletter

you can track insights from across the web without reading everything.

More than 15 million people use Feedly; its very simple to use

4. News 360

Next on the list of best news aggregator websites is news 360.

It’s a website and app for Android and iPhone.

It provides personalized content aggregation based on the topic you selected to follow.

With time it can learn what you enjoy reading and helps find stories that can interest you

word image 2778 4

It can gather content from the big popular website to articles from microsites.

Furthermore, News 360 has various categories like graphic design, health, technology, photography, web design, news, insurance, financial, architecture, etc.

Get news in this app from more than 100000 plus sources. additionally, you can save the news for offline reading

It’s a top-rated app

5. NewsNow

Launched in 1997, news now is UK based news aggregation service. Through their filing engine (software/algorithm), It collects breaking news headlines.

word image 2778 5

It has thousands of publications from top brands from all over the world. On the news now, you can discover news from thousands of publishers.

Daily more than 100k news stories are curated on this platform from different sources.

News gets updated 24×7; it has over 14000 registered publishers.

More than 11 million people read 70 million curated articles monthly on this platform

6. Web designer news

If you want to read the latest quality news about web designing, development, and apps, then web designer news is for you.

word image 2778 6

Additionally, on web designer news, you will find lots of information about tools, apps, code demos, case studies, inspiration articles, and videos related to web design & development.

It’s a great site to read articles related to web designing and development in a single location

7. Panda

Panda is a free app; however, it shows some ads, and its interface is more appealing than most other aggregators.

word image 2778 7

Panda is for people who are developers, web designers, or entrepreneurs.

You can call it the aggregators of aggregators. Panda follows hacker news, GitHub, Behance, product hunt, dribble, etc.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Panda is an excellent news aggregator where you can bookmark articles or images. Get a free unlimited news feed.

It’s customizable in multiple layouts as per your liking. You can discover the latest trends in tech and design using the panda app in one place

8. The Morning News

Founded in 1999 as a webzine. It showcases what is interesting on the internet.

From breaking news to analysis, investigative reporting, restaurant trivia, personal essays, weird headlines to interesting videos.

word image 2778 8

The website is a single column. However, it covers a wide variety of news. It is a very well-organized website with fewer images

9. Alltop

Alltop is very popular and one of the best content aggregation websites.

It pulls the latest articles from different sites on various topics.

word image 2778 9

You can search all top for specific topics & can see aggregated content related to them.

All the topics are constantly updated and carefully curated.

On one home page of the website, you can see the latest curated articles from popular sites like TechCrunch, wired, mashable, Washington post-politics, and many other top news sites.

Following alltop.com, you can follow all top news and information in real-time

10 Metacritic

Founded in 2001, it is a review aggregator website. You can find reviews of movies, games, music, and TV.

word image 2778 10

They have developed Metascore, which can show critics’ consensus with a single Metascore in one place.

However, there are lots of ads on Metacritic, but it has a user-friendly interface.

11. Upstract

Upstract is the mother of all news aggregators. Upstract earlier popurl is one of the biggest news aggregator websites.

Alltop is one of the biggest news aggregator websites right now. Alltop drew inspiration from popurl, which is now upstract

word image 2778 11

From this, you can imagine how big is Upstract

Upstract pulls content from various blogs, social networks, and news organizations.

You can see a wide variety of aggregated content here.

For example, serious content from the New York times to fun content from BuzzFeed.

Everything is on the website’s homepage, from images and tweets to trending videos.

12. Travel Blogger community

It focuses on the travel blogger community and pulls content only from a travel blog. So if you are interested in travel-related info, you can visit the travel blogger community.

It focuses on giving exposure to travel blogger content & experience

word image 2778 12

13. Digg

Refounded in 2012, Digg is another best news aggregator website. It has a great user interface design.

word image 2778 13

Digg curates the most talked about & exciting stories from all around the web.

It is available on the web, ios & android devices. Dig does curation; you can see popular latest content on the Digg homepage.

Video, gaming, sports, tech, culture science, relationships, and whatnot. You can find high-quality curated content in high quality on Digg

14. Techmeme

Gabe Rivera founds Techmeme in 2005. It’s a technology news aggregator that pulls tech news & stories from all over the internet.

On Techmeme, each article links to the news source with social media conversation happening on that topic.

word image 2778 14

They also have many other aggregator sister websites in their network. Westrich- for celebrity news-related content, memorandum- political news-related content.

15. Designer News

Designer News is a community for people in technology and design. You will find here information related to technology and design.

word image 2778 15

You can find field-related stories, jobs, designer deals, and exclusive offers here. It’s a community of people working in technology and design.

The community can vote for stories curated on designer news. You can find or post design jobs on this platform

16. Google news

Currently, Google News is the most popular news aggregator platform.

Google News is a news service that pulls thousands of articles from blogs, magazines & news organization websites every hour.

word image 2778 16

You can read the article news. It has various categories like business, technology, entertainment, sports, health, and science. You can also read location-specific news.

Google News App is also available on Android & IOS

However, google reader has been discontinued by Google. It was a web-based aggregator for reading RSS and Atom feeds offline or online.

17. Pocket

Pocket is the worlds leading saved for later service.

Founded in 2007 by Nate Weiner. With Pocket, you can bookmark and manage all your selected articles that you want to read later. Furthermore, you can also find the new article & news here.

For that, you need to go to explore section & choose your interest there. Then it will recommend articles based on your interests.

word image 2778 17

Not only that, it has the best of last year, must-reads, trending, tech, finance, and health sections.

It is available on mobile & browsers; additionally, it is integrated with over 1500 applications.

It is integrated with Firefox, Flipboard, Twitter, site, etc. & and is available for all major platforms and devices like iPhone, Android, Kindle, chrome, safari, etc.

This makes it simple to save any article for later read.

With the help of a pocket, you can save content from anywhere.

18. Flipboard

Flipboard is another popular news aggregator. It has a magazine-style format. It pulls content from social media & news websites and presents it in magazine form.

word image 2778 18

As a user, you can select topics that interest you. It’s a smart magazine, you can say. It can personalize content based on your interest & then presents it to you in magazine style.

Available on web, ios & Android.

19. Reddit

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating & discussion website. It aggregates content through users. Anyone after registering can submit content to Reddit.

word image 2778 19

Which then voted up and down by the members. It covers various topics like movies, fitness, food, books, video games, science, etc.

Votes by members decide the ranking of content.

20. Apple News

It is a pre-installed app on Apple phones, tablets & Macs. Available in the free and paid version.

Apple news is free, whereas apple news plus is premium.

word image 2778 20

Apple’s news-free app aggregates news from the best news sources all in one place.

However, if you want to read magazines & offline newspapers, you must go with paid versions.

The paid version of apple news costs $9.99 a month.

21. Smart News

It`s an award-winning app available on the apple app store and Google play store. It has an algorithm that automatically curates relevant & trending content. You can also use it when offline.

word image 2778 21

It curates content from different niches like tech, biz, lifestyle, world, buzz, and science.

You will see top-quality news content from top publishers like NBC, The Verge, AP, Routers, Buzzfeed, etc. smart news analyzes millions of articles daily to find great content for its reader

This app has over 10 million downloads in the play store with a 4.2 rating.

22. The web list

Founded in 2006 with a tag line of “what people are clicking on today,” the web list is similar to popurl.

word image 2778 22

On a single page, it has a link to all the latest news, tech stories, the buzz from the most popular website.

23. Blog Engage

Blog Engage is a blogging community where any blogger can submit their latest blog post.

To get backlinks, exposure, and traffic. Bloggers can submit their most recent blog post link, and it’s a user-submitted content aggregator.

word image 2778 23

24. Hacker news

It’s a user-submitted content curator. You will find news related to hacking, computer science, web design, web development & technology on hacker news.

word image 2778 24

25. Wp News Desk

It provides all news related to WordPress from around the world. Wp news desk aggregates posts and podcasts from over 100 WordPress tips & trick-related websites.

word image 2778 25

26. Seldon News

Seldon news is next on our list of best news aggregator websites. It is available in English and Russian language.

You can find here the latest stories on sports, technology, politics, science, economy, etc.

Not only this, you can also find analytical & statistical data on various topics.

word image 2778 26

27. MetaFilter

Metafilter is next on our list of best news aggregator websites. It is a weblog, so anyone can contribute a link or comment. It is one of the oldest communities online

word image 2778 27

28. Mix.com

Mix available on the Andriod and web browser. It a new kind of content discovery and aggregation service. mix.com shows content selected by like-minded people and friends.

It helps to discover things your friends are sharing & matched to your interest.

However, it has terrible ratings on the app store, just 3.3 stars at the time of writing this article.

& it’s not that popular, yet it’s different; that`s why it’s on this list.

word image 2778 28

How to make your content aggregator website using WordPress

Do you know you can also create your own content aggregator website?

Most content aggregation websites use RSS feed. If you want to make your such website, you need three things

1. A good hosting

2. News aggregator WordPress theme

3. RSS aggregator plugin for importing news feed like WP RSS Aggregator.

Best WordPress themes for creating a news aggregator website.

1. Aggregate from elegant theme

It’s a magazine-style theme. It can display a good quantity of content at once

2. Wp-drudge

It is a drudge report-style WordPress theme. This theme makes it easy to post external articles and links to other sites. One site license price is $89.

Wp-druge is one of the best news aggregation & content curation templates.

Best RSS Aggregator Plugin

1. WP RSS Aggregator

2. RSS Import

3. RSS Post importer

4. Feedzy RSS Feeds

First, you need to buy hosting. I recommend Siteground, then install WordPress on it. Then go to appearance and change the theme there.

After that, you must add and install one of the above RSS aggregator plugins.

It will automatically import RSS feeds to the WordPress website, and most websites provide RSS feed for their content.

You can import multiple RSS feeds, which will automatically aggregate news on your site?


As of now, you have seen the 28 best news aggregator websites. You also know how to make them if you want to create one.

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please share which one you like most. Alternatively, share if you are already using any that we haven’t mentioned here

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