15 Best Pay Per Download Sites to Monetize Your Digital Content in 2023

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Best Pay Per Download Sites

Pay per download is one of the good ways to make money online without investing anything in online business.

Today in this article, you learn about top pay per download sites. And how we can make money with pay per download websites. You will also see some of the best PPD networks.

There are many PPD sites on the Internet; some are good, but not all are genuine. So we have listed some of the best PPD sites for you today in this article

You don’t need any programming or advanced online marketing skills to make Money from PPD sites or through PPD marketing.

It’s one of the easiest & quickest ways to make money online without any investment.

It does not cost anything, or you can say it’s free to start making money online with PPD networks. Most of them give easy approval to newbies.

Pay Per Download Marketing is simple to start and doesn’t need any skill or significant investment.

If you do it correctly, it can become a good source of passive income from the Internet.

What is pay per download websites?

PPD stands for pay per download.

These sites pay to file owners when somebody downloads uploaded files from their platform.

You are only required to upload files to PPD sites; after that, it pays back per 1000 downloads.

You can upload anything you have the copyright of, such as photos, articles, pdf files, ebooks, applications, software, etc.; however, some websites also allow copyrighted illegal stuff. So you must check their term and conditions before you upload any content

Some of the pay per download sites are fraudulent and don’t pay back money to their uploader. So avoid working with such types of pay per download sites.

This article will show some of the best PPD websites for making money online.

What are the different types Of PPD websites?

There are two kinds of PPD sites.

PPD with survey & PPD without survey sites.

PPD with survey offers a survey or task before the download begins. Without completing the survey, it won’t allow the download.

Pay per download sites with survey pays a high amount per download. However, most users exit when they see a survey.

In PPD sites, without a survey, you don’t need to complete any task; it just shows a captcha and displays banner ads. Solve the captcha and make the file ready to download. Without a survey, PPD sites pay a low amount per download.

In short, there are two types of PPD sites

  • Pay per download without a survey
  • Pay per download with the survey

How pay per download websites work

PPD Marketing offers the opportunity to make money online. You can upload all your downloadables like ebooks, pdf files, software, files, or any digital product you want to distribute to your community.

First, you need to sign up for any pay per download site or pay per download network.

Then you need to upload files that you want to distribute to your traffic or community.

When visitors visit your link, they will be directed to the PPD network from where they can download the file.

If the PPD network is survey-based pay per download, your visitor needs to complete the survey before downloading the file.

Once a visitor completes the task, he will get the download link, or the download will

start automatically.

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15 Best Pay Per Download sites 2023

#1. Up-4ever

Up-4ever is free cloud storage where you can upload any File. It’s an Arabian site for profit from uploading. It offers high rates per download. Up-4ever pays up to 7$ per 1000 download.

word image 3036 1

It offers the best rates per download, and you can expect somewhere between $3 to $7 per 1000 downloads depending upon the downloader’s country.

You can upload your files like photos, music, videos, software, or documents to make money sharing files.

Even if you don’t want to make money from downloads, you can still use this site for uploading your files and sharing them for free. It’s an easy way to share your files.

  • Minimum Payout- $1
  • Payment method- PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer.
  • Payout time required- within 24 hours
  • Desktop uploader- Yes
  • Mobile App – yes for andriod
  • Download rates- 3-7$ depending on the downloader country
  • Referral Program- 10%

#2. File-upload

File upload is a file hosting service that offers remote backup & online storage. You can host any files like images, audio, and videos here

It has one of the best pay per download programs.

You can make around $3-$7 per thousand downloads depending on the downloader’s country.

word image 3036 2

Like any other Pay per download site, you need to register before starting to make money.

First, you need to register, upload your file, grab a link, and share it with others. When other people download your files, you will start generating money.

Not only can you earn per download, but you can also make money by selling your File on File upload. To sell your file, you first need to fix the price for each file.

When you sell your file through file-upload.com, you can make 80% of sales, while file-upload sites take 20% of it.

Pornography and copyrighted material are not allowed.

  • Minimum Payout- $1
  • Payout time required- 1-7 days
  • Payout methods- Paypal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Neteller, Skrill, MoneyGram, western union & several others.
  • Desktop uploader- Yes for mac & windows
  • Mobile App – NO
  • Download rates- 3-7$ depending on the downloader country
  • Referral -20%

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It’s another make money from home opportunity. You can upload files and images here as well.

It’s free instead; it pays you back as per the number of downloads.

word image 3036 3

Copyright content is not allowed. Adult material is also forbidden; please read their terms and conditions before uploading any content.

Download rates start from 1.5$ to 9.9 $ depending upon the country of the downloader

  • Minimum Payout- 5$
  • Payment methods- most electronic and local banks
  • Referral Program- 10%

#4. Dlupload

It’s a Nepal based pay per download network it provides file hosting, cloud storage, and file synchronization. You can upload your files to this site and can make money from it.

word image 3036 4

Every user gets 250 GB of free storage. In 24 hours, max downloads count only two times from the same IP address. This platform has over 350,000 publishers

  • Minimum Payout- 1$, payments done on Sundays every week
  • Payment methods- WebMoney, bitcoin, PayPal, Paytm, eSewa
  • Referral Program- 15% + .01 signup bonus
  • Payout schedule- once a week

#5. VeryFiles

Veryfiles is another upload file and earn money site. It is a file hosting provider which provides remote file backup, online storage, upload & downloading tools.

word image 3036 11

You get a $1 bonus on signup. It has an attractive per 1000 download rate; it pays up to $24 per 2000 downloads. As a registered user, you get 120GB of free space where you can store your files

  • Payout method- Zalopay, bank transfer, Paypal, MoMo, Skrill
  • Minimum Payout- 10$
  • Referral- 20% of referral profits

#6. AdscendMedia

Started in 2009, Adscend media is a content-locking network and a reward-based ads solution.

It offers videos, surveys & offers walls.

word image 3036 6

It pays when a user engages with offered content like videos, surveys & downloading an app.

You can lock your content until the user completes tasks like watching a video, completing a survey, or downloading an app.

It offers quality leads to advertisers & provides a high payout to the publisher.

This platform has over 35000 publishers from over 180 countries.

You can earn up to $90 CPM, which is very high.

  • Minimum Payout- $50
  • Payment method- Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check, ACH
  • Referral Program- 3%

#7. Adworkmedia

Ad work media is pay per download affiliate & content-locking network. It provides money-making tools you can use on your apps, sites, or any other content.

They have tools like the content locker, product locker, global traffic monetizer, offer walls

word image 3036 7

You can monetize apps, download links, articles, and parked domains with ad work media.

Ad work media has over 2500+ high-converting affiliate campaigns to easily monetize traffic from any country.

They have affiliate campaigns like email submissions, downloads, surveys, mobile SMS/pins, trials, etc.

They can monetize any traffic. Ad work media have top offers that convert easily.

  • Payout method- Paypal, Check, ACH, wire transfer, Payza, Western Union.
  • Minimum Payout- $35
  • Referral programs- 3%

#8. Up-load.io

Up-load.io pays per 1000 downloads. You can expect somewhere between $2 to $13 per 1000 downloads depending upon the country of the downloader.

Up-load.io offers PPD & PPS model

The PPD model pay per 1000 download, whereas PPS (pay per sale) pays for sold files

What is best about up-load.io is that they don’t put pop-unders and pop-ads on their website, which improves user experience.

word image 3036 8

They show google ads to the downloader.

You can upload APK, PDF, Docs, Software, or other files like videos, flash & music. Every account gets 100 GB of free storage.

  • Minimum Payout- $3 for PayPal.
  • Payment method- Paypal, Payoneer, Ethereum, bitcoin, WebMoney
  • Referral program- 10 %

#9. DollarUpload

Dollar upload is another Pay per download site.

It has three programs pay per download, crypto locker & offer wall.

word image 3036 9
  • Pay per download:- Pay per download helps make money by offering a simple survey to your visitor. Visitors are required to complete the survey before they can begin to download it.
  • Crypto locker:- you can lock your content using the crypto locker. Users can pay in cryptocurrencies to unlock the content. With a crypto locker, you can set the rate you want for unlocking your content.
  • Offer wall– you can find various offers like downloading an app, survey, or signup for a website; when the user that you sent completes such offers, you get paid

Download rates 1$ average on completion of survey or offer. Whereas pay per download rates vary from 20 cents to 20$ depending on the country of the downloader

Copyright content & pornography are not allowed

  • Payout method- Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paypal, cryptocurrency
  • Minimum Payout- $ 50

#10. Dropgalaxy

Dropgalaxy is another free file hosting storage where you can upload files and earn per download.

It’s a new website compared to other sites available in this niche. You can earn up to $15 per 1000 downloads.

word image 3036 10

Copyright content & pornography are not allowed

  • Payout method- google pay, Paytm, web money, amazon gift card
  • Minimum Payout- 10$
  • Referral- 5% commission of your referrals for life

#11. CPAGrip

CPAGrip is a PPD & CPA Affiliate Network. It provides monetization tools & performance networks to web admins, app developers & content publishers.

word image 3036 5

CPAGrip provides tools like

  1. Content locker– with a content locker, you can monetize your content. You can lock your content until the visitor performs the required action to access the locked content.
  2. URL & file download locker– You can lock any online media. If your user wants to download a File, he has to complete incentive offers like completing a survey or downloading an app.
  3. Video locker– You can place the overlay on your video through the video locker. If a user wants to watch video content, he must complete a survey or any other incentive offer.
  4. Offer walls– you can show geo-targeted offers to your visitors on the offer wall. You can offer reward points or virtual currency in exchange for task completion.
  • Payout method- ACH, Paypal, Wire Transfer, Payza, Western Union, Payoneer.
  • Referral Program- 5%

#12. Mega4up

Mega4up is another file sharing make money site. You can make money by uploading your site.

Meg4up offers two earning models: pay per download and pay per sale.

It offers an attractive rate per 1000 downloads. You can earn up to $10 per 1000 downloads

word image 3036 12
  • Payout method- multiple modes of payment, you name it, they have it
  • Minimum Payout- 1$
  • Referral- 10% of referral profits

Other notable pay per download sites that pay an attractive rate

#13. Uploadrar

#14. Douploads

#15. Costaction

Avoid these mistakes when working with pay per download networks

Pay per download network can become a great source of passive income online; however, if you do not follow there terms and conditions, you can face a ban. Avoid these if you don’t want to get banned.

  • Don’t fake or self download using a VPN or proxy.
  • Don’t use bots or automated traffic to generate downloads.
  • Do not upload pornography or copyrighted material


Pay per download is free to start and needs no investment. Anybody can start PPD marketing.

PPD marketing is the simple and quickest way to monetize your content online.

It has lots of potential for online earning if done in the right way. You can make a good amount of profit by uploading and sharing files.

So if you have any useful content that you want to monetize, furthermore, you have an audience that won’t mind completing the small task before unlocking content, then you can consider PPD marketing.

Pay per download pays more if your downloader is from the United States as compared to developing countries like India. So keep this in mind and target your links accordingly.

Read all frequently asked questions & terms and conditions before joining any ppd network.

Happy earning

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