10 Best Websites to Sell Your Domain Both Free & Premium

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Ten Best Websites to Sell Your Domain Both Free and Premium.

1 Godaddy Auctions

For 99% of the people, Godaddy would be the place where you brought your first domain. They have an auction that you can check it out. Here, you can sell the domain names with their auction service.

Here you can list your domain, after which people can bid on your listings. You can choose the highest bidder and can sell your domain to him

To list your domain name, you will have to pay $4.99. The price is taken per year as long as you want your listing active. Along with this, when your domain gets sold, you will have to pay 10 to 20% commission to Godaddy.

Moreover, you will have to pay at least $15 as a commission regardless of what your commission rate is.

godaddy auctions

In other words, if you sell your domain at $50, you will have to pay $15 as commission, even if the 10% is only $5. Also, you will have to pay the listing fee. So, you will end up getting around $20 for the domain name listing fees and $15 minimum commission.

Despite the commission, if you want to sell your domain fast, Godaddy would be the best option. This is because of the massive number of users they are having. There are plenty of customers, especially domain broker, and the many entrepreneurs who flip the domains can buy your domain name.

2 Flippa

If you have done some research, you might have come across this particular website. Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace where small to big sites, applications, amazon FBA stores, businesses, and domain names, are available for buying and selling.

There are millions of assets here you will find. People here are looking to buy some domain at an affordable rate. Most of the people will flip the domain name, and you will get a good amount of return.

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It is the best place to sell domain names fast. The only disadvantage that you will face here is the fee that you will have to pay to sell the domain name.

They charge you $25 fee at the time of listing of the domain name. Additionally, they also have a commission rate that you will have to pay when your domain is sold. The commission will vary from 10 to 15%.

Therefore, this website is only best if you have a huge number of domain names, and you are looking for the best place to sell your domain.

For small owners with one or two domains, it’s not the best place. For example, if you sell your domain at $50, you will have to pay a 10% commission that is $5 and $25 as a listing fee.

So, for the new seller in domain selling or if you do not have a valuable asset, for example, less than $100 then this is not a recommended place

3 Namecheap

If you are one among most of the visitors and thinking, where to sell the domain for free. Namecheap is the best alternative for you and the best place to sell domains for free.

However, your domain must be transferred to Namecheap first in order to list them in their marketplace. Do not worry; it`s one of the most affordable domain registrars you can go with. Therefore, it is totally safe to transfer your domain here.

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You can simply open the dashboard and click on manage. There you will see an option to sell your domain name. You can just list out the price and time period. Once you set everything up, you have done your work.

Whenever your domain is sold with their marketplace, Namecheap will cut 10% on the transaction. 10% is quite negligible, and also the listing price is free. So, this makes Namecheap the best site to sell domain names.

4 Sedo

Sedo has a huge marketplace of the domain name. If you are wondering how to sell domain names fast, then you just need to add a listing on Sedo, they have thousands of domain names out there.

Many people and most of the domain finder software are also searching through Sedo. So, there is a great chance that your domain name might be noticed, and you can get decent money from your domain name.

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Moreover, the best part about Sedo is there is no listing fee that you will have to pay. You can add your domain for $0. You will just have to pay a fee when your domain gets sold. The commission varies from 10 to 20%.

Many people are listing their domain name on Sedo; you will find new domain list every single day. Therefore, if your domain has certain keywords, it will easily get sold at Sedo.

5 Namepros

The other alternative that you can take a look at is Namepros. Namepros is a domain service where you can even sell your domain name. The pricing for selling your domain name is a bit high, but only if you want to sell more than two domains.

For single domain owners, namepros is the best place to sell a domain.

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You can get a membership for free, however with a free membership; you can only list up to 2 domain names. To add more, you will have to buy the membership. The price is $5 a month, and

if you want to go business, you will have to pay more price. It is a forum where buying and selling of domain are allowed. So, you can also talk about the domain name by creating a thread.

The only disadvantage is the price else; everything is very good. Moreover, they have more than 1 million members. Don’t you think among the 1 Million, one would be interested in paying the price you want for your domain? Therefore, you should add your domain name here.

6 Efty

Efty is not particularly a marketplace to sell a domain name, but it is a service that you can surely use to boost the chances of domain conversion. This website is mainly for the people who are in the domain flipping business and are wondering which one the best place to sell domain names in bulk is.

Here, you can add a sales page, or I should say a marketplace on your domain name itself. For the confused people, let me clear it up whenever someone visits your domain name. They will see a beautiful design where it says the domain is for sale.

When they proceed to buy the domain, the payment, and everything will be done right there on your domain name.

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Many people might be wondering why you shouldn’t just add a webpage instead. Well, they give you a pre-designed landing page as well as they have a dashboard where you can see every single detail.

For the people who are in the domain flipping business, you can quickly increase the number of sales and inquiries you are getting. Moreover, the dashboard will help you manage all your domains in one place.

Unfortunately, there is no free account available here. However, you can go with a free trial to test out the website and its services. The pricing starts at just $4 a month, where you can add up to 50 domain names with their own marketplace. Moreover, you can select the theme that you want from their platform.

7 eBay

You might know eBay as you might already be selling many things here or buying something. Do you know, along with all the other things, it is also the best site to sell your domain name?

They have a corner for digital goods where you can sell your website or domain name. Here, you might be able to fetch some of the domain buyers. The reason why people don’t use eBay is because of their pricing.

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It will cost you $19.95 per month when you pay annually. If you go with the monthly paying option, you will have to pay more for the same. Also, along with this, you will have to pay a 10% commission for every sale you make. This is the key reason why people are not using eBay to sell their domain name.

If pricing is not an option, you can surely go with the website. It is the best place to buy and sell domain names.

8 Namejet

Namejet is a website for auction and domain selling. It is a domain marketplace that is live on the internet for many years. You can try your luck selling domain name here.

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They have an auction, and they also provide domain back-ordering services. This does not promise that you will get the desired domain name, but you can surely give it a try. Their system is a little typical and hard to understand for some people.

However, once you create an account there, they will guide you at every place. Registering for an account is a child’s play, and you will complete it easily. Once you verify your account, you can start listing your domain names.

9. Domainstate.com

It free to use a platform. You can list your domain name without paying anything.

You can list your domain here based on administrator or TLD, which makes the purchase easier.

word image 24

10 Bido.com

Since 2008 from date of its launch bido has sold many domain names. The minimum bid price for any domain is $9. Bido accepts all TLDs. You can also list your adult domains.

There are no listing fees however when a domain gets sold they charge around 6 to 12 % commissions of domain price

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Bonus: Forums

There are several forums out there who are already accepting the listings of domain sales. You can add your domain name there.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind while you are adding your domain name in the forum is choosing the proper category and headline.

As it is a forum, there are specific rules that you will have to follow. Generally, they are in the first thread. You can check them all and then add your listing. In this way, you will have more chances of people noticing your domain name.

If someone is interested, you can sell them the domain name directly over there.

Which one is best for me?

Well, it depends on what your requirements are and which type of domain do you have. You can always list them on free service where you just need to pay if the sale is successful.

For the premium listings, if you have a domain name with less popularity, you can choose Godaddy Auctions.

For the people who have a domain name that has more value, you can invest a little bit of your money to get higher returns. Therefore, you should go with Flippa along with other services.

Please note that, for most of the people, you won’t sell your domain name if you list it in a single marketplace. Therefore, you should list it in more marketplace. No matter how many marketplaces you list your domain, you should always create a landing page on your domain.

In this way, you can target the visitors that are visiting your website daily and who want to buy your domain name. Also, if you do not have any plan to keep your website, you can sell your website, too, along with the domain name. Make sure you select the proper category.

Final words

To conclude, if you are looking for where to sell domain names fast, you should consider registering on all the free websites. Also, you should add a notice to your domain name stating the domain name is for sale. In this way, you will get some people who are interested in buying the domain name. Make sure you reply to each and every one of them. You can choose the website that you love the most, which fits your need and pocket. All of them are handpicked and are best. SO, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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