Top 8 Best No Crop App For Instagram In 2023

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What is the need of no crop app for Instagram

Instagram has lately taken over every social media. You can simply upload your favorite photo and tag the users you want.

They have amazing filters out there and some other features that people love.

However, people hate certain things about Instagram and other social media, where you need to upload a pic.

They only allow a square pic to upload. If you are uploading any pic and the pic you are uploading is not square, they will automatically crop the image and upload it. Or the tool they provide to crop an image is not very effective.

This is the feature that everyone hates.

Therefore, to keep your photo steady and not to crop anything. There are certain applications available that will help you to upload the picture as it is. Here, we will see the best no-crop app for Instagram. Below given is the list.

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8 Best No Crop App For Instagram In 2023

1. No crop and Square for Instagram

First, on the list of best, no crop apps for Instagram is no crop and square photo app.

The app has over 10 million downloads, and there are various filters you can use to apply to your photo. It is available on the play store for download.

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It’s the best app to post images on Instagram without cropping

  • You can rotate your pic, resize your pic with this
  • They also have dozens of backgrounds available for you to set
  • Moreover, you can choose from various filters available. The filters are more than 30. You can choose the one that you like and apply it along with making the photo square
  • They have more than 400 stickers that you can add
  • You can also decorate your text with text styles, emojis

2. Square Inpic – photo editor & collage maker

As the name says, it will help you to make square photos. You can create square images using this application.

It has several other features along with the square maker, such as filters. Therefore, you can use it as a photo editor for many other uses. It’s easy to use a collage maker and photo editor

word image 2881 2

This app has over 50 million downloads on the google play store

  • Filters are supported.
  • You can also blur the background
  • To add quotes, this app also supports adding text to the picture. You can use it to add the text and add a caption above your image.
  • Above all, it has a grid maker inbuilt. You can easily create grids using this application.
  • no crop feature to post a high-quality image on Instagram without cropping
  • emoji sticker
  • easy to use interface

3. Square pic: No Crop Video

Square pic is another application you can use to create square pictures and is the best no-crop app for Instagram.

word image 2881 3

You don’t need to crop any of the images now. This is the app if you want to crop your photos and videos for Instagram and other social media platforms

This app has over 5 million downloads on the google play store

  • You can create a collage using the app.
  • The app also has various filters that you can take advantage of.
  • Set background and borders many creative options available
  • They have different emoji stickers that you can use.
  • Moreover, they have powerful editing tools.
  • This makes the app the best no-crop app for Instagram.

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4. No Crop for WhatsApp

Yes, the same app can be used for WhatsApp and is also the best no-crop app for Instagram. You can use the app for Instagram and all other social media accounts.

The app is small in size and therefore is the best app for someone who doesn’t want to utilize it for any other purpose except for making square images.

word image 2881 4

Also, people who are looking to use the application only for one time can use this.

This app is useful if you want to crop images for Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook profiles.

This app has over 1 million downloads on the google play store

  • A simple application that just does the job and nothing else.
  • There are no more features, but the app is useful for creating square photos.
  • Moreover, the app is less in size and is just the best no-crop app for Instagram.

5. Quick Square – No Crop Photo Editor

Quick Square is another best no-crop app for Instagram Android; you can use the application to create square pics.

You can easily create photos with many color combinations and background patterns.

word image 2881 5

This is just a simple application for crop photos. Using this app, you can post a full-size photos on social media without cropping them.

This app has over one million downloads on the google play store

  • They have 100+ free patterns available for your background
  • Moreover, you can use more than 100 colours for the background.
  • You can also add emojis and add the background with this app

6. Instrafitter : Square Fit for WA-square Pic No Crop

It is one of the best application that is free. You can simply crop the photos and add them to your Instagram account using this app.

word image 2881 6

It has a friendly user interface, and it also comes with photo editing features. You can use the photo editor of this app to make images better for Instagram and WhatsApp.

This app has over 500k downloads on the google play store

  • You can create a square pic with this application
  • You can select the background that you like
  • There is a color selector given that you can use to select which picture you want to choose.
  • Share photos directly from this app

7 Square Fit – Collage Maker Photo Editor

If you are looking for a Collage maker along with the no-crop photo on Instagram, this one is the perfect choice for you.

word image 2881 7

The app is not big in size and has a collage photo editor along with the square pic feature.

You can use them both together to create a fantastic picture and upload it on Instagram.

  • There are various backgrounds that you can choose from
  • You can add your own colors to the background
  • Various styles are available for the collage maker
  • You can create square photos with this app
  • 20+ fantastic filter
  • 100+ cute stickers
  • Text styling for photos
  • 3d effects
  • Several other effects

8. Instasize Pic Editor + Collage Maker

this is a top-rated app on the google play store. It has over 50 million downloads on the google play store.

word image 2881 8

It’s an all-in-one photo editor for your Instagram needs. It provides everything you need for editing pics for Instagram. It has paid plan also; if you want a premium feature, you can choose that

  • 200+ photo editing tools that make photo editing easy
  • Over 130 filters that you can add to your photos and videos
  • Resize & crop
  • Collage maker
  • Photo to text
  • Background and photo borders

Final words

These are some of the best no-crop applications for Instagram and other social media accounts.

You can even use your own editor if you want, along with this. Most photo editors will have an option where you can just crop any photo you like.

You can make use of such an application if you don’t want to download and use any other extra application for this purpose.

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